Caliber Plays Catch-Up

Greetings, all. Today I thought I’d do a bit of catch-up with some big matches that have happened this year that I missed. So, hang out with your boy as I review both of Daniel Bryan’s matches at WM30, Cena vs Bray from Payback, and Cena vs Lesnar from SummerSlam.

Also, I have it on good faith that a brand new Nitro 2000 will be up within a week. Dig it.

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The Only Top 5 SummerSlam Matches List That You’ll Ever Need

Greetings all.

I decided to be simple & obvious and just create a Top 5 SummerSlam Matches list for all of you, the good people in my life.

As for tonight’s show, I’m hoping Lesnar & Cena put on another classic, and things go the way they should have last time. Let’s have Lesnar be the biggest heel champ in decades, and not only put some major luster back on the title, but help to cement a new star for whoever beats him.

Also, as a sidenote, it must make Dolph Ziggler real excited to know that just 5 years ago he was at SummerSlam competing for the Intercontinental Title, and now, after a long hard journey, he’s at SummerSlam, competing for the Intercontinental Title.

Alright, on with the show!

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The Only Review of The Ultimate Warrior DVD That You’ll Ever Need – DISC 1

warriorI’ve often been a critic of Warrior, saying a lot of the same things most people said. His promos were pointless, and his grand body of work wasn’t very great. On top of that, he didn’t appreciate the business and was usually a dick to everyone behind the curtain.

However, he is truly Hall of Fame material, and made one of the biggest, and most original impacts on pro-wrestling.

Will this set change my mind as far as Warrior’s body of work?

Head on into the Caliber Cave, because it’s time we review the first disc of The Ultimate Warrior’s Ultimate Collection.

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