The Only Review of The Ultimate Warrior DVD That You’ll Ever Need – DISC 3


Ultimate Warrior vs Macho King Randy Savage –Steel Cage Match – MSG – January 21, 1991
Macho is of course brilliant and hides behind the guardrail so he can get the jump on Warrior when he comes out. The Ultimate one is still pretty pissed about Macho cracking him in the skull with his scepter at the Royal Rumble, so it takes a while before he relents on Macho, constantly working on a beating. Not a lot of fineness in this one, both guys just stomp the hell out of each other, and throw one another into the cage repeatedly. It ends when Randy climbs out of the cage with the help of Sherri. Afterward, Warrior pummels the hell out of Macho while officials try their best to subdue him, in great vain.
Macho wins via escape at 10:01 | **1/2

Ultimate Warrior vs Macho King Randy Savage – Career vs Career – WrestleMania VII
Warrior appears to be playing head-games with Macho by trying to out-tassle him. I’m pretty surprised they allowed Warrior to have the “means much more than this” on his tights, as it sort of buries the belt. I could see Hogan pitching a fit, and be justified.
Warrior has the momentum first with throws & haymakers that he puts his entire body into. Macho gets a brief advantage before being caught mid-air by Warrior, who does this completely bad-ass move where he just stands Macho up and slaps him. Seriously, that was so bad-ass that any woman in the first 3 rows were instantly pregnant. As well as a few men. The place is on fire for this entire match, and rightfully so. There had never been a career vs career done on such a scale, and they worked this bad motherfucker like a war movie. There were no BB guns here, everything was a tank shell to the chest, and to see them kicking out of each others multitude of finishers was so damn brilliant. Of course the ending with Liz is one of the greatest moments in wrestling history, if not the greatest.
Warrior pins Macho after multiple flying shoulder blocks at 20:47 | *****

Superstars – April 13th, 1991
This is when Warrior is locked inside the casket, which Bearer said he and The Undertaker worked on for day & night. It took them days to put Warrior stickers on a casket? Were they drunk & blinded folded? While this is a classic bit, I’m pretty pissed they don’t have Warrior’s therapy sessions with Jake The Snake. I mean, c’mon! BURY ME, SNAKE MAN! Or Warrior kicking the shit out of live snakes. Piper, on commentary, suggests they get Warrior out. Macho, also on commentary, agrees, but only so they can beat him up some more. Awesome. We’ve got a bunch of claudes hammering the casket, hitting it with a crowbar, a sledgehammer, and even drilling into it with an electric drill. There is no way in hell I would do this without serious amounts of hazard pay. I wouldn’t trust them trying to drill “air holes” and then drilling me in the dick or something.

Ultimate Warrior vs The Undertaker – Maple Leaf Gardens – June 2nd, 1991
No joke, 80% of this match so far has been The Undertaker merely grabbing Warrior’s face. I have no idea why this match is on here, it’s a complete joke. Match ends in a DQ when ‘Taker brings in the urn Afterwards they try and get Warrior into the bodybag but it’s a no go.
Match ends in a DQ at 8:46 | *

Ultimate Mainiacs vs Money INC – Main Event – WWE Tag-Team Championships
I really can’t think of a better snap shot of pro-wrestling in the early 90’s than that of the Ultimate Maniacs. It really is a bummer Warrior was fired at this point, because the Maniacs are actually a damn decent team, as their complete opposite styles mesh well together. This match doesn’t go to long, but they have a pretty good showing with INC, who I always felt were underrated. Match ends when INC walk off and are counted out.
Money INC walk off, leaving the match to end in a count out 6:12 | **3/4

Ultimate Warrior vs Triple H – WrestleMania XII – March 31st, 1996
About two months before this I’d really got into the Warrior via old tapes I’d rent from the video store. I had a friend who use to be into wrestling, and he gave me his Warrior wrestling-buddy, as well as his Warrior costume. Like a lot of kids, I thought Warrior was the coolest, and I loved his matches. So, when I saw the promo on RAW saying he was returning, with the bad-ass line of “they thought it was safe to get back into the ring”, I just about lost my shit. Warrior took one of the best Pedigrees I’ve ever seen, clean as a sheet. Of course, he crushes Triple H here.
Warrior pins Triple H after the press & splash at 1:40 | **

Ultimate Warrior vs Jerry “The King” Lawler – King of the Ring 1996
I’m 100% not kidding when I saw the first 3 minutes of this match, with exception to a single punch, every piece of Lawler’s offense is choking. He chokes Warrior with his coat, then he soon moves on to choke him with a tassle, and eventually choking him with just his hands. Now, mind you, Warrior hasn’t had a single piece of offense in, so it’s literally been nothing but choking for 3 minutes. Finally, Lawler hits the pile-driver, Warrior no-sells, does his 3 moves, pins Lawler by kneeling on his chest, and probably made 6 times what Jerry did for this match. Really, it’s no wonder the boys hated this guy. This match is God-awful.
Warrior pins Lawler after a splash at 3:51 | -****

At this point, there are no more matches. We get the first promo he did once he showed up on Nitro, and then one after Halloween Havoc when he beat up the nWo. Really, it should go to show just how bad Warrior’s WCW run was, as he had three matches, and was all over their programming for 2 solid months and they came up with about 4% useable footage. Really, they should have had his match with Hogan on there, because it’s one of the all time so-bad-it’s-good type of matches.

The first two discs are a lot of fun, balancing out squashes with real matches, along with Warrior’s promos & current-day insights. The 3rd disc however, loses a bit of steam. Other than Warrior vs Macho, as well as the Money INC tag-match, none of the other matches are worth including. The inclusion of the Lawler match is baffling, because of how absolutely terrible it is.
Even more baffling is the fact they left off his match against Macho at SummerSlam 1992. It’s a fantastic match that’s completely over-looked due to Bulldog vs Bret, and I don’t recall it being on any other DVD set. We also could have had his match from Survivor Series when he captained a team of the LOD & Kerry Von Erich. Perhaps they have plans for a second volume.
Bottom line, it’s a damn good set. You get the full run of Warrior’s career via matches & promos, as well as current-day comments from Warrior about everything. It’s a fun collection and definitely one worth spending your money on.

****1/2 Head-Butts out of 5


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