Ultimate Warrior, the GOAT?

Latest update over at Good Point, Fuck You has Mike make the claim that the Ultimate Warrior is the greatest wrestler of all time. Will Caliber disagree, or will he find himself in a nosedive, landing near Parts Unknown?

Good Point, Fuck You – Ultimate Warrior, the GOAT?

Would You Rather…

Alright, so you can join one of two greatest groups of all time, in their prime, which do you choose? Would you rather join the 4 Horsemen, or the nWo. And this is kayfabe style, although really The 4 Horsemen was a shoot 24/7.

I loved me some nWo since day one, and still do. So, it’d be pretty awesome to chill with The Outsiders while we filmed our sweet vignettes and had nWo Saturday Night matches in an empty arena. Plus, running The Einsteiners off the road, never losing a title, turning on just about everyone you see, and spouting cool catch phrases.

Although as much as I loved the nWo, I’ve done a lot of reading up on the Horsemen,  watching shoots & documentaries, and they looked like they had more fun than just about anyone on the fucking planet. They were just about as bad-ass as you could get, plus the whole thing was a shoot. Fly into a city, workout, catch a nap on the beach, tear the house down at the show, party until the morning, fly into a city, workout, catch a nap on the beach, tear the house down at the show, and repeat. Plus, their promos were unmatched, as was their match quality, and they always did what was right for business, not themselves.

How say you guys? You gonna buy the shirt, or chomp down on some 4 Horsemen Vitamins [of course they were real] with your boy Caliber?

6 Title Reigns That Did More Harm Than Good

Before getting started, I wanted to thank my editor Steven Ferrari for his tireless efforts. He and I met while I was looking for a gift for my son, and I wandered into his old curiosity shop. He had this furry creature that I wanted, but he said I wasn’t responsible enough for it, so I showed him by buying it behind his back and almost destroying my entire town. Showed him. On with the article.

Winning the World Title is the be all and end all in the world of pro-wrestling. It means you’re the person the company wants as its face. As the person to represent the sport as a whole. It was the result of all the hours on the road, wrestling in front of twenty people. The prize at the end of the road that was littered with injuries, broken marriages and busted friendships.

A title win means big money, big matches, fame and fortune, your name etched into the record books for all time. However, there are times when someone winning a title is all wrong, and should have never even been thought of in the first place. A company, a booker, an owner, someone desperate for a time reminiscent of when champions like Ric Flair, Bruno, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and a few others made countless millions, and brought the sport to previously unknown heights. They make the mistake of thinking the title makes the man.

Careers collapse, fans run away in droves, and we’re left thinking “what the holy hell were they thinking?”. So, join your pal Caliber as we take a look at the Six World Title Reigns That Caused More Harm Than Good.

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