Caliber Reviews A Match – Jericho vs Nash – Hair vs Hair


This is a new article series I’m doing that’s going to focus on a match I think needs more attention, or just an all out classic. Along with the review I’ll provide a bit of history to it, both before and after the match. If there’s a match you guys would like to request, let me know in the comments, @CaliberWinfield, or

In the year 2003, WWE was considerably waning from the glory years of the Attitude Era. Stone Cold & The Rock were gone, Undertaker was a lame-assed biker, and the WWE was desperate for new talent to help bring the ratings back to glory. So, instead of really getting behind true & tested talent like Jericho & RVD, they brought in every single star they thought too expensive for the InVasion. Everyone from Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, and The nWo, which was comprised of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. Once The nWo folded, Hogan became red hot, as well as champion, Scott maintained his status as a drunk, was fired, and headed to TNA, and Kevin Nash was left to work THREE main events with his best friend Triple H. Amidst all that though, he did have a great match with Jericho, and that’s what brings us here today.

Raw is War – July 28th, 2003
Jericho has a Hi-Lite Reel that features Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels. Jericho taunts Shawn about beating him the previous week, to which Shawn asks for a rematch and Jericho denies. It all turns into a scuffle with Jericho & Orton against Shawn, prompting Nash to come down and even the odds, busting open Jericho. He then says he wants the match with Jericho.

Raw is War – August 4th, 2003
Shawn & Nash help Goldberg out as he was getting worked over by Evolution, and as Nash & Shawn remain in the ring, Jericho runs down for an attack on them both. After he dispenses of Shawn however, Nash gets the upper hand and delivers a Jackknife Powerbomb to Jericho. Later that evening, Y2J loses a match against RVD and blames Kevin Nash for the loss. He challenges him to a Hair vs Hair match.

Raw is War – August 11th, 2003
The Hi-Lite Reel features Nash who’s packing around a barber’s briefcase. He says that if Jericho doesn’t accept his Hair vs Hair challenge for next week, then he’s getting his ass beat & hair cut now. Jericho refers to Kev as a “Nashole”, which is fantastic, and accepts. As Nash turns to leave, Jericho attacks him and then scrams.

Kevin Nash vs Chris Jericho – Hair vs Hair – Raw is War, August 18th, 2003
Nash starts the match keeping Jericho down with power-moves, as he tries to get the momentum for himself with elbows to the face and kicks to Big Daddy Cool’s knee. They’re all pretty futile, and he doesn’t really get the edge until Nash misses a clothesline and eats ring-post. Once they get back in the ring, Jericho keeps things on his side by pummeling Nash with kicks & punches every-time he tries to get back on his feet. Even when he does become vertical again, Jericho isn’t a risk taker, keeping things basic in order to keep Nash docile. He doesn’t remain so for too long, nailing Chris with clotheslines, powerslams, and the eventual Jackknife, however Jericho gets the foot on the rope. Not too long after, he hits Nash in his Big Daddy Cool, and then clocks him with a fist-pack, giving him the pin. Wasting no time, Jericho runs out to the barber’s case and grabs a pair of scissors, ripping apart Nash’s straw-looking locks. He then walks up the ramp, rubbing himself down with Nash’s hair, which is pretty gnarly to be honest. The match is fantastic, and easily one of Nash’s top 5. A lot of Kev’s matches are against smaller guys, and usually see them getting their ass-kicked before making a comeback. However, Jericho never seemed like he was in peril for a second, appearing to be on even ground with Nash the whole match. He never let up, and would constantly put the boots & fists to him while he was down, and never taking any unnecessary risks. On Nash’s end, he was the powerhouse he always is, and looked like a million bucks. A hell of a match that deserves a lot more attention.
Jericho knocks out Nash with the fistpack for the pin at 9:54 | ****

They went on to to participate in the SummerSlam Elimination Chamber that saw Triple H retain, despite having a torn groin and not wrestling one minute of the match. Nash came out with an Ivan Drago flattop and dominated for the few minutes he was in the match. It’s actually one of the better ECs and worth a look.

In Jericho’s book, Undisputed, he said working with Nash was a lot of fun. However, he was pretty thrown off at Nash’s decision to dye his hair a very do-it-yourself-hair-kit shade of blonde. Nash said he did it because everyone would think there’d be no way he’d shave his head now that he died it. However, since Jericho thought he was wearing a straw-hat when he showed up at the arena that day, he knew everyone would think there’s no way he’s not gonna shave it.

Chris thought it was one of Nash’s best matches during his come-back, and I’d say it’s only second to his HIAC with Triple H. He said Nash dug working with him so much that he wanted to become his bodyguard, or ‘slackey’, as he put it. Jericho wasn’t too keen on the idea however, because he simply wanted the World Title back.


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