Superbrawl Revenge – February 18th, 2001


Live from Nashville, Tennessee, Municipal Auditorium

We get some footage of Kidman being attacked by Animal, yet no one knows why.

Evan Karagias vs Jamie Nobel vs Kaz Hayashi vs Yang vs Shannon Moore vs Shane Helms

Kidman was suppose to be in this match, but Animal attacked him for no reason, so Shane takes his place. The match is very crsip, as WCW’s 2nd wave of crusierweights were really getting into their own. The Yung Dragons really shine here, going on almost a Rey Mysterio-from-Havoc-1997 streak of complicated, flashly moves and hitting them as crisp as fight choreography. They eventually do a creative spot where everyone attempts to do an off-the-top-rope-splash but misses their opponent, nothing amazing, sure, but still interesting as it’s never been done before or sense. Far as I know. And I’ve seen at least 3 matches post 2001, so, I know my stuff. Soon after they follow it up with everyone hitting someone on the outside with their own dive off the top rope. Back in, Yang screws up a side-Russian-leg-sweep on Keragias, then screws up an off-the-second-rope dive before finally hitting a reverse Tombstone correctly and pinning Keragias. I thought that was it, because the match had almost been 10 minutes long, but it’s actually a single elimination. Of course, that now annoys me because the whole match they’d been doing the “Can’t let that guy pin that guy or I’ll lose!” sort deals, like in triple-threat matches. Eventually Helms wins the match when he pins Kaz with the Vertabreaker. Now, I’m glad to see the young guys were getting a lot of time out there, but it actually hurt them a bit. The match had some confusing psychology, and really, it was all about flashy moves, and not much more. Still a damn good match though, and one of the best of WCW from the years 2000 and 2001.
Helms pins Kaz with the Vertabreaker at 17:30 | ***1/4

I gotta download that WCW Backstage Assault game to see if it’s any good, as it fits in with this time period perfectly.[Note From Caliber: Yeah….you go and check out that game. It’s fantastic. I mean, a wrestling game with no ring, made without THQ? Great stuff.]

Tag rules, with elimination.

Knoble is wearing purple tights for some reason.

Sick powerbomb spot were Evan just THROWS Knoble up in the air. Then we get the usual all the teams take each other spot…

Three Count’s theme song is kinda catchy. I CAN’T YOU GET OUT OF MY HEART!!! I actually think that’s the only lyric…

Another Big Poppa Dump sign, ITS CATCHING ON DAMMIT!

Keragias blows a spot where he does a lionsaut off the top rope and completely misses one of the Dragons.


Moore and Keragias do a cool neckbreaker spot onto one of the Dragons but only get two. Madden, even though he said when the match began it was elimination rules, now he’s saying whoever gets the first pinfall wins the match. Fucking WCW…

Evan with a huge superplex off the top, and everyone goes off the top, but everyone misses… That sounds really stupid, but it’s actually what happened…

Everybody decides to jump onto other people on the outside. If it was me, I’d just chill in the ring and take out all the idiots who are fucked off on the outside… Also, where’s La Parka? THIS SHOW NEEDS MORE LA PARKA DAMMIT!!!

Evan holds one of the Yungs up for a powerbomb, but Knoble comes off the top rope with a dropkick!

One of the Yung really botches the pinfall eliminating Evan, missing a lionsault big time and the crowd boos the fuck out of it. Knoble eliminates the Dragon.

Moore with a fameasser off the top rope to eliminate Knoble!!!


Moore and Helms team up on the Dragon for a bit, but Moore turns on Helms with another fameasser.

Everyone keeps on saving each other in this match from being eliminated, which is pure retarded.

Nightmare on Helm Street puts away Moore so now it’s down to Kaz and Helms.

Helms goes for his finish again, but Kaz reverses into a STIFF German suplex but only gets two off it. Helms hits a sick knee to the face, but only gets two off it. The ending of this match is pretty exciting, actually.

Helms goes for a sunset flip off the top, but Kaz rolls out and gets the Daniel Bryan kick to the head for two! Damn! Helms gets lucky with a Vertebreaker and wins the match.

4.0/5.0 I thought the majority of this match was very basic, cliché spotty cruiserweight stuff. Not to say it’s bad, but once you see one you see them all, y’know? However, the end of the match was pretty exciting, and suspenseful, and brought the match above just decent

We now see some “security” footage, which might I add, when you view security footage, it does not have the white square, the giant red circle, and the word “REC” on it. Anyway, we see Chavo talking to Ric & Animal. Actually, no one seems to be talking, but simply pantomiming. I mean, a damn blind person could see these ridiculous, over-the-top gestures that everyone is making. As in, Chavo points at Animal, then makes the “pound fist into open hand” gesture, at which point Flair then does the same, and Chavo nods approvingly. They then proceed to do this like, 17 times in a row, as Animal marches off. Now both Tony & Scott feel something is afoot. Also, no one knows where Nash is after the attack on Nitro.

Schivaone thinks that Chavo got Animal to attack Kidman… who cares? Rection talks about his Erection… or something. Scott Steiner is getting a massage from Midjah. Flair comes in with an envelope and says that he has the cat in the bag. I’m assuming he convinced the FDA not to investigate WCW for steroid usage… Storm is such a badass that he bullies Kronik! Fuck yeah! LANCE STORM IS THE BEST COMMISSIONER EVER!!!!

The Wall vs Hugh Morrus

Wall gains the advantage at first, but not for long as they fight outside, and Hugh soon places The Wall’s head in between the ring-post and stairs and kicks the hell out of’em. Back in, Wall soon gets his momentum back with a giant boot, but loses it almost as fat as he gained it when a top rope leg-drop doesn’t go as planned. They both start selling their exhaustion in between some power moves before Hugh finally hits the No Laughing Matter Moonsault and gets the pin. Not a terrible match by any means, and if they’d shaved a few minutes off and perhaps made it a hardcore match, then could have had a nice little brawl. Regardless, not nearly as bad as you’d expect.
Hugh hits the No Laughing Matter for the pin at 9:43 | **

Oh yeah, this should be awful.


A-Wall looks like a bigger, uglier Dustin Rhodes.

Leather pants aren’t really A-Wall’s thang.

A-Wall’s tattoos show how goddamn stupid he is. He has a nuclear sign tattoo on his right arm. God, he’s just… hideous.

Morrus beats Wall with the steps, but WCW’s steps look really, really unheavy and nonthreatening.

The ropes in this show are a dark red, they actually look pretty cool. Like, Carnage color red.

God, A-Wall’s Mohawk looks so fucking stupid.

This match is slower than my computer booting up…

The crowd is completely bored here.

Morrus actually hits a pretty swank German suplex. Holy fuck, I just realized something, Hugh Morrus is the worst possible version of Raven.

Anyway, Hugh Morrus wins with a moonsault, and then hits another moonsault for no reason.


Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak vs Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo © – WCW Tag-Team Championship

I still don’t understand why Hennig couldn’t use the Mr. Perfect theme when he came in, yet Stasiak does. The names are screwed up on the graphic, as Stasiak & Jindrak are called O’Haire & Palumbo. Then the other team is known as Palumbo & O’Haire. Sounds good to me. Before the match, O’Haire gives perhaps the worst promo ever, a promo that most people would make when they’re making fun of wrestling. It’s a little something like “Stasiak, why can’t you just shut up! Now, before we get in the ring and turn it into a murder scene with you two, you guys are gonna get on your knees and kiss your asses goodbye!”. But he’s not telling us anything we don’t already know.
Stasiak & Jindrak play a pretty good heel tag-team, cutting the ring completely in half and keeping Palumbo on the wrong side with constant double-team moves & quick tags. Eventually Chuck makes the hot tag, as Jindrak hits 6 clotheslines in succession before Stasiak is hit with a superkick from Palumbo and a swanton bomb from O’Haire. It’s a bit of bullshit, really. Stasiak & Jindrak controlled this entire match, and then just lost on a fluke. Easy check for O’Haire too, as he wrestled a total of about 60 seconds I think.
Stasiak & Jinkdrak lose after Stasiak is pinned following a Swanton from O’Haire at 11:37 | **

Sean O’ Hare on the mic reminds me of an awkward Roman Reigns.

I’m so glad I’m not play by play anymore, for these matches it was such a pain trying to remember who was who.

After some hot stuff from Chuck and Sean, the heels get Pulambo [NFC: I’m not gonna fix your misspelling of Palumbo’s last name anymore. Because you ALWAYS do that. ALWAYS. It’s like he owes you money, and you refuse to spell his last name right as punishment.] in the corner. Pulambo tries to come back, but Stasiak drops him with a clothesline. Stasiak and Jindrak do a pretty cool double elbow drop to Pulambo.

Madden says that these four guys are the future of wrestling. More like the future of jobbers, amirite!?? (*badow)

Jindrak takes Chuck down by using his hair! I’m not sure if that’s a bitch move, or fairplay because of how freaking long Pulambo’s hair is.


Stasiak misses a big frogsplash…………………………………………………………… anddddddddddddddddd……………………………………………………………. Pulambo gets the tago. Holy fuck they drove that out…

O’Hare in and he’s kicking some ass, but runs into a clothesline from Stasiak. O’Hare ends up taking both guys out with superkicks, and goes up top and hits a swanton onto Jindrak for the win.

3.5/5.0 Pretty decent match, but super formula. Jindrak and O’Hare looked good as always though.

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero © – Crusierweight Championship

Man, there are few, if any, more lame than “gangster” Rey, although he is clearly more marketable than when he was masked, so Eric did make a fantastic call with that. I don’t think the WWE sold a single mask, even when Rey was at his hottest.
Chavo does a great job of cutting Rey down from the get-go, and keeping him there. Adding insult to injury, he even knocks off one of those stupid horns that Rey wears so he’s only wearing one, looking like a disabled Unicorn or something. He keeps trying to pull off a big move in order to get his chance to get out from under Chavo, but it’s no go. Guerrero grabs an old school Rey mask from a fan and forces Rey to wear it, which automatically adds a star to this match. Holy crap, this match is on it’s way to being the best one I’ve seen since we’ve started this site. It’s fantastic. I even stopped with a recap because I was so drawn into it. Rey comes close, and I was rooting for him like hell, but Chavo is able to nail him with a chair while the ref isn’t looking, and follows it up with a brainbuster. Really, you guys should look this one up, because it’s a lost gem. This was GREAT. Rey was the classic underdog, with Chavo being absolutely vicious. There was no outside interference BS, no cornball gimmicks, nothing. This was an incredible reminder of the greatness WCW was once capable of. Really, an incredible match. Absolutely look it up.
Rey eats the pin after the Brainbuster at 15:54 | ****1/4


Six years later this match was still relevant.

Mysterio looks so stupid with devil horns, and wearing little kid overalls.

Pretty cool spot were Chavo goes for a powerbomb on the outside, and Rey reverses it into a rana.

Chavo makes Rey calm the fuck down by planting him with a pancake suplex onto the ropes.

I don’t think the chops work if he’s wearing overalls Chavo…

Chavo eats post when Rey moves out of the way after being stuck in the Tree of Woe, and Rey reverses into another sunset flip but only gets two as Chavo takes him down again.

I like the story of Chavo just keeping Rey down, and being smart, and not getting all high flying with him… which would be dumb from a strategy point.

Rey fights out of the Gory Special, but it’s all for naught as Chavo makes him eat it anyway, but only gets two off it.

Rey comes off the apron, going for something but Chavo catches him in a dropkick in a pretty sick spot!

The Ref is ginger, and looks kinda like Heath Slater.

Chavo gets the STF onto Rey, as the crowd rallies behind Rey Rey.

Chavo grabs a “fans” mask, and puts it on Rey Mysterio, while beating him. That’s pretty badass!

Chavo goes up, but Rey crotches him… and puts the mask on Chavo… Rey I don’t think that affects Chavo as much as it affects you.

Chavo’s like fuck this shit, and tries to leave with his title, so Rey comes off the ring and hits Chavo with a rana. Rey goes for a moonsault back in the ring, but botches it, and falls. Chavo covers for it pretty well, by just jumping on Rey.

Rey goes for another rana, and Chavo plants Rey on the ropes. Chavo brings a chair into the ring, and sets it up in the corner.

Ends up not going anywhere… yet.


Rey hits the T-Bag, which kind of causes the fans to lose some steam because it’s so fucking stupid. The Ref is distracted, and it gives Chavo a chance to hit Rey with a chair. Chavo with a sick brainbuster for the win.

4.5/5.0 I gotta agree with Caliber, this match was fucking sweet. The story was pretty great with Rey trying to come back, and Chavo just planting Rey. The result makes sense too, because it makes both guys look equal, but also makes Chavo look like a dick heel who just barely held the title… and you want to see him have to defend again. The only complaint I have about this match is that it got a bit sloppy and aimless around the end, but that’s a slight nag. Great match.

Storm tells Bryan Adams not to be a little bitch, and that his match is next… even though he can’t find his tag team partner. Jesus, this Dustin Rhodes push IS SO FUCKING BAD!!!

Dustin Rhodes vs Rick Steiner © – US Championship

They trade momentum for a while, going opposite of the match before them by keeping it grounded. Your usual suspects of DDTs and clotheslines make their appearance. In another comparison to the previous match, it’s really embarrassing that they wrestle for only 3-4 minutes here before going into a pretty long rest period. Dustin is on the business end of the beating for a while before making his comeback with some of his more well known offense. Rick eventually takes the pad off the turnbuckle, and uses the steel to knock out Dustin before pinning him. A very average match, but not nearly as bad as people were probably expecting. If they could have used some weapons, had a bit of blood, they could have had a great power match.
Rick Steiner pins Dustin after smashing his head into the unpadded turnbuckle 9:11 | *3/4

Dustin is wearing the lamest, BDSM club/porn shit I’ve ever seen in wrestling. He literally looks like a gay cowboy.

The size difference is pretty weird here, as Dustin is wayyyy taller than Rick.

I probably should’ve talked more about the match, but I was getting really into these Chester Cheetah Fries things, and didn’t feel like pulling myself away from them for this match. Basically, Rick Steiner won but Dustin’s feet were in the ropes. Dustin attacked Rick after the match, and hit him with the low blow in the ropes deal.[NFC: It’s called Shattered Dreams]

DUD Borrrring.

Flair gives Storm some orders, and tells Storm he’s the best Commissioner he’s ever had. Bro, if Strom loses to Miller… holy fuck.[NFC: Haha, you’re gonna be SO mad in a little bit. I mean, REALLY mad]

Totally Buff vs Kronik

Oh man, Buff AND Kronik? Sebastian is gonna have himself a super-double-triple-mega-boner. Buff takes out Clarke with a chair while brawling outside the ring before the match begins, so it’s Adams by himself for the majority of the match. Adams does his best to fight back, and mounts up a pretty good comeback, until Clarke attacks him from behind, only to reveal it was actually Mike Awesome in disguise. Dastardly. Luger puts Adams in the Rack, then Buff hits the Blockbuster and gets the pin as the real Clarke shows up, obviously been on the end of a beating recently. Not a bad match by any means, it was kept short, and I liked the whole Awesome in disguise thing, because it was actually clever and not something we’ve seen over and over again.
Buff pins Adams after the Blockbuster at 6:25 | **

It turns out Bryan Clarke hasn’t been medically cleared I guess, so it’s just Adams.


Clarke gets ko’d on the outside of the ring so well for him… Adams tries to beat both guys by himself but gets hit with a low blow by Bagwell.

Totally Buff work over Adams, and Clarke is still dead on the outside. He must’ve had some of that good kronic (badom*).

Bwahahahahaha, shit was so funny.

Anyway, this match was mostly a squash match. Adams started to come back but got attacked by Mike Awesome… I guess, and cost him the match. [NFC: I like how you just completely didn’t mention that Awesome dressed up as Clarke]

DUD Mostly a squash match so it couldn’t really be interesting or fun. Save this shit for Nitro’s, do NOT put handicapped squashes on PPV.

Some little girl behind Tony Schavone looks bored. Storm tries to kick Kronik out of the building, but THEY HAVE THE REEFER MADNESS and attack security! Those sick fucks!

Lance Storm vs The Cat – WCW Commissionership On The Line

For some reason people only remember the 2000 version of The Cat, which is unfortunate, because the earlier version with Sonny Ono was fantastic. He’s the type of guy who works a lot better as a heel. As far as the match, it’s another average one. Storm does the best he can, but Cat’s skill was always on the mic, not in the ring. Storm works the knee the whole match, but ends up eating a spin kick after Storm is distracted by Ms. Jones. Really, this belongs on Nitro, not on something where people pay money. What a waste for a guy like Storm.
Cat kicks Storm in the face for the pin at 8:07 | *1/2


Miller stops the Canadian National Anthem before it can even get started. Miller says that these people want him to be the Commissioner, what people? The drunk ones? The dumb ones? I sure don’t. [NFC: Ah, you know those people from Calgray, Ablerta are just crazy.]


Storm takes Miller down with technical chain wrestling, and Miller looks really confused and lost.

Miller’s karate looks like shit! Storm slams Miller into the guardrail, and talks some shit. Storm starts working over Miller’s leg, which is pretty smart considering that’s the only thing Miller uses for his offense.

Miller tries coming back with more karate shit, so Storm dropkicks Miller in the leg! Awesome!

I will give Miller credit here, he is remembering to sell the leg and it’s leading to this match having decent psychology. Miller can’t come back at all because whenever he does his leg buckles.

Miller starts to do his comeback, and goes for the karate kick, but Storm catches him in the Canadian Maple Leaf… but Miller reaches the ropes. Dammit.



Jesus… I need a cigarette.

DDP vs Kanyon

It was suppose to be DDP vs Jarrett, but Double J comes out and plays a clip of Page saying he’d fight Kanyon “any time, any where”. So, Chris pops up from under the ring and they have a go at it. Even with Russo gone, WCW is making stupid decisions. You advertise a match for a PPV, and then deliberately change the match on them? Especially since they gave us a package on the build up before hand. Would have made a hell of a lot more sense if they’d done one on Kanyon vs DDP, since all of that took place about 6 months before, and most people have probably forgotten. Again, it’s an average match that sees Kanyon with after some interference, because apparently WCW was going for some sorta record wherein all your PPV matches have to have some sorta BS ending. Afterward he announces that the DDP vs Double J match is now beginning, and splits while Jeff makes his entrance.
Kanyon gets the pin after a Flatliner at 8:15 | **

DDP vs Double J
They brawl into he crowd to start, and soon work their way back, with DDP hitting a DDT ontop of the announcers table. Back in, Page is pretty exhausted as Jarrett keeps at it, doing his best to put him down with a sleeper. Page gets the comeback with a DDT and his face-first piledriver, but can’t get the pin. Kanyon shows up to tilt the favor towards Jarrett, but ends up accidentally eating a guitar, giving DDP a chance to hit Double J with the Diamond Cutter and grabbing the win. Decent stuff from these two, with DDP shining as always in the underdog role. I would have liked to see them both go at it fresh, as I think they could have had a better much, but what we got wasn’t horrible by anymeans.
DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Double J for the pin at 8:30 | **3/4

My friend Nick was talking about DDP, and he said that he’s basically an old guy who never got over High School. And he’s kind of right, Page is the dick jock who has a hot girlfriend, and listens to KOOL music (Nirvana, which was eight years old at this point) to keep hip and cool. [NFC: I’ll agree with you on the ‘old-guy-who-never-got-over-high-school’ bit, but a jock? Nah. DDP would have been the guy who dressed real cool and drove a nice car because he worked like 2 jobs or something.] Jeff Jarrett is just the lamest guy ever, but he thinks he’s as important as like, The Rock.

Jarrett plays some video that shows Page saying he’ll wrestle Kanyon anytime, anywhere, and I guess this match is changed to Page vs Kanyon. Chris comes out of the ring, and tries to attack Page, but Page just tosses him around.

Kanyon comes back with a low blow, and hits Page with a fameasser onto the steps, which busts Page open. Nice to see someone bleed for once in a fucking while, jeez.

Page is really good at selling, and taking a beating, as he makes fucking Kanyon look credible here.

Page comes back with some chokeslams, and powerbombs, and then goes for the Cutter but Kanyon reverses into his own cutter (!) but only gets two. Kanyon’s actually looking pretty good here.

The Ref get’s ko’d, and Jeff runs in, and hits Page with a stroke.Kanynon hits Page with a flatliner for the win.

3.5/5.0 A pretty decent match here, Page is great at pacing, and taking a beating, and he can pretty much get a good match out of anyone. He made Kanyon look good here, and well, credible.

And oh snaps, now Jeff Jarrett is coming down, and DDP/Jarrett match is starting now.

Jarrett punches Page into the crowd. And they start brawling against each other. They fight back to the outside of the ring, and Page starts to comeback. Page hits Jarrett with a DDT, and then goes for the Cutter, but Jarrett throws Page off of him onto the rail.

Jarrett starts working over Page’s… seemingly always injured ribs, with a chair.

Page comes back after a sleeper spot, and hits a DDT on Jarrett. After a hot comeback, Page almost wins with a piledriver, but Kanyon comes back and pulls Page to the outside. Page runs into a chairshot from Jarrett, but Jarrett only gets two off it. Jarrett goes for his guitar but Kanyon eats it, and Page hits the cutter for the win.

3.5/5.0 Pretty sweet little story here, but I have to say this does make Jarrett look like a bit of a bitch. It was a good story, and a good match, but it didn’t help anyone but Page in the end.

Scott Steiner © vs Kevin Nash – WCW World Heavyweight Championship w/ Nash Out of WCW Forever If He Loses

Ric comes out to say that Nash is out due to Steiner attacking his leg the week before on Nitro. Nash comes out in a wheelchair with a cast on his leg. Steiner mocks him, but when he turns around, Nash reveals the leg isn’t real, and clocks Scott with the title belt. The bell rings, and Nash pins him, just like that. Nash jumps up to celebrate, only for Flair to say that this is actually a 2 out of 3 falls match, No DQ. Man, this was everyone’s favorite thing to do in this era of WCW, the heel authority changing the match stips on the fly. So, Nash runs things for a minute before Steiner hits him in the face with a steel pipe on the outside. We’re then suppose to believe that SCOTT STEINER can not pick up an unconscious Nash, so he asks Flair to make it Falls Count Anywhere. Nash is busted open as Scott gets his first pinfall. Back in, Steiner keeps it on Nash with suplexes and chairshots. He soon gets a come back with a chokeslam, only for Midjah to break up the pin, and does the same after the Jackknife. Steiner soon levels him with a chair, and puts him in the Recliner. The ref drops Nash’s arm three times, and that’s it. Wow, this was crazy & over-booked, but this match was a lot of damn fun. It was a physical, hard-hitting match that had both guys bleeding, with a lot of close-calls. I certainly did not expect this, and did not expect that I’d be telling you guys to actually look for it, because it’s worthwhile.
Steiner puts Nash out with the Recliner at 12:19 | ***1/4

Flair comes out before the match to, I guess, talk about the contents of the envelope. Or wait, never mind. Flair goes on commentary, this should be pretty good. Tony and that other guy ask Flair what’s in the envelope but Flair tells them not to worry about it. WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!!???

Buffer asks us if we’re ready… READY TO ROCK!!!!! YEAH BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

This is taking place in NASHVILE, Nash HAS to win!

Steiner shows Sid’s leg breaking AND ITS SO FUCKING GNARLY!!!! UGHHH!!!!

Flair says that if Nash doesn’t show up he’s going to be fired… and whoever loses this match is going to get fired. So yeah… Nash his probably going to lose. Two hot ass nurses wheel Nash down… he probably fucked them instead of watching the ppv. Steiner tells Nash he doesn’t have his syphy.

Turns out Nash isn’t actually injured, and he big boots Steiner and gets a three fall! Flair freaks the fuck out on commentary, and is pretty funny on the mic. He starts yelling WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! And makes the match 2 out of 3 falls match, No DQ. DDP’s walking around backstage, but gets jumped by Totally Buff… and they lock Page in a box.

Nash whips Steiner from pillar to post, and opened Steiner up while we were focusing on the Totally Buff attack.

Steiner hits Nash with the pipe to get the second fall. Then Steiner gets brass knucks and beats the shit out of Nash with them. Nash get’s opened up by Steiner’s brass knucks, and Steiner hits a belly to belly (HIS SIGNATURE MOVE!) for two. Nash can just not come back here, as Steiner is all over Nash.

Steiner could’ve won the match with an elbow drop, but decides to do some push ups. That’s pretty funny, especially considering that he was like, five seconds from losing earlier.

Steiner goes for another shot with the knucks, but Nash blocks it, and nails Steiner with a sidewalk slam!

Flair goes to hand Steiner the chair, and Nash goes for the knucks, but Midejah grabs the knucks. Steiner KO’s Nash with a chair… and Steiner hits the Steiner Recliner… and its probably over here.

Holy fuck, Nash actually gets out of it, and throws Steiner out of the ring! Nash rings Steiner across the ropes, and comes back with some punches and a chokeslam but only gets two. Midejah tries to attack the Ref, but it just makes Lil Naitch horny. Nash comes back with a snake eyes, and a big boot. POWERBOMB TIME BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE HITS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nash has the match won, but Midejah fucks with the Ref again. Nash SIDEWALK SLAMS MIDEJAH!!! YES!!! Lil Naitch is about to make the three count, but Flair KO’s Robinson this time. Nash grabs Flair, but Steiner hits a low blow, and yup, it’s over this time. Steiner wallops Nash with a chair, and does the Recliner to a passed out Nash for the win.

3.0/5.0 Two one sided on Steiner’s part for me to really enjoy, though I was getting pretty into the match near the end, even though the result was pretty obvious. Really, Nash should’ve gone over here just to add…. Fucking SOMETHING to change up WCW. [NFC: That’s just it though, Steiner was the first guy since Hogan in early 1999 to really hold the title longer than a month. So while the title was dead, this was at least taking the right step towards rehabbing it.] But nope, Steiner retains… again. And Nash is gone for the last month of WCW.Eawsi

Caliber’s Final Thoughts: Easily WCW’s best show since probably Spring Stampede 1999. There was a decent amount of good-to-great matches, with very little in the way of crap. The bad-stuff we got wasn’t nearly as bad as WCW has shown us it can be, and was kept short. Solid opener, fantastic mid-card match, and a decent closer from two guys you would never expect to deliver together. Good stuff.

Sebastian’s Final Thoughts: Really, a solid show but nothing more. I don’t understand what WCW thought they were doing with Steiner because fucking NO ONE likes him!


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