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Greetings, good people.

I know, it’s going on almost 2 months without an update, and for that I apologize. I have a lot of things on my plate recently, and Sebastian, well, he’ll just flat out tell you that he’s lazy. I’m gonna try and get him back into it, and squeeze some time into my schedule for the soon-to-be-dead, WCW.

One thing that’s been keeping me from my duties here is podcasting. I currently have two of them. One of them is done with a friend of mine where we talk about everything from current news, TV, movies, video games, with episodes that can center around past jobs, growing up during the technology boom, and the follies of dating.

The other one is about pro-wrestling. I know, nobody has ever done a podcast about pro-wrestling, and I’m a freaking genius. Our latest episode we give live commentary for two WrestleMania matches; Sting vs Triple H and Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. Afterward we talk about some of the other aspects of WM, the following Raw, and then venture into what the new Nintendo system may be, and how Wii, despite having no classic titles, crushed PS3 and XBox in sales. This one will serve to entertain you a hell of a lot better if you watch the matches with the podcast playing. And yes, you’re gonna hear your boy mark the hell out a few times.

Home of Mercy Is For The Weak & Thursday Night’s Main Event.

Catch up with your boy…

Greetings, big homies.

Sin PPV is coming up in a few days, but until then I’ve got a few articles for you guys, featuring yours truly.

Top 5 Masked Wrestlers
I’ve started writing for 411, and took part in this roundtable. Some of the guys started going with guys in facepaint, so I went with that too, since I couldn’t think of many great wrestlers with masks. Yes, I know there are plenty, but I’m not an ultra-mega-die-hard fan.

5 Game Changing Moments That Just Lead To Business As Usual
I write articles for now and again, and the sweet deal with that is I actually get paid per amount of views. This article, well, the title is pretty self explanatory. 5 moments that could have honestly changed the course of the WWE, but just turned into….well, WWE.

Would You Rather…

Alright, so you can join one of two greatest groups of all time, in their prime, which do you choose? Would you rather join the 4 Horsemen, or the nWo. And this is kayfabe style, although really The 4 Horsemen was a shoot 24/7.

I loved me some nWo since day one, and still do. So, it’d be pretty awesome to chill with The Outsiders while we filmed our sweet vignettes and had nWo Saturday Night matches in an empty arena. Plus, running The Einsteiners off the road, never losing a title, turning on just about everyone you see, and spouting cool catch phrases.

Although as much as I loved the nWo, I’ve done a lot of reading up on the Horsemen,  watching shoots & documentaries, and they looked like they had more fun than just about anyone on the fucking planet. They were just about as bad-ass as you could get, plus the whole thing was a shoot. Fly into a city, workout, catch a nap on the beach, tear the house down at the show, party until the morning, fly into a city, workout, catch a nap on the beach, tear the house down at the show, and repeat. Plus, their promos were unmatched, as was their match quality, and they always did what was right for business, not themselves.

How say you guys? You gonna buy the shirt, or chomp down on some 4 Horsemen Vitamins [of course they were real] with your boy Caliber?


Greetings, all.

Wanted to apologize for the lack of updates here. I’m going to watch Starrcade today, and we’ll have that bad beast up within a few days.

Until, check out two brand new articles I’ve created for Also, on my other site,, I’ve started updating almost daily, with the posts focusing on bodybuilding & fitness. I discuss what I’m currently doing, offer tips & help, and showcase videos, bodybuilders, and the occasional bad-ass chick. Recently I took a look at some awesome videos from John Cena & Antonio Cesaro.

6 Of The Greatest Moments From WCW’s Warrior vs Hogan

8 Blade Jobs That Would Cost Someone Their Job In Today’s WWE

Who’s next?

Hey, duders. There’s a batch of great DVD releases out there, and since I’m such a generous soul, I decided to let you guys seal the fate of what I review next.

Mayhem 2000 PPV coming in a few days. Also, if there’s anyone who has an interest in writing and want to be able to say what few can, that you’ve written for this website, let me know.

A Statement From A Wrestling Fan

I have a pal who happens to be a fellow writer & recently wrote up his feelings about the everything that’s going on in the WWE. I’m all about helping other writers out there, so you guys should have a look. You should also head over to his website Henry & The Movies. You can also find him at, writing for them in their entertainment section.

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New article up at PlaceToBeNation by yours truly. Top 5 Best & Worst Finishers.

Over at Str8 Gangster, No Chaser, I’ve got a new Minute Man Reviews article up where I cover Escape Plan, Ninja 2, and Homefront.

New Nitro from 2000 coming in the next few days, along with a 1995 Nitro over at Renegade Cinema on Sunday. Also, since you guys voted for me to review any & everything, as well as told me how handsome I am, I’ll be including the PPVs for the Nitros I’m reviewing. So, do get ready, as Halloween Havoc 1995 will be up within the next week or so. SULLIVAN!

I’d also like to do a mailbag deal once a week, so any questions you guys have, doesn’t matter the topic, either let me know in the comments or send’em over to

New hotness

Hey guys, got a new Nitro review as well as a review of Spring Stampede 1994 up. However, if you want’em, and oh, you do, you gotta go here. Throw around a like or two while you’re at it. Apparently once you get 30 or so, you get access to other features. Plus, the only way to get mad pussy these days is to have a lot of likes on your stupid ass facebook page.