WCW Nitro – November 20th, 2000

nitroheadernovember20th2000We get a recap of Thunder which shows Major Gunns joining Team Canada, as well as the Natural Born Thrillers turning on Nash. Steiner also delivered a beat down on Sting. We then get a clip from their Germany only PPV, where the Boogie Knights won the Tag-Team titles.

We open up with Mike Sanders at the Commish desk. He says Luger gets his match tonight against Booker T for the title. Palumbo runs in to tell us that O’Haire has been beaten down outside. Dastardly.

Jamie Nobel vs Yang
Nobel hits a top turnbuckle flip to the outside, which only caught about half of Yang and looked pretty fucking painful. Eventually what are now known as 2 Out Of 3 Count come out, allowing Nobel to hit a splash on the outside, and then follow that up with a sunset flip roll-up on Yang once back inside. A decent match, but honestly it was pretty slow & inconsistent compared to what these guys are capable of. Yang did hit a pretty sweet move where he was carrying Nobel on his back by holding his feel and then dropped him on his head. Not bad.
Nobel wins with a mighty roll up at 4:43 | *1/2

Disco is injured, so now Wright needs a partner. He tries to hire KroniK, but they won’t take a personal check. Gee, two big guys who beat ass and are hireable. Why don’t they just give them the office door and get it over with.

Flair comes out, and I’m not lying when I tell you he says “Whooo” about 30+ times. He then says if Luger wins tonight, it’ll be Goldberg vs Luger at Mayhem for the title, Russo’s whole “you gotta win 176 matches in a row” be damned. Jarrett comes out and says he doesn’t give a shit about Flair, and actually knows who knocked up Stacey. Of course, it ends up being him, or so he says. Man, Jarrett is so fucking shiny. He looks like he took a silkwood shower that was piped into baby oil. David comes out and demands to know the story. Jarrett tells him all about it, which is nothing more than Stacey coming to his hotel room after a match, but then soon recants and clobbers David with the guitar. This brings out Buff, and they have themselves a brawl.

Alex Wright & Elix Skipper ©  vs The Perfect Event – Tag Team Championship
What we get isn’t at great length, but it’s incredibly crisp and fast paced, something I wish Disco had been around for so we could get a full length match. WCW 2000 may be one of Dante’s 7th stages of hell, but their tag-team division is shaping up to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. While Palumbo & Elix tussle outside, Mysterio shows up to distract the ref, allowing Kidman to hit Wright with the Killswitch, allowing Stasiak to get the pin.
Stasiak earns the pin & the titles at 3:19 | **

Reno is backstage with The Perfect Event, congratulating them on their win. He breaks off, and his nailed in the head with a bat by Vito.

Wright lets Paula know that he’s displeased with the outcome of his most recent match, and challenges the Animals to match at Mayhem against himself & Disco.

We see that there are more Battlebowl guys at ringside, one of them named T-Money. Holy shit, it’s Terry Crews! Wow, humble beginnings.

Rick Steiner comes out, who was apparently on the latest episode of Battledome and stole their championship title. The guys eventually get in the ring and beat him down. Security breaks it up.

Nash comes out and says his contract is up in a little over a year, and he’s going to have nothing but fun with his time. He wants a shot at the NBT’s titles at Mayhem, and has found himself a partner. They come out, and Sanders say sure, but he doesn’t believe he has a partner. So, they come down and lay the boots to Nash before his new tag-team partner, DDP, joins the fray.

Lance Storm & Jim Duggan vs Meng & General Boner
Storm was in this match for about 20 seconds, so that should clue you in to about how great it is. On the upside, Duggan does head-butt Meng but then he takes the bump, so there’s that. After a few minutes of those two fighting, and the crowd chanting “USA!” for a man from Tonga, General Boner eventually tags in and pins Duggan with a roll-up.
Duggan loses via a roll-up from Boner at 2:39 | ½ *

Qwee Wee vs Goldberg
Qwee has a shot at the Crusierweight title at Mayhem, so Sanders, the holder of said title, put him in a match with Goldberg. Yeah, let’s take one of the more interesting characters you’ve got, who’s actually a pretty good wrestler, and crush the shit out of him. The only interesting moment in the 30 second match is when Qwee leaps off the second rope to deliver a cross-body block, but Goldberg spears him mid-air. Jackhammer blah blah.
Jackhammer blah blah at .26 | ** [the whole rating is for the spear]

Flair comes out and tells Sanders that since he’s both the Commish & a wrestler, that since he’s done one job tonight, it’s time to do the other. He’s next.

Goldberg vs Mike Sanders
Pump handle slam, spear, Jackhammer. The Crusierweight Champ & the #1 contender to his title have just been crushed 6 days before the PPV. Brilliant.
Jackhammer blah blah at .35 | *

Franchise comes out, then he & Torrie perform the role of the most cliche wrestling heels ever as they call everyone inbred, & rednecks. Shit, wasn’t there a kid who’s sign you could rip up and then take out for pizza afterward or something? He wants the Cat at Mayhem, because this is WCW, and we build our PPV 6 days before hand.

Shane Douglas vs Buff Bagwell
Holy shit. If someone told one of these things were real “A great match between Buff Bagwell & Shane Douglas or a T-Rex that was an arm wrestling champion”, you’d ask me if the T-Rex was a fan of Over The Top. However, the truth is that Bagwell & Douglas went out there during this show and brought the goods. They were fast paced, tight as a drum, and without a stumble or botch. It’s not a lengthy match by any means, but it’s enough that you can tell they put some work into it, and weren’t just trying to get lucky with a few minutes. I’d definitely check it out, if only for the simple fact you all don’t walk around the town square sayin’ that there Caliber Winfield is a snake oil salesmen, because it’s true, this match is good!
Bagwell wins with the Blockbuster at 5:45 | ***1/4

Scott Steiner comes out for an interview in which he talks about his arms, screws up the upcoming PPV’s name, makes threats, and calls Flair a son of a bitch. I know, I know, it’s the whole T-Rex question all over again.

Lex Luger vs Booker T © – WCW Heavyweight Championship
Whatever stroke of luck effected Buff & Shane, none of it is here. We get what you expect, pretty much. At one point Goldberg comes out, gets into it with Steiner, then attempts to spear Booker, who side-steps it and Luger ends up eating it. I’m really not sure if Goldberg was attempting to get the title on Luger here or not, but then again, I doubt the bookers knew themselves. Steiner heads back in after Booker makes the pin, causing a melee that the WCW security break up as we fade out.
Booker wins after Goldberg spears Luger at 3:34 | ½*

While it’s vastly refreshing not having Russo around, we’re still not out of the woods. Who on Earth thought that having a guy who just won the right to be the Number 1 Contender to a championship should be slaughtered in less than a minute? Then that very champion receive the same treatment? The only way this works is if Goldberg clobbers Qwee, and THEN he fights Mike right after and wins. As it stands now they’re both a couple of jokes.
Other than that, Flair was entertaining as ever, and Buff & Shane surprised the hell out of me by having one of the best matches I’ve seen for the year 2000 in WCW.
I really hope to see more of the Natural Born Thrillers, as that whole group has been churning out quality as of late. Of course, I can see them being shelfed so we can actually continue this goddamn MIA vs Team Canada feud. I know I exaggerate things, but this feud has been going on for at least 3 years, hasn’t it?
Either way, I’m looking forward to Booker vs Steiner at Mayhem, which we’ll have up within the next week or so. Dig it.

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