Mayhem 2000 – November 26th, 2000

indexGreetings, buckaroos. Sebastian’s internet has been down, so he won’t be able to join us as we venture into a PPV who’s promo poster is that of Scott Steiner in rape mode. However a friend of mine, Henry, who’s a fellow writer & wrestling enthusiast will be filling in, as well as joining us on further articles. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business of getting down.

We open up with Booker T arriving, and being mobbed by a large group of fake fans.

Then we see Steiner showing up, and he’s wearing a hat without a bill. It’s weird. I mean, the hat has the snaps in the back like the old baseball caps, but there’s no bill. Does Steiner also drive a car that doesn’t have tires? Because if anyone could, it’d be him.

Kwee Wee vs Mike Sanders © – Crusierweight Title
WCW has a brilliant strategy here, as they show Kwee Wee getting his ass kicked last Monday, and then show Sanders getting his ass kicked by both Nash & Goldberg on separate occasions. Well, so long as we know they both suck. Kwee gets the upper hand at first, but then the NBT comes out and takes their shots each time the ref isn’t looking. Meng then comes out and does battle with them, and the camera is more focused on that than the match. Then security comes out. Goddamn. There like 30 people on the outside of the ring, making sure no one gives a shit about the title match going on inside of it. Flair comes out and clears the place. After a bit, Paisley just comes in and hits Sanders with a handspring back-elbow, in plain site of the ref, who doesn’t give a shit. Sanders hits Kwee with what’s known as the 3.0, and that’s that. Meh. These guys are capable of having a far greater match than what they had here, and most of the booking seemed to be left over from Russo’s notes.
Sanders beats Kwee with the 3.0 at 7:50 | **

They throw a few vignettes my way, and here they are:

Boogie Knights hire Kronik for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Evan Karagias & Jamie Knoble have formed a tag-team, and Evan is…well Evan is a word that’s no longer PC to say.

Crowbar gets flowers from a secret admirer. Oh boy, these pay-offs are always great.

Yung Dragons vs 3 Count vs Knoble & Karagias
Of all the matches these guys have had in the last few months, this one is clicking the least. It honestly feels like they’re just going through the motions, as the young crusierweights tend to do sometimes. They think all that matters is standing out from the older guys, so they do high-flying moves & chain combos until they’re blue in the face, but at the same time sacrifice certain subtleties that can make or break a match. This match doesn’t suck, it’s just more like a spot fest than a wrestling match. Pretty great moment near the end when everyone does their finish one after another, and then dive to the outside onto each other, one after another. Honestly, the match picked up a lot more as I was typing this paragraph, and came out better than I thought it was going to be.
Helms pins Jimmy Yang after a neckbreaker at 10:53 | ***

Jimmy Hart comes out to battle Mancow, who’s one of those lame-ass radio hosts who are do their best to try and out Howard Stern, Howard Stern. These types of guys are hacks, and I hope Hart beats him half to death. He doesn’t, but Mancow does make a timely “You’re Al Gore, you don’t know when to quit! I’m George Bush, and I’m kicking your ass!” comment.

Bigelow beat the hell outta Awesome.

Big Vito vs Reno vs Crowbar © – Hardcore Championship
The best moment of the match is when Big Vito pulls a parking cone out of a bag, and Tony sells it like he pulled out a chainsaw that was attached to a dragon that was swinging King Kong around by the foot  “Oh no! The parking cone!”. Vito was pretty inventive with it though, as he jammed it into Reno’s hangdang and then smashed it with a bat. After a pretty decent brawl in the ring, Vito & Reno head to the back, followed soon by Crowbar. Reno powerslams Vito through a table, then argues with whom I believe is Vito’s sister, and Reno’s girlfriend. This costs him, as Crowbar comes from behind and smashes a chair into his face, with another chair. This was a decent brawl, and thankfully moved at a much better pace than most of WCW’s hardcore matches in 2000.
Crowbar wins with a chair shot at 7:50 | **


Buff is looking for Double J’s guitars.

DDP & Nash chat

Mean Gene offers a dose of Vitamin G to Ms. Jones.

Mysterio & Kidman vs Alex Wright & Kronik
For most of the match, Kronik would get the upper hand on either Rey or Kidman, and then Wright would want the tag, so he could get the pin. Eventually the 7:30 was up, and they left, at which point Wright got his ass kicked and then pinned after the FA did the Dudley Boyz head-butt to the balls thing. Honestly, the match was pretty good when Kronik was involved, but Wright’s constant tagging in was ruining the flow of the match.
Wright eats the pin after a flying head-butt to the hangdang at 7:46 | **

Shane Douglas w/ Torrie Wilson vs The Cat w/ Ms. Jones
They start the match on the outside of the ring, and at one point the Cat attacks Mark Madden, which I fully endorse. Back in, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Franchise controls most of it with his evil ways, and The Cat is able to fight back at certain points. The last few minutes were pretty great though, as they packed in a lot of false finishes and amazingly it wasn’t the 1 billionth match where Franchise wins by cheating. The Cat gets his magic red shoes and delivers a spin kick to Shane’s head for the pin. Anyone else hoping that new James Brown movie will have a scene where he shows up to the WCW PPV? Fingers crossed.
Cat wins with a spin kick at 8:01 | *1/2


Buff has smashed Jarrett’s guitars

Interview with MIA where I find out that we’re getting ANOTHER FUCKING MATCH with Boner vs Storm. Wait, Boner doesn’t have the US title? I thought he won it in what was one of the United States & pro-wrestling’s most crowning achievements?

We get a Glacier promo. Wait. He came back?

Bam Bam vs The Wall
Bammer comes out and says he isn’t gonna have to wrestle since Awesome is in the hospital. Flair comes out and says that isn’t true, and he has a suspicion that Bammer had something to do with it. Gee, really? Considering we saw footage of him standing over Awesome’s body, laughing about what he’d just done? Well, now it’s Bam Bam vs The Wall. I had a lot of expectations for this one, and they were all bad. However, these guys went out and had a pretty decent match. Big guy matches are often dominated with punching, choking, and rest-holds. These guys delivered with a lot of power moves, and close-calls. Wall was about to chokeslam BB through a table, but instead he took a trip to Asbury Park. It’s a bummer that both of these guys are now gone.
Bam Bam wins with Asbury at 5:45 | **1/4


Mean Gene interviews Buff, who’s walking around with a piece of Double J’s guitar.

Bam is being stretchered out of the ring. I can’t tell if it’s legit or not, but I’m going to say no. Perhaps they’ll take him to the same hospital Awesome is in, and they can brawl there. If Russo was still around, you can bet top dollar that would have happened. Then at Starrcade they would have had a Defibrillator Match, in which the way you win is by killing the person and bringing him back to life.

General Boner vs Lance Storm © – US Canadian Championship
As Boner is walking to the ring, Bammer leaps off the stretcher and beats the hell out of him. That was pretty funny, because Bam Bam was selling that shit like a pro. From that point on, Storm works Boner’s left knee, with Boner mounting small comebacks, only to be taken back down via a shot to the knee of some sort. Eventually they brawl ontop of the turnbuckle, at which point Boner sends him back to the mat and hits the No Laughing Matter. It’s really stupid how Tony is trying to make it all serious, saying he’s a great American, a great champion, and a great fighter, and calls him by name, which means a huge boner. Alright, so this feud lost steam months ago, and it’s clearly over now, which means it should only go on for at least another year. I believe Storm was legit hurt here, as he didn’t have to take too many bumps, and not much went on.
Storm eats a NLM as well as the pin at 6:25 | *


Sanders sends home the security team

Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell
Seriously, I think “choke on that” and “slap nuts” are the two worse wrestling catch phrases of all time, well, besides “I’m The Miz, and I’m awesome”. As the match starts, Buff soon proves once again how awesome he is when he takes a foam guitar from a fan and nails Double J with it. Who sells it. He trashes Buff with a chair for a bit before heading back in, where they actually have a decent match that sees Buff trying to climb out from under Jarrett’s lead, but can’t quite make it. The ending has some great near falls, with big-budget moves. Double J of course wins with a guitar shot. Big swerve.
Jarrett wins with the guitar shot at 11:10 | **

The Insiders vs The Perfect Event © – Tag-Team Championship
Since Flair has banned people from ringside, Sanders has made the remaining members of the NBT the security team. Soon after the match starts, Ric comes down with the real security team and ejects the NBT. They’re doing the “smaller guy gets his ass kicked the whole match, and the times he tags out the ref isn’t looking so it doesn’t count” kind of match. It works, as DDP plays that part well, and Nash is great in an enforcer role. However, The Perfect Event isn’t as good as Jindrak & O’Haire, and this match suffers because of it. It’s very by-the-numbers, and really doesn’t offer much outside of at least being cohesive, which is very un-WCW-2000. Nash of course tags in, wrestles for a minute, then hits the Jacknife and gets the pin. Again, much like the New Blood, this booking is completely ass backwards. The NBT need to be the faces. It’s not at all interesting to see Kevin Nash over come the odds on smaller guys who are pretty much brand new to the business. Either way, The Insiders are your new tag-team champions.
Stasiak is pinned after a Jacknife at 14:55 | *1/2

Lex Luger vs Goldberg
Buffer is doing the ring introductions, however he isn’t saying “let’s get ready to rumble”, which he charges $10,000 for. So, WCW is trying to make this seem big-time without wanting to spend the money for it. Lex Luger’s hair is fucking ridiculous looking. It looks like he went to bed with wet hair, then woke up right before the match. Exactly what you think happens, happens. Luger was able to put up a bit of a fight though.
Goldberg puts down Luger with the Jackhammer at 5:53 | *

Scott Steiner vs Booker T © – WCW Heavyweight Championship – Caged Heat
Steiner attacks Booker the second he walks in, but Booker keeps him at bay after a whip into the stairs. His lead doesn’t last long, as Scott comes back with his standard offense of clotheslines, chops, and of course, belly to belly suplexes. Of course, WCW has to over-complicate things by having there be a straight-jacket suspended from the roof. God forbid they just have the cage match, no, there’s a straight-jacket in the ring that you have to grab and put your opponent in. Booker eventually grabs it, and after a struggle, puts Steiner in the jacket. However, he doesn’t tie the arms. So basically, Booker T is now fighting a guy who’s wearing a Snuggie. Steiner rips the arms off, which is actually a pretty cool move. Soon after, Steiner nails Booker with a few chair shots and puts Booker in the Recliner, causing his arm to drop three times. Afterwards, he celebrates by crushing Booker’s leg with a chair as well as hitting a few refs. All in all, certainly not a terrible bout. Usually Steiner’s matches involve a lot of botching & rest-holds, and there was virtually zero in both departments. They really did a great job here of making Steiner look like an absolute beast, with the message being ‘what he may lack in skill, he makes up for in crazy’, and that’s always a great way to go with a heel. Booker was consistent as always, and it almost seemed like they were going for the Rocky III vibe, as it appeared that perhaps he wasn’t taking Steiner as serious as he should. I’m looking forward to seeing how the feud pans out.
Steiner wins with the Recliner at 13:10 | **1/4

Needless to say, this was a rather dull show. WCW was coasting at this point because they had no leader. Whoever was in charge of this show though needed to be fired. Between every match you were given 3-5 vignettes, which is something that should be saved for TV, not for something you pay $30 for. I will say at this point things do look brighter than they ever have. Flair is great as the CEO, they’re using a lot of young talent, and Steiner is very effective as the monster heel. I’m interested to see what happens in the next month.

Oh, and Mayhem 1999 was attended by literally 10,000 more people than in 2000.

I’m just going to start off and say that I’m new to the WCW in 2000 website. I thought I should give my two cents with Caliber and Sebastian on this fine ppv known as Mayhem. Which if you haven’t known by now was the replacement for the horrible World War 3 concept back in 1999.

The show opens up with Booker T being “mobbed” by fans when he gets to the arena. These guys just walk up nicely to him for autographs. We also see Steiner come in and throw a fit like he always does.

We have Tony, Stevie Ray (?), and my least favorite commentator of all time Mark Madden hosting this show.

Flair promises great matches all night long. Let’s see if he is right or not.

Kwee Wee/W Paisley vs Mike Sanders (C) WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Sanders cuts a promo saying he doesn’t know Kwee Wee anymore. The Natural Born Thrillers come out and attack Kwee Wee and I’m hoping that the match just gets back to Sanders and Kwee Wee. What’s the deal with all the people at ringside? It’s taking away from the match. From what I saw from the match it had a decent pace and could’ve been a great opener, but way too much distractions bring it down.

Sanders Pins Kwee Wee after a 3.0 at 7:30 **

Mean Gene interviews Flair. Flair says no wrestler is allowed on the floor for the rest of the night. Lets see how long that lasts.

Crowbar tells some Nitro girls he’s the Hardcore Champion and someone sends him a bunch of flowers. Wasn’t he the guy that The Wall threw off the titan tron and the announcers wouldn’t shut up about it? [NFC: I was trying to recall said event, and honestly, I think at least 43 people were thrown from very high places during the year 2000]

Three Count vs Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias vs The Jung Dragons

I dug this match. It had a really good pace to it. All the wrestlers got their chance to shine. They mix up the teams so it isn’t too messy. I would check it out to see some of the very few talented wrestlers that WCW had at that point.

Moore gets the pin at 10:53 ***1/2

Mancow vs Jimmy Hart

Why do they think putting managers in matches are a huge draw? So we have a radio host vs a wrestling manager. Great. Mancow comes to the ring with about six people. It’s a mess and at least it’s short.

Mancow gets the pin after hitting Jimmy with the cast at 1:38 BOMB

Crowbar (C) vs Reno vs Big Vito WCW Hardcore Championship

What I like about this match is that they treat it as a triple threat. There is very handicap wrestling in it. The thing I like about hardcore matches is the use of weapons to enhance the match. Here they just beat each other with weapons for a good portion of the match. It gets a little boring after a while doing that. [NFC: Well, at least they quit with the “
hardcore matches must start in the back” rule. Also, no Knobbs, and I give every hardcore match at least one star for it’s lack of Knobbs.]

Crowbar gets the pin on Reno after a chair shot at 7:50 **1/2

Mean Gene tries to hit on Ms. Jones. The Cat chews him out for that. Is this during Gene’s dirty old man gimmick?

The Filthy Animals/W Tygress vs. Alex Wright and KroniK/W Disco

Rey looks like he’s 14. [NFC: I love that Bischoff felt Rey was more marketable as a middle-schooler that looked like he fetched coffee for the No Limit Soldiers, and glued devil horns to his head] I liked Alex Wright, but his former self is long gone at this point. KroniK bales on the match after a few minutes and it becomes a handicap match. I just could not get into this match at all. It just seem to drag for me me.

Kidman gets the pin on Wright at 7:46 *1/2

The Cat/W Ms. Jones vs Shane Douglas/W Torrie Wilson

Funny moment was when The Cat attacked Mark Madden during this match. Then I regret laughing at it when he made the commentary for this match worse. I can’t stand Shane Douglas so I’m not really looking forward to it. It’s just a basic match that they could’ve had on Nitro. It has a decent pace, but I just could not get into it that much. [NFC: No one blames you for your inability to get FRANCHISED!]

The Cat gets the pin after hitting Douglas with a shoe at 8:00 **

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sgt. AWOL

Bam Bam took out his original opponent Mike Awesome earlier. So Sgt. AWOL is the replacement. So I guess this is the rematch from the punching match at Uncensored. Well this match is way better, but that’s not saying much. This was so slow and so boring.

Bam Bam gets the pin after the Greetings From Asbury Park at 5:41 *

Bam Bam appears to be hurt and it takes a forever amount of time to get him out of the ring. I bet its all a distraction and he will be back.

Lance Storm (C) /W Major Gunns vs General Rection – WCW Untied States Championship

Called it as Bam Bam comes out and attacks Rection. I just want to say that I’m a Lance Storm fan and I thought Bill Demott was a pretty good wrestler for his size. So I’m thinking this will be good. Well this match sucks. All it has going for it is Storm kicking Rection’s leg. If they just went all out and stood equal ground we would’ve had a great match. [NFC: I think it’s because Storm was legit hurt]

Rection gets the pin after the No Laughing Matter at 6:25 *

Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell

Ugh. Jarrett is my least favorite wrestler. Bagwell will only put on a good match when he is motivated. So that’s pretty rare. This is just another basic Nitro match. It didn’t have the feel of a big time ppv match. This being a Jarrett match, you can call the ending a mile away.[NFC: No you couldn’t! Buff busted all his guitars! Admit, they got it! You got swerved!]

Jarrett gets the pin after a guitar shot on Bagwell at 11:10 **

Perfect Event(C) vs The Insiders – WCW Tag Team Championship

I always liked the team of Nash and Page. They were not a bad team in my book. Crowd immediately chants “WE WANT HALL!” Not going to happen folks. Anyways, pretty good match. Page does a great job being the face in peril throughout the match. Perfect Event gets a decent amount of offense in on the veteran team.

Nash gets the pin after a power bomb on Stasiak at 14:55 ***

Lex Luger with a horrible hair cut, cuts a promo that he is going to take out Goldberg. If he was still the Total Package, why doesn’t he just break Goldberg’s arm? [NFC: Because apparently the chair he used to break arms with, he used to cut his hair]

Lex Luger vs Goldberg

I don’t think Luger is a horrible wrestler. With the right opponent he can have a good match. Goldberg is not that guy to have a good match with. This is your typical Goldberg squash match. Goldberg spears Luger and the ref which Tony screams that was the greatest thing he had ever seen. This match is awful, enough said.

Goldberg gets the pin after a Jackhammer BOMB

Scott Steiner/W Midajah vs Booker T(C) WCW Heavyweight Championship Straight Jacket Steel Cage

This is a goof gimmick. If you take the straight jacket out (which is barely used) it’s a pretty good match. If they used the cage more it would’ve been an even better match. The cage is just there and most of the match just takes place in the ring. This had more potential then and not much delivery in that point.

Booker T passes out in the Steiner Recliner at 13:10 ***1/4

My Two Cents: Not a great ppv at all. Most of the matches are pretty boring and some could of been better then they were. The main event had more potential to it and while it was a good match, it should of been better. The Goldberg match made me mad the most. While I get they tried to push him like he was, he wasn’t going to be back at the same form that he was. I would recommend that you avoid this one.

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