Caliber Plays Catch-Up

Greetings, all. Today I thought I’d do a bit of catch-up with some big matches that have happened this year that I missed. So, hang out with your boy as I review both of Daniel Bryan’s matches at WM30, Cena vs Bray from Payback, and Cena vs Lesnar from SummerSlam.

Also, I have it on good faith that a brand new Nitro 2000 will be up within a week. Dig it.

hhhbraywm2014Daniel Bryan vs HHH
Pretty standard back & forth at the beginning, with Triple H eventually going after Bryan’s shoulder. Stephanie is gold at ringside. Bryan hits an awesome tornado DDT when he runs & leaps off an apron, catching HHH while he’s standing on the outside. Triple H soon bounces back, and starts working on Bryan’s shoulder in a number of creative ways. Bryan tries to get his momentum back by going turnbuckle to turnbuckle with 3 running jump-kicks to HHH’s face, but the 3rd turns on him as HHH turns him inside out with a leaping clothesline. Great moment later when Triple H turns the Flying Knee into the Double-A Spinebuster. They soon follow it up with a great finish that sees Bryan defeat HHH clean as a sheet, after arguably the greatest opening match in WM history, with the flying knee. Honestly, they should have tacked on another 5 minutes or so, and really cemented this bad-boy as the all time great. It’s fantastic.
Daniel gets the pin on HHH after a flying knee at 25:51 | ****1/2

BryanOrtonBatistaWM30Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan – WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Orton takes out Bryan early, and then proceeds to dominate pretty well. Things spill outside for a moment before Orton & Batista get back into the ring. Nice bit where they’re focused on each other, when all fo a sudden Bryan comes flying in from off screen to drop kick them both. They soon do the deal where Triple H & Steph come back out, with the super crooked ref, to really ramp up the odds against him. You gotta love the classics. Eventually, Batista & Orton take Bryan outside for a thrashing, and hit him with a Batista Bomb into an RKO through a table. If that spot were any cooler, it could have also grabbed some booby. They soon deliver another classic as D-Bry does the “like hell I’m leaving here on a stretcher!” spot. I love it. Orton tries to hit Batista with the from-the-second-rope-DDT, which Batista blocks and sends him to the outside, so Orton lands on his feet, then drags Batista outside and does it from the apron. Beautiful. After many close calls, D-Bry finally puts Batista in the Yes Lock, creating a genuine, organic WrestleMania moment as the entire crowd leaps to their feet with YES! signs as confetti & fireworks fill the stadium. This was a solid main event.
Batista taps out to the Yes Lock, giving Bryan the win & the WWE Heavyweight Title at 26:13 | ****1/4

cenabraypayback2014John Cena vs Bray Wyatt – Last Man Standing
This is actually the first real match I’ve seen with Bray, and he’s brilliant. He has a great arsenal from what I’ve seen so far, and does some odd things, which are great. The best so far is when he takes a beat up Cena and starts dancing with him, awesome. Soon after he goes for a move that appears to be a belly to back suplex, but instead throws him forward and drops him chest first on his knee. They progress with weapons, starting with sharing blows with a chair, to Cena bringing a table in the ring, only for Bray to dig the idea more and send Cena through it. Later, Cena does a favorite of mine where he hucks steel steps out of the ring into Bray’s face. I love the spot where Bray tackles Cena through the guardrail, as I always think that shit is effective for getting over the intensity of a match. Soon after they brawl over to an electrical station, as Cena delivers an FU to Bray, sending him through a crate, and throwing another one on top of him for good measure, and the win. This is what, the 3rd LMS where Cena wins via out-smarting his opponent? Either way, I loved this match. It’s pretty hard for me to hate a LMS, and this one is no exception. No submission spots, none of that “bodyslam, now count” crap that plagued LMS matches for awhile. These guys cut a great pace and delivered the goods. My pick for MOTY so far.
Cena buries Bray under some cargo until the count of 10, earning the win at 24:23 | ****1/2

cenabrockss14John Cena (C) vs Brock Lesnar – WWE Heavyweight Championship –
In less than a minute Lesnar hits Cena with an F5, and the crowd goes INSANE. Brock is clearly on some new supplements, because he’s thicker, bigger, and fuller than I’ve ever seen him. Afterward it’s a variety of suplexes and some submissions. Goddammit, there’s some kid within mic range who keeps yelling “LETS GO CENA” in this annoying, high-pitched voice and it’s driving me fucking NUTS. Lesnar is sweating like crazy. Is this the first SummerSlam to take place in a sauna? Seriously, he looks like the Senator from the first X-Men who turns into water. Now Lesnar is being awesome by simply standing on John’s fingers. Fantastic. At one point, Brock is down and then sits up like The Undertaker before laughing. After about 30 German Suplxes, Cena goes for a last-ditch effort STFU, only for Brock to just get pissed off and F5 him one last time for the pin and the title. We have NEVER seen Cena beat to hell like this, and it was great. Brock looks completely unstoppable. Now that’s a fucking heel. Not a great match by anymeans, but completely worth checking out.
Brock pins Cena after 16 suplexes an F5 for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at 16:07 | ***

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