The Only Review of The Ultimate Warrior DVD That You’ll Ever Need – DISC 1

warriorI’ve often been a critic of Warrior, saying a lot of the same things most people said. His promos were pointless, and his grand body of work wasn’t very great. On top of that, he didn’t appreciate the business and was usually a dick to everyone behind the curtain.

However, he is truly Hall of Fame material, and made one of the biggest, and most original impacts on pro-wrestling.

Will this set change my mind as far as Warrior’s body of work?

Head on into the Caliber Cave, because it’s time we review the first disc of The Ultimate Warrior’s Ultimate Collection.

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The Only Review of The Undertaker’s The Streak DVD That You’ll Ever Need

Greetings. I figured with the Streak ending in perhaps the most boring, and understated manner of all time, we’d take a look back at the glory days. The only decent way I could see this whole Undertaker ordeal working out, is if now that he has nothing, Sting shows up and says he wants his go. That he doesn’t want the streak, he just wants The Undertaker. At his best. They both get a year to train, and tadow. I don’t think it’ll go that way, but it’d be nice.

If anyone reading this is into comics, and would like to write a weekly article, I’d love to have you aboard. I’ve been thinking about doing it myself, but I have quite a few things in the docket, and I’d love to give someone a shot. Honestly, I make $0 from this website. If ever does start making money, and you’re involved, you’ll get a piece.

Also, I’m gonna start doing a fitness/bodybuilding/wrestling related article series. Where I go over what it is I do, talk about wrestlers workout programs, what’s good & what’s bullshit out there in the fitness world, things like that. If you guys have any interest, I’d love hear some questions, and hopefully help out anyway I can. Fret not, this won’t get in the way of all the WCW goodness. New stuff coming pronto. We’re also rocking a twitter @WCWIn2000.

On with The Streak.

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The Only Review of The Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania DVD That You’ll Ever Need

The Greatest Superstars Of WrestlemaniaThis is a Wal-Mart exclusive that they’ve had around for a while now that you can always find for $5. Hell, even if there’s one match that’s great that you don’t have then it’s a worthwhile endeavor. So, how did the set turn out for the Caliber man? Let’s find out together, no?

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