Monday Nitro – January 8th, 2001 – Caliber

jan82001headerIt’s the swerve of the century! AH HA! I told you guys we’d NEVER, EVER cover any WCW past 2000, and you fell for it! All of you!

You see, over these past years, I’ve been studying the brilliant Vince Russo, and have learned a myriad of things. Of the most important is that if you want to surprise someone, simply state you’re NOT going to do something, and then do it. Make sure you beat it into the ground, and make a huge production about how you’re not gonna do it. Then you do it! Just like I did! I wish I could see all your faces, as I sit here in my Russo-esq Caliber-mobile.

Seriously though, we aren’t going any where. We’re gonna cover WCW through 2001, then we’re going to cover the entire InVasion angle. After all that, we’ll decide where to go.

Thanks to everyone who’s continued to read & support us here, Sebastian and I truly appreciate it. Speaking of which, he’s now back where he belongs and will be up and running along with me soon.

Alright, on with the show…

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Mayhem 2000 – November 26th, 2000

indexGreetings, buckaroos. Sebastian’s internet has been down, so he won’t be able to join us as we venture into a PPV who’s promo poster is that of Scott Steiner in rape mode. However a friend of mine, Henry, who’s a fellow writer & wrestling enthusiast will be filling in, as well as joining us on further articles. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business of getting down.

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