Lets do a bit of good

Fundraiser For Derick Dotson

One thing I hate about the holidays is the mentality of “Help your fellow man/woman, because it’s the holidays!”. No, screw that. You should be helping your fellow man/woman year ’round, no matter what.

A good chunk of you guys have never heard of the guy I’m campaigning for, and when you don’t know the person, you aren’t really affected by it. But I can tell you right now, Derick is a great guy. He’s someone who would never ask for help. He’s just a guy who’s great enough that when he needs help, people start the campaign for him.

What’s going on with him is a bit complicated, so I’ll give you the cliffnotes: He’s in a wheel chair to due genetics, not an accident, and needs a certain tool that will help keep his atrophied muscles loose, and not in constant tight spasms. Because he lives in America, and doesn’t have the same insurance as the rich Republicans who say we shouldn’t have universal healthcare, he’s got a massive bill coming to him.

So, I’m not asking you donate a lot. Hell, a $1 would be more than fine. Whatever.

I know the readers of WCW In 2000 are some exceptional people, so I’m sure I can count on you guys. Plus, I’ll make you guys a deal: For every $10 donated, collectively, I’ll do a brand new wrestling-DVD review, starting with The Best of Nitro 1&2, and if it gets beyond that then it’ll be up to you guys what you’d like to see.


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