Catch up with your boy…

Greetings, big homies.

Sin PPV is coming up in a few days, but until then I’ve got a few articles for you guys, featuring yours truly.

Top 5 Masked Wrestlers
I’ve started writing for 411, and took part in this roundtable. Some of the guys started going with guys in facepaint, so I went with that too, since I couldn’t think of many great wrestlers with masks. Yes, I know there are plenty, but I’m not an ultra-mega-die-hard fan.

5 Game Changing Moments That Just Lead To Business As Usual
I write articles for now and again, and the sweet deal with that is I actually get paid per amount of views. This article, well, the title is pretty self explanatory. 5 moments that could have honestly changed the course of the WWE, but just turned into….well, WWE.


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