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I think the website is pretty self-explanatory. Sebastian & I wanted to take a look back at the absolute worst year in any wrestling company’s history, blow by blow. Now, I know, CZW or many of the indies both past & present have probably had worst years. But when you factor in the amount of talent WCW had, the amount of money they lost, the fact that they were on national TV for 5 hours a week. they win without contest.

Vince Russo was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what an absolute, backwards moron he is by booking this company into oblivion. Of course, having so many cry-babies & ego-maniacs running roughshod in the company didn’t help matters either.

One thing WCW In The Year 2000 is always looking for, is writers. Sebastian & I only feature Nitro’s & PPVS, but if you’d like to do a Thunder, please feel free to send it in, and we’ll post it. If you’d like to do a Nitro review, again, send it on in. We’ll of course give credit where credit is due, and you’ll get to see your name in the bright lights. What’s more exciting than that? Nothing, baby!

contact:, @CaliberWinfield,

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