The Only Review of The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro DVD That You’ll Ever Need – Disc 3


“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan vs Kevin Nash [C] – WCW Heavyweight Championship – January 4th, 1999
Seriously, Nash gets about 30 minutes worth of pyro. It’s ridiculous. The night this happened, I had Raw on the TV in the living room, and Nitro on in my bedroom. I was running back & forth between the rooms, because I loved the nWo, and couldn’t wait to see Mick win the title. I thought this was great back then, and honestly, I still do. If they wouldn’t have let their egos get in the way, and not had a problem with Goldberg being the main guy, this would have worked like crazy. Listen to the crowd, they’re jacked out of their minds as Goldberg takes out the nWo, and would have paid good money to see him tear through them on PPVs. However, after facing Scott Hall at Souled Out in a surprisingly good ladder match, he was facing Bam Bam at Superbrawl while Flair was dealing with the nWo. If there are people who truly don’t think Goldberg’s run was purposely undermined, just take note of the fact that he’s only a one-time WCW Champion. He has the same amount of reigns as Arquette and Russo.
Hogan pins Nash after the poke heard ’round the world at 1:42 | ***** just for the historic significance

Bret Hart confronts Goldberg – March 29th, 1999
Bret was a heel at this point, but he came out and played it straight babyface, and was treated as such. The crowd is acting as if it’s still 1997. Bret’s strength was never on the mic, but he cuts a damn good one here that has a lot of passion. Goldberg of course comes out and goes for the spear, which takes them both out. Bret, unlike every other top guy in the company, treats his opponent with respect and sells the spear like he was shot before getting up and revealing the plate. It’s a brilliant moment, and could have lead to some great stuff had the tragedy with Owen not happened.

Sting vs DDP [C] – WCW Heavyweight Championship – April 26th, 1999
The crowd is insanely hot for this one. I always felt DDP didn’t get his dues as a heel, as he was a sleezy, arrogant & juvenile prick and it worked so well. This match is fantastic, and easily the best in Nitro’s history. It’s an old school NWA brawl where both guys are on equal ground as they treat the championship as serious as a heart-attack. Sting wants the strap badly, and gives DDP hell, but Diamond isn’t about to be labeled a fluke champion, so he gives as good as he gets. These guys trade back & forth the entire match, neither one holding momentum for very long, with a ton of false-finishes, and moves you’ve rarely seen either guy do, as both have what it takes to be etched in the record books, but there’s only space for one name. Even after kicking out of an assortment of piledrivers, Stinger-splashes & roll-ups, it’s a Scorpion Deathdrop that knocks Page out for a three count. A hell of a bout that’s not only the best one ever on Nitro, but I’d also say it’s both Sting & DDP’s greatest match each.
Sting nails DDP with the Deathdrop for the pin & the title at 19:54 | ****3/4


Eddie Guerrero vs Juvi – June 21st, 1999
Eddie, who is currently the King of the Rat Tail, is pissed at Juvi & the rest of the Latin wrestlers for taking off their LWO shirts & renouncing the group. He pretty much pummels Juvi for the better part of the match before pinning him after an airplane-spin neckbreaker & Frog Splash. He should have kept that neckbreaker/airplane spin because it’s damn inventive and pretty froot looking.
Eddie wins after a Frog Splash at 8:49 | **3/4

Rick Steiner, Sid Justice, Kevin Nash vs Hulk Hogan [C], Sting, Goldberg – August 9th, 1999
This was actually WCW’s answer to Jericho debuting on Raw. He must have felt pretty damn good when the ratings told everyone that his segment crushed this one. As far as the teams go, one of these things is not like the others. I’ll let you guys figure out which one. The crowd is actually insane for this match, cheering the absolute hell out of everything, which in turn helps to make this one fun. Hogan gets in their first, and after brawl with all 3, he tags in Goldberg who faces off with Nash. Eventually Sting is brought in, and we get ourselves exposed turnbuckles, Stinger-splashes, and steel chairs. Hogan keeps the bad-guys at bay while Stinger puts an unconscious Kevin Nash in the Deathlock and scores a win for the good-guys. Far and away from a technical masterpiece, but this one was crisp in execution and a lot of fun. I’m glad they included it.
Stinger gets the win for his team when he puts Nash in the Deathlock at 8:03 | ***1/4


Billy Kidman vs DDP – August 16th, 1999
Kidman comes out for an interview with Mean Gene, and at one point is asked who his favorite Nitro Girl is. He responds with Kimberly, which then promptly brings out DDP, and turns this into a match. Page puts Kidman down repeatedly with suplexes, powerbombs and clotheslines. Billy tries to turn it around multiple times, but DDP always has an answer. It isn’t until he goes for a Diamond Cutter that Kidman rolls him up for the 3 count. Naturally, this upsets DDP to some degree, so he gives a DC to both the ref & Kidman before whipping Kidman with a leather belt. This brings out Kimberly, dressed like a Twister mat with an awesome rack, and she talks DDP down. Not sure why this match was included, but since Kimberly has some fantastic boobies, we’ll call it a win.
Kidman rolls up DDP for the pin at 3:21 | *

Bret Hart vs Goldberg – WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, December 20th, 1999
Mike Tenay says that last night at Starrcade, Goldberg go the short end of the stick. Boy, in hindsight that is extremely incorrect. This match isn’t much, at all. The only highlight is Piper covering Goldberg for the 3 count and Bret winning the belt as a result. The thing lasted less than 6 minutes. Bret must have loved working matches like this. Leave it to Russo to think the nWo getting back together is what this company needed. I mean, they had been broken up for a whole 5-6 months. The best part were those stupid fucking t-shirts that said ‘new World order’. Yes, this was very new, Russo.
Piper pins Goldberg at 5:44 to give Bret the strap | *

Kevin Nash vs Sid – January 24th, 2000 – WCW Heavyweight Championship
Before this match started, Nash, who became Commissioner after defeating Terry Funk at Souled Out, came out and said the powerbomb is outlawed. My guess is that he’s too lazy to use it, and too afraid to take it from an oaf like Sid. Bobby talks about how the last time Nash powerbombed someone, he weighed over 500lbs. Except earlier they were talking about how he powerbombed Terry Funk a week ago. Sid & Nash try and do as little as possible, so the crowd is going dick. Sid gets put in a sleeper, and the ref does the 3 arm deal. Of course Sid’s arm drops 3 times, but then he lifts the other. Isn’t that a loss? I mean, you can’t lift your shoulder after a 3 count, right? Well, Sid can. The ref is bumped, so Sid goes for the powerbomb, resulting in Jarrett running in for the guitar hit. Sid grabs it, and instead hits Nash over the head. He then lays down, and as the ref gets up, Sid acts like Nash hit him. For this to work however, Charles Robinson would have had to have fallen into a pool of acid, eyes first. Because Nash is sprawled out like he’s making snow angles, COVERED in guitar debris. So, Sid does the ol’ switcheroo, and it means nothing because the ref does nothing. Sid gets the pin, and hooray. We have a new champion as confetti falls.
Sid hits Nash with the guitar for the pin & championship at 9:54 | DUD

Once More From The Top, But This Time With FEELING – April 10th, 2013
This was when Bischoff & Russo formed a team to reboot WCW. They did things like strip everyone of the titles, and announce that there were going to be no more DQ’s, which meant that the next few matches all ended in a DQ. They also felt that having the New Blood be the heels would work really well, so when you’re watching Kidman vs Hogan, you find yourself rooting for the Hulkster. Brilliant. Also, giving up on the idea even before the PPV entitled ‘New Blood Rising’ hits was classic WCW. Really though, the only question that needs to be asked is: DID YOU FORGET YOUR SCISSORS?

DDP vs Jeff Jarrett [C] – Cage Match for the WCW Heavyweight Championship – April 24th, 2000
This cage is like a mini-HIAC has it has a top to it, yet doesn’t surround the ring. They brawl out into the crowd, and eventually get themselves into the ring. They have a decent little match, but the highlight comes when it appears DDP is going for the Diamond Cutter, because then Mike Awesome shows up and approaches the door. However, Jeff reverses it and handles DDP for a few moments longer while Awesome just stands there like a doof. Finally, DDP hits the Cutter, at which point Awesome “rips the door off the hinges” and tries to stop the count, but fails to do so. So, clearly he screwed up his signal, arrived too early for his door ripping ordeal, and had to stand there looking like he was trying to crack open the lock like MacGyver or something. You know, God forbid one of the 23 title changes that happened in 2000 actually take longer than a few minutes.
DDP hits the Diamond Cutter and pins Double J for the belt at 4:59 | *

3 Count vs Jung Dragons – Ladder Match – July 18th, 2000
Tank introduces 3 Count, which, shockingly enough, is something I find entertaining.
There’s a gold record hanging from the ceiling as 3 Count come out with a ladder and set up underneath it. As they preform, Yung Dragons enter the ring and things are off and running. The match doesn’t last too long, as Jamie grabs the record after everyone does a highspot. On the episode of Nitro, this wasn’t even announced as a match. It just came out of no where. The whole point was to give people a taste of what they could expect between the two groups in the ladder match at New Blood Rising, which was for a record contract & a their gold record. This was a decent spectacle, as all the guys are talented, and would go on to have some of WCW 2000’s best matches.
Jamie grabs the gold record at 3:16 | **

Lance Storm vs Booker T [C] – WCW Heavyweight Championship – August 7th, 2000
What? There’s two great wrestlers having it out for your company’s championship? Who the hell cares! There’s a fat girl at ringside who’s hungry! Ah ha! It’s so funny! ‘Cause she’s fat! As for what’s going on in the ring, it’s great stuff. Both guys are crisp and taking advantage of every opening they can get. Lance is a vicious heel who refuses to go down despite multiple kicks to the head, and then tries to rip Booker’s leg from his body with the Maple Leaf. I have no problem with Double J, but Lance should have clearly been the lead heel once he arrived. He’s so damn good. Booker finally wins by pulling a Bookend out of no where. Afterwards, Jarrett comes in to beat down Booker, and ends up earning the wrath of Lance [for breaking the Canadian flag] and Awesome [for hitting his girlfriend with a guitar]. He backs off into the ring where Booker is waiting with a Bookend. Hoorah.
Booker pins Lance after a Bookend at 5:24 | ***1/4

Triple Cage War Games – WCW Heavyweight Championship – September 4th, 2000
Where’s all the other WG matches end in pin or submission, this one ends when a person walks out of the cage with the belt, which is high atop the 3rd cage. Sting & Jarrett start out, followed by Steiner, who then helps out Jarrett in beating down Stinger. Kronik are next, and both of them enter. Russo comes out next, and he has to wear a hockey helmet since he’s been hurt while playing wrestler. Asshole. Nash follows, and all he does is move from person to person putting his hand around their throat. I’m entirely not joking. He’s aligned with Russo, but then makes it seem like he’s gonna chokeslam him, but then doesn’t. Booker comes out, attempts to clean house. Nash then goes to Jacknife Russo, then doesn’t. Now Goldberg comes out but is promptly handcuffed to the ring. Oh, and Kronik? Yeah, they’re gone. Last we saw they were in the crowd fighting with Ron & Don Harris. The crowd keeps chanting Goldberg, which makes complete sense that they made sure he’s taken out of the match. Booker grabs the title, and then works his way down. Sting is also handcuffed to the cage, yet no one knew it. Goldberg finally snaps the cuffs and beats everyone up, then tries to leave the cage with the title, but then Bret slams the door into his face, and he gets hit in the back of the head with a pipe by Steiner. Then Russo grabs the belt, and then Nash again acts like he’s gonna attack Russo, but then they hug, and Tony screams “They were in on it all along!”, even though when the match started they were in alliance together. Anyway, Nash walks out of the cage with the belt. Now, let me ask you something, after reading all of that, did it sound insanely fucking confusing? With random shit just happening out of no where, wrestlers appearing & disappearing, people jumping from alliance to alliance without a moment’s notice, no fluid action or entertainment to speak of? This match perfectly describes the entire year of WCW in 2000. Everything you see in this match is what went on for the entire year that that idiot Russo was booking it. Also, this match is by far & away the longest Nitro had in the year 2000. I’d say the closest one to it would probably be 8 minutes or so.
Nash walks out of the cage with the belt at 18:41 | *1/2

Sting vs Ric Flair – March 26th, 2001
This match isn’t much, really. Sting kicks the shit out of Ric the entire time with Flair getting in a few moments here and there, however, you can tell they’re just out there having fun with one another, knowing it’s the end of an era, one that they helped start. Even though it’s just them going through the numbers, it’s fun to watch, and I wish they’d been given more time. Naturally, it ends with Ric tapping to the Scorpion Deathlock. Afterwards they hug it out.
Flair taps out to the Deathlock at 7:17 | **1/4

This is one of the greatest DVD releases by the WWE, hands down. It competes with Jericho & MIck’s 3-disc Hardcore Edition DVDs as my all time favorite, given it’s fantastic match selection & bevy of moments worth multiple repeats. It simple terms: it’s fucking great.

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