A Statement From A Wrestling Fan

I have a pal who happens to be a fellow writer & recently wrote up his feelings about the everything that’s going on in the WWE. I’m all about helping other writers out there, so you guys should have a look. You should also head over to his website Henry & The Movies. You can also find him at digiyoo.com, writing for them in their entertainment section.

I have always been a huge wrestling fan. Growing up it was one of my favorite things that I liked. I was always a WWE kid and a WCW kid. They both had wrestlers that I wanted to watch so I would tune into both shows.
Trust me, in the 25 years that I have been a wrestling fan there has been a lot to piss me off. I know that wrestling will never be perfect and there will always be something that ticks someone off to a certain degree. For example I stopped watching it in 2003 because I was so tired of seeing HHH this and HHH that I couldn’t stand it. When I started to watch it again in 2005, I would only watch Smackdown, no more HHH for me.
Anyways nothing got my blood boiling more then the Royal Rumble. I had never seen a show booked so badly since the downfall of WCW that made a crowd so mad in my life. I mean this was almost throw garbage in the ring anger. There was only one shining moment in the whole show, Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. Those two stole the show in a very physical and well paced match. The crowd was very into it and loved what they were seeing.
After that the show went quickly down hill.
For Brock Lesnar vs the Big Show, I wouldn’t really call it a match. Big Show was hurt so Brock pretty much just beat the crap out of him. So it was more of a segment if you could call it that. Then Cena vs Orton went on…..
You could tell the crowd was pissed at this one big time. I mean we have seen Cena and Orton go at it for 5,635 times now. We have seen them feud with each other since 2007. It’s old and stale and it’s been the same match every time. Cena does bring it every time he is out there and this is coming from a non Cena fan. Orton to me never changes his match style. Once you have seen him in one match, you have seen it all.
If you haven’t heard the epic downfall of this year’s Rumble match here is the run down of it:
CM Punk started at number one and practically fought his way through the whole match. I was really rooting for him here as he goes out to the ring every night and works hard to bring the out the best in his opponents. He gets eliminated by Kane. So is it Punk vs Kane at WM? God I hope not.
The crowd was really hoping that Daniel Bryan would be in the match. He never showed up for the match. I felt bad for Rey Mysterio because he got booed when he entered the match. It wasn’t his decision to not have Bryan in the match.
If you haven’t heard by now, Batista won the Rumble. Yes the guy who left four years ago, criticizes the product left and right, comes back last week, wrestles for apporx 13 minutes, wins the Rumble. Oh and how did he celebrate with this oh so hard fought victory? He mocked Daniel Bryan’s yes chant by flipping off the crows? True professional right there. To the point of this mess. I’m really starting to feel that WWE is turning into WCW. Ok I will admit I was one of the few people that dug some of the Authority stuff and liking what the Shield was doing. Now it’s just lame to me. WCW learned the hard way: they kept using the same old stale talent on top and buried rising stars.
The problem is WWE is not listening to what the fans want. They have the next biggest star since Stone Cold on their hands. I was at the Seattle RAW this past December. It got so loud with YES! chants it was amazing. The crowd stopped HHH from talking for a good few minutes it was insane. WWE really needs to go with Bryan here and not count on the stars of yesterday.
Another perfect example. The New Age Outlaws won the tag belts. Cody Rhodes and Golddust have been wrestling everyday in the past year practically. The Outlaws just got back a year ago on a very part time basis. These guys were over because of a catchphrase 15 years ago.
Look at WWE’s roster and you can see all the talent on their. They have Punk, Bryan, the Wyatt family, the Usos etc that all go out to the ring and put on the best matches and promos of the show. Instead the fans are treated to part timers who we know won’t be around along. The only part timer I didn’t have a problem with was RVD. He actually showed up to RAW’s and Smackdowns to wrestle.
In conclusion the really problem is that WWE is not listening to the fans. WCW didn’t and look what that did to them. In all theory this could be a big swerve with the fans, but I don’t see that happening. Also if you haven’t noticed the Royal Rumble was one big HHH friend fest. Everyone that was either a member of the Kliq or Evolution not named Scott Hall or Sean Waltman where in the show some way or another.
If only TNA wasn’t a sinking ship at the moment.


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