Monday Nitro – Feburary 5th, 2001 – Sebastian


That new WWE 2k15 is actually pretty damn good. The showcase mode gets pretty repetitive after a while, but I love how they actually incorporate the real life feud into the video game, with the footage, and the cut scenes that happened. It makes you feel like you’re actually playing the feud which is really damn cool. The actual character models look fucking terrible though [NFC: Yeah, I saw some footage and thought the same thing. Wondering how on Earth things got WORSE, with better technology], the bodies look pretty decent but the faces are really, really bad, and it was a little more than bit disconcerting when playing it on acid. The first feud on there is Punk/Cena, and I think that it’s so funny that you can actively see through the storyline how badly they fucked up Punk’s run, and title reign. Yeah, making him get beat up by John Cena, Big Show, Ryback, Kevin Nash, and Trips and then losing the title to Flex really made him look good. Jesus… no wonder he left… [Note From Caliber: Ooh, boohoo. Poor CM Punk. He got to go out on live Raw and deliver the most talked about promo in years, and win the title in his home town, clean, against the ultimate babyface. He then got to beat him again at SummerSlam. He then won the title and had one of the longest reigns of all time, defeating the likes of Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Ryback, and just about everyone else under the sun. Oh no, CM Punk lost to the Rock, oh boohoo. It’s not like John Cena jobbed to the Rock in the MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA or anything. CM Punk is a sissy little bitch who mops and complains constantly no matter what. I’m glad he’s gone and hope he gets knocked the fuck out in his first UFC match.] Anyway, we can’t talk about anything fun anymore because it’s time for Nitro babbbbbbyyyyy!!!

We start off the show with two of the best promo guys in WCW, Ric Flair and Kevin Nash promoing against each other. Nash KOs Animal and gets in the ring with Flair. Flair is terrified, so Nash chokes him out with the big boot in the corner move. Nash talks some more shit to Flair, and backstage Scott Steiner and Bagwell start running to the ring. Back to the ring, and Nash takes Flair out with a big boot. Nash tells Flair he’s tired of Flair making the shots, and then levels him with a clothesline. This is pretty entertaining actually, because Flair is just bumping like a motherfucker. Then Nash says possibly the gayest thing in wrestling history to Flair. “I’m going to embarrass you, I’m going to strip you completely naked on television.” What the fuck!? I was watching a 98 Nitro and Flair was taking his own shit off, and was ready to get completely naked on his own free will. Nash strips Flair down to his underwear, and sets Flair up for the powerbomb BUT WAIT! Because Scott Steiner and Bagwell are here…. And Jeff Jarrett…. And Lex Luger. Nash stops them from coming in the ring by saying he’ll break Flair’s neck if they do anything. Scott tells Nash to leave Flair alone because if he doesn’t he’s going to kick his ass…. No, you’re going to kick his ass if he leaves him alone, you fucking idiot.

Nash introduces Miller, who comes through the crowd. Miller calls Flair, Nash’s Grandpa, and Miller says that he’s in charge. Miller tells Steiner he’s “Poppa Dump.” The wit! The heels still aren’t running in because Nash has Flair in a neck vice, and is still threatening to break his neck. Flair agrees to let Miller run the show, so Miller tells Poppa Dump that he’s going to wrestle three matches in the same show. Fuck that. I do like this segment though, that Nash is just so gritty and forcing Flair to do what he wants, and if he won’t HE’S GOING TO BREAK HIS FUCKING NECK!!! Miller makes Steiner vs four crusierweights. [NFC: Oh boy. I bet this will put over the Crusierweights like never before.] Then Steiner has to wrestle Page. Then after that Steiner has to put the title on the line against Kevin Nash for the world title, [NFC: But is the title gonna be on the line? C’mon, man, let us know!] and if Scott loses Flair is going to lose his job. AND Ernest Miller is giving Scott a handicapped match in the main event title match, against Nash and a handicapped match.[NFC: But will the match be a handicap match during the main event match that’s a match with a handicap match?] Holy fuck, I really like that the good gm is being super biased against the evil guy. We’ve always had the generic evil gm giving advantages to the heel, but it’s the opposite here and its pretty cool. So I liked the segment, but I don’t like the fact that I have to watch Scott Steiner wrestle three times in one night…

1st Match: Scott Steiner vs Yung Dragons and Jamie Knoble and Evan Keragias

I swear to God, if Steiner wins each of these matches… Steiner dominates to start, but gets too cocky, and eats a leg drop off the top from one of the Yungs. The crusiwerweights get crazy and jump on him from all sides of the ring, and all pin him, but Steiner kicks out. Steiner takes them all out with suplexes and clotheslines, and he press slams one of the Yungs to the outside in a pretty cool spot, and then press slams Knoble into the Yung, and then Keragias. Then he comes off the top with a T Bone onto the Yung and has the match won, but stops the Referee from counting. Hahaha, that’s actually pretty funny. Steiner throws them around with belly to belly suplexes, and then puts three of the guys on top of each other, and puts them all in the Steiner Recliner to win.

2.0/5.0 This was pretty lame that Steiner beat all guys so easily, but they actually kept it short enough to keep it entertaining, and the crusierweights and fast pace helped cover Steiner’s weaknesses. It also was somewhat realistic because Scott Steiner is fucking huge compared to the cruserwieghts.

Flair and Steiner bitch at each other, and Flair blames Sanders for like, no reason, and tells him he’s wrestling tonight. Kevin Nash and Miller are chilling backstage, AND KRONIK SHOW UP!!!! Yes!!! DDP comes in there too. Miller gives Adams Bagwell, and DDP’s still wrestling Steiner, and Nash is wrestling…. Scott Steiner. AND IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH STEINER FOR YA!!! Mean Gene interviews Rick Steiner!! It’s not Nitro baby, its Monday Night Steiner!! Steiner-Mania. Steiner-Brawl. SteinerCade. The Steiner Rumble. The Steiner Chamber. The reason Clarke isn’t wrestling tonight, is because Animal hit his tag partner with a chair. So… Adams is going to wrestle Bagwell? What the fuck!!???

2nd Match: Shane Douglas© vs Rick Steiner for the US Title (STEINER MAINA BABBBBYYYY)

Shane cuts a generic YOU’RE ALL WHITE TRASH HICKS promo and then Rick Steiner tells Shane to shut his mouth. Holy fuck, this will be so fucking lame if Rick wins this. The angle here is that Shane was pinned by Rick last week, so he’s not sure if he can take him this week. Kind of like that angle honestly, they should use more psychology like that now instead of just having the IC or US Champion losing all the time, and it not meaning anything.

Shane uses the cast to get the advantage and takes Rick to the outside. Back in after some rakes to the face, and Shane chokes Rick out. Back outside, and Shane whips Rick into the guardrail. Then Shane grabs a chair… and then does the oddest thing, as he literally just pokes Rick with it a couple times. Then he hits Rick over the head with it, but the Ref grabs the chair, and Rick gets the advantage with some punches. Rick grabs the chair now, but the Ref takes the chair away from him. Back inside, and Rick rakes Shane’s face, and hits him with a stiff punch. Shane rolls back to the outside, so Rick whips Shane into the guardrail. This match… isn’t too bad really. It has like no structure but is a nice little trashy brawl, wish it was hardcore match though so they could go all out. Shane goes back in the ring, and crotches Rick as he tries to go in. Shane with a nice neck snap, and some boots. Rick tires to come back with some punches, but Shane eye pokes him. They do a whip sequence and Shane eats a power slam. Rick goes to the top rope, and goes for…. Something, but Shane hits him with the cast. Shane hits Rick with the Franchiser, but Rick kicks out at two. Holy fuck, that Referee is ginger. Jesus, is Rick really going to go over here? And yeah, Rick hits his Steiner Driver and wins the match. Bleh.

2.5/5.0 Fun little trashy brawl match, and Shane actually had some decent psychology with his cast. The end result that Rick wins is some bullshit though. STEINERLINEEEEE!!!

Are you ready for some more Steiner? Instead of TLC, WWE should make a PPV called, Steiner, Steiner, Steiner, and Steiner. Steiner Rules. Stienergeddon.

Golddustin is here and Ric Flair’s mad about it… for some reason.[NFC: Remember, Flair brought Dustin back last week to save the company, but Dustin turned on him and kicked his ass with his dad, Dusty] Dustin sounds super white trash here, “I’m not finished with you boy. I’m gonna kick your ass, boy.” Dustin seems really awkward on the mic here, taking long pauses in between his sentences. Ric Flair comes up on the Titan Tron, and holy fuck, him moving around and acting crazy on a giant Titan Tron is both trippy and hilarious. Flair wants security to grab Dustin and cut to a commercial about some movie were a guy smokes cigarettes. Seems pretty cool. Time for a cig

3rd Match: STEINER MAINA PART 3 BABY!!!!: DDP vs Scott Steiner

God, y’know, I think this show would be a lot better if it had more Steiner. Wasn’t DDP/Steiner like the main event of a PPV a while ago? WCW’s just so unmemorable at this point….

DDP starts off fast, and takes Steiner to the outside with a clothesline. Steiner whips DDP into the rail, and press slams him onto it. Steiner tries to ram Page into the apron, but DDP ain’t having none of it and throws Steiner back in. Page goes to the top, but Midajah crotches him. Steiner puts Page into the tree of woe, and chokes him out. DDP tries to come back with a roll up but Steiner punches him out of it. Atomic drop by Steiner, and then a backbreaker for two. Midajah looks pretty damned hot. Steiner kisses his muscles, and does some push ups, because its STEINER MAINIA BABYYYYY!!!!

Steiner flexes for too long, and Page comes back with punches, but runs into a boot in the corner, and a belly to belly for two. Scott gets pissed he only got two, and KOs the Ref, but then eats a Cutter from Steiner. The Ref wakes up, and just DQ’s Steiner… so Page wins I guess.

2.5/5.0 Pretty fast paced again, and the story was pretty decent with Steiner being powerful, but Page being smart enough to come back, and almost pin Steiner cleanly.

Page celebrates with the fans, per usual, and Kanyon and Jarrett jump him for some reason. Steiner poses even though he just lost the match, because its STEINER MAINIA BABY!!!!

4th Match: El Nino ???? (some dude in like Ninja Gear) vs Chavo Guerrero

Chavo with a headlock, and criss cross, and Nino eats a shoulderblock. Chavo brings Nino into the corner, and boots him down. Chavo does that ROH rubbing the boot over the face thing, which is pretty cool. Chavo with a backdrop suplex for two. Chavo’s getting a little overly cocky, and Nino tries to make a comeback, but runs into a backbreaker for two. Nino finally gets some offense in as he sends Chavo to the outside, and hits a nice suicida. That might be the only offense he gets though, as Chavo whips Nino HARD into the rail and then suplexes him on the ground! Chavo goes to the top, but Nino cuts Chavo off and comes off the top with a rana!!! Only a two count, but damn. Chavo goes for another backbreaker but Nino reverses into his own, but then he runs into a boot from Chavo. This is a good match, but the story of Chavo killing Nino, and then Nino coming back, but then getting killed by Chavo again is getting a bit tired. Nino with a roll up for two, but Chavo stops him again, and God, I’m getting tired of this story honestly. Nino with that cool bulldog Rey Mysterio thing, and a leg drop off the top for the win, and Nino takes his shit off, AND IT WAS REY ALL ALONG!!!!

2.5/5.0 There was some promise here, but they kept on reversing the match, and it just seemed to go nowhere, and end out of nowhere. Still a decent match, and the story could’ve been better if it was a little more polished.

5th Match: Lance Storm and Mike Awesome vs Sean O’Hare and Chuck Palumbo

Lance Storm wants to be serious for a minute. Storm reminds everyone that Flair has the full support of Team Canada, and it’s time to play the Canadian National Anthem, but Miller cuts him off because Miller’s a super asshole, and says that no one wants to hear the crap. What an asshole, dude. Way to alienate the Canadian fans, asshole. [NFC: Dude, is there a law in Florida that says you can’t call Ernest Miller anything but an asshole?] Miller makes Team Canada vs The Thrillers. Should be pretty decent.

God, Chuck is such a horrible name. Anywho, Sean and Awesome start it off. They trade really, really sissy ass chops. I mean, these chops look like total shit. Awesome ends it with a sick German suplex, and then clotheslines Sean to the outside, and hits a nice suicida to the outside. Awesome gets on the apron, so Chuck Palumbo hits him with an apron dropkick, so Storm hits Chuck with a missile dropkick off the ropes. Another nice dropkick by Storm for two. Criss cross but Sean runs in to break it up, and clotheslines Storm. Sean to a wrist lock, and then some stiff punches. Palumbo in and do a double arm drag to Storm. Chuck with some punches and a nice powerslam for two.

After a little more double teaming Storm comes back with a dropkick and tags in Awesome. Awesome runs right into a stun gun and Seanny and Chuckie work over Awesome for a bi. Awesome comes off the top rope with a nice elbow to Sean, and comes off the top rope with a sick frogsplash but Chuck breaks it up. Storm punches Chuck to the outside and Awesome sets Sean up for the Awesome Bomb but Sean rolls out. Chuck runs in and hits a backdrop suplex to Awesome, and Sean works over Storm in the corner, hitting him with a nice superkick. Storm then, accidentally puts Awesome in the Maple Leaf in a pretty cool spot I haven’t seen before, and Sean hits the swanton for the win.

3.5/5.0 Pretty great tag team match really, and all of those guys can GO. They fit together perfectly, and if they worked together a little more they could have some really good tag matches. Fucking lame that Storm didn’t win though, I mean what did Chuck Palumbo and Sean O Hare ever end up doing? Storm is Storm motherfucker! He main-evented a Raw with Flex, which makes him more important than either of them.

6th Match: Buff Bagwell vs Bryan Adams

Adams takes Bagwell to the outside, and punches him around. I think that every singles match on this show has started with them taking it to the outside. Back inside, and Bagwell gets a dropkick… and I don’t know what the deal is, but Bagwell’s yellow tights here look really bad on him. Funny commentary aside, Mark Madden says, “Y’know, I think some people forget how buff, Buff Bagwell actually is.” He says this in a completely un sarcastic way too. After some boring normal heel stuff from Bagwell, Lex Luger comes out BUT SWERVE Bryan Clarke is here. He starts fucking Luger up, but Animal is out here and attacks Clarke. The Ref rings the bell just as Adams is about to win, due to a time limit they didn’t mention before (10 minutes, but I really doubt the match was actually 10 minutes). Luger gets in the ring, and they attack Adams.

1.0/5.0 Really boring match, especially with Bagwell having to carry most of the action. I think Bagwell works a lot better as a face, because his signature moves are pretty facey, and he doesn’t have to carry the bulk of the match. I do want to see Kronik kill Totally Buff though, so job well done there.

Florida and Texas suck ass.

Main Event: Kevin Nash and ???? vs Scott Steiner © for the World Heavyweight Championship in STEINER MAINA PART IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE!!!!

KEVIN NASH’S SECRET PARTNER IS RICK STEINER!!!! HOLY FUCK!!! Main Event: Kevin Nash and Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner © for the World Heavyweight Championship in STEINER MAINA PART V: THE STEINER STRIKES BACK!!!

It really is Steinermania!!!! Rick and Scott take it to the outside, and Scott throws Rick into the crowd. Nash brings Scott into the ring, and Scott begs off on Nash in a pretty cool spot. Nash with punches in bunches, and some knees, and that big boot choke. Midajah distracts the Ref and Scott hits a low blow. Scott with a clothesline, and an elbow into push ups. Holy fuck, Scott Steiner is so limited. In every match this night, he has done the exact same moves. Like literally, he almost hasn’t changed one thing up. Scott with a backbreaker, and Nash powers out. Nash rams Steiner’s head into the corner, but eats an elbow. Scott picks up Nash and it’s kind of a weird image because Nash is just so damn tall. Nash hits a sidewalk slam but is too hurt to win. Nash hits the snake eyes and big boot. I totally feel like Rick Steiner is going to do a heel turn. And yep. Nash hits the powerbomb and has the match won, BUT SWERVE!!! Rick hits ONE elbow, and Scott gets the pin off it. Scott and Rick kiss each others biceps.

2.5/5.0 This was kept to the important, end of the match stuff so it was pretty decent but the turn was super fucking obvious, but the story itself was actually pretty decent. [NFC: I honestly don’t think there was ONE turn in WCW from the year 2000 until they closed up shop that a sane person wouldn’t have seen coming miles awa.]

Scott and Rick are about to leave, but DDP comes down the ramp with a chair, but the shows over.

Final Thoughts: Even though this show had four matches involving the Steiner’s and one of them had TWO Steiner’s it was actually a pretty decent show. They kept Steiner in really fast paced matches, so his weaknesses were hidden, and it was actually a clever spin on the evil gm angle that I haven’t seen done before. Nice creativity, and the show was mostly fast paced, and fun. However, the show did start to drag around the mid way point, and never really picked up, even at the main event. The turn at the end was so obvious, and it also kind of felt like this week was totally pointless as no major stories really got advanced. Nash is still feuding with Scott, and nothing is really established or changed, other than Rick Steiner turning heel. So it’s a pretty decent Nitro, and you might want to check it out, but its lacking a feeling of importance, and you might get a bit tired of it halfway through.

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