Halloween Havoc 2000


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SEBASTIAN: There was a close call the other day that would’ve ended up with me not being able to write-up these reviews anymore, which I would hate because I love writing for you guys, and appreciate the views and comments we get. Even though we’re obviously not the most popular wrestling site out there, for two guys with weird times on when we release the reviews for the shows, and when we’re reviewing something as obscure as WCW Nitro in 2000, it really does give me a fuzzy feeling in my heart to see how many views we get. So thank you guys for reading, and thank you for commenting, the criticisms, and sometimes even little news tidbits we knew nothing about. You guys have given into the site just as much as we have and without you, we wouldn’t be doing this. So again, thank you.
Anyway, I had a close call the other day as the RIAA found out about everything I torrented. My Internet and Cable were suspended, and I had to delete every torrent I’ve ever had. It was hard saying goodbye to all the art I’ve grown attracted to but thankfully due to all the sharing of movies and music on the Internet I basically can get whatever I want in slightly less quality. The major problem was, I deleted all my WCW Nitro 2000 shows. The PPV’s are easy to find on Dailymotion and Youtube, but the shows from 2000 are so fucking unpopular that its impossible to find any show after June from that year. So I thought all was lost, sent an e-mail to Caliber saying it was all over, he cried, I cried, we embraced each other and then I started going off about my Vietnam experiences. I was put in a jail were I was forced to do hard labor, I was in the middle of smashing a rock with a hammer, not because I had to but because it was burly and I was really bored. Caliber came, with a printed paper of the e-mails to my Mom and it turned out that they never infringed me for my WCW 2000 Nitro shows, apparently wrestling isn’t important enough to have copyright laws, or enough for the RIAA to give a shit. So I redownloaded the shows, and unless I get another e-mail from Comcast about the cocksuckers at RIAA I should be able to provide you guys with reviews.
Shit, a long thing about my life and pirating, you can call me Eric Szulczewski.

tagmatchheaderCALIBER: They’re doing this in a style that I’ve never seen before. It’s a legit triple threat match, but with tag-teams and it’s not hurricane style. If it’s been done before, I’ve never seen it. Jindrak gets his ass-kicked for a while by Kidman & Wright until he’s thrown outside and then Kidman & Wright work on each other. O’Haire eventually enters the fray & meets the same fate as Jindrak at the hands of Mysterio & Disco. It’s a damn shame that Jindrak & O’Haire weren’t allowed to do more, because they’re one of WCW’s greatest tag-teams. They soon execute a Tower of Doom, which is something we use to never see, until TNA made it a weekly thing. This match is absolutely non-stop until the very end that sees a series of near-falls that ends with O’Haire hitting a Swanton on Disco after Rey hits a top-rope leg-drop but is held at bay by Jindrak while Sean goes for the pin. A hell of a match that really displayed what kind of talent WCW always had kicking around the mid-card, that should have been main event.
O’Haire hits Disco with a Swanton Bomb for the pin at 10:06 | ***1/4 One of the best openers for the year 2000 in WCW, worth looking for.

SEBASTIAN: Fucking hate Comcast, have to watch this on motherfucking Dailymotion and due to Comcast slowing my Internet down due to the copyright claims the fucking video freezes every three seconds.
Holy fuck, Reinventing the Steel is really good.
So this match is a three-way dance, which allows three people in the ring at the same time. This could be an interesting dynamic, never seen this before. Kidman and Wright team up on O’Hare leading to a weird dynamic were you want to cheer for the heel. Kidman and Wright do a double suplex to Jindrak onto the ropes. Kidman elbows Jindrak to the outside, Wright with a clothesline to Kidman.
Elbows by Wright that look pretty nice but Kidman goes under a clothesline and hits a rana followed by a dropkick. Rey gets tagged in and goes for the Bronco Buster but gets kicked in the nuts. Well yeah, that’s what would happen in real life, the guys not going to be so injured he’s going to let you rub your nuts in his face, that’s fucking stupid. I was watching Edge and Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, the match was great and is considered to be the best Smackdown match of 2002. The match is just crisp and great, and has the ADD style of Edge and Rey against the technical, stiff skill of Benoit and Angle. And it’s really beautiful, and fun to watch, but Rey does the fucking bronco buster while the actions rising and you can feel all the tension just fall out of the match. The point is the Bronco Buster is fucking stupid, and doesn’t work outside of X Pac in 1998.
Back to the match I’ve been trying to ignore, Disco and O’Hare in, and Disco hits a Russian neckbreaker. Nice spot were Disco sets O’Hare up to get frogsplashed by Kidman but Kidman dropkicks Inferno and gets two. Bunch of shit happens too fast for play by-play, mostly just falls getting broken up. Wright with a big boot to O’Hare for two. Wright puts Kidman on the top rope and goes for the superplex but O’Hare gets up and they do the, by the numbers triple threat, Triple Suplex type deal were everyone’s down. Everyone gets tagged in. Rey with a dropkick to Jindrak’s leg and a springboard legdrop. Disco goes for a powerbomb but You Can’t Powerbomb Rey (neh?) and Rey gets two as Jindrak throws him off. Jindrak and O’Hare go outside and do this really rad spot were they armdrag Kidman, from the outside of the ring, to the inside! Really cool visual there.
Wright with a plancha to O’Hare, Rey with a rana to Jindrak sending him to the outside, and then ranas him again on the outside. Back in, The Dancing Idiots have taken control, Kidman runs in and hits a Kidman Crusher on Wright. Stupid fucking Bronco Buster to Disco. O’Hare takes out Rey but Disco hits his finisher on Hare but gets two and Rey breaks it up. Jindrak gets a senton for the win on Disco.
2.5/5.0 Kinda fun in a weird ADD way. The action all made sense, and it devolved into a unique spot fest, triple threat combination were it was hard to comprehend what was happening but it all made sense, and the match would’ve been better if there was some room to breathe in between spots but still kinda fun and a decent opener.

hardcorematchheaderCALIBER: Reno starts off the match by peppering AWOL with cane shots before slingshotting him into a table. They brawl outside with Reno continuing to hoard the momentum until AWOL hits him with a kendo-stick so hard it explodes. He tries to stuff Reno into a trash-can, but he’s too thick to go, so AWOL puts the can on top of his head and kicks the hell out of it. They brawl up toward the entrance, and Reno turns it back around with a swinging neckbreaker. He then decides to set up two tables on top of each other, and ends up going through them himself when AWOL gets back up and tosses him through them. He drags Reno to the back where they take turns tossing each other into tables, & a steel door before using various pieces of hardcore plunder that are lying about. Back out towards the ring, Reno hits swinging-neckbreaker onto a table and gets the three count. This was another great match. Hell, this has to be the first time in WCW 2000 that there were two great matches back to back. WCW hasn’t done hardcore in a while, so it made this far more fresh than when we were seeing their crap hardcore matches week after week. I would have liked some blood, but still a damn good match.
Reno hits a swinging neck-breaker for the pin at 10:50 | ***1/4

We get a scene where Shane Douglas thanks Jindrak & O’Haire for beating on Konnan earlier in the first match. Of course on the screen it says “Earlier today”, despite them talking about something that happened 20 minutes ago.

They show us a clip from the last Thunder where Goldberg tried to spear a member of Kronik but ended up hitting a ringpost, and they say he may possibly be injured. Ah, brilliant. Not only is Goldberg going to defeat a team that WCW is trying to make their hottest, but do it with an injury! Why not have him suffer from temporary paralysis, and have him win because his penis is so much bigger than the combined sizes of Kronik while you’re at it?

SEBASTIAN: I applaud WCW for not doing any backstage shit in-between matches, went straight from match to match. Good job. Reno looks pretty badassed too.
Wall set up a table before the match started in the middle of the ring and Reno starts off the match by flapjacking Wall through it for two. To the outside and Reno fucks up AWOL with some kendo stick shots, and trash can shots. Reno goes to pick something up but AWOL grabs the kendo stick and starts fucking up Reno. AWOL puts a trash can on Reno’s head and stomps his head in! That was a pretty rad spot! AWOL does it again because he’s trying to get on my good side. Its working. Stiff shot with a trash can lid to Reno. This match is getting pretty fun in a trashy way. AWOL whips Reno into the guard rail, and brings Reno to the stage. Punches him to the end of the stage and does what looks like the Vulcan Nerve Hold. Reno gets out with a low blow and hits a weird kinda cutter. Reno sets up a table on the stage… and then for some reason decides to set up another one on top of the first table. WCW pimps Backstage Assault. And then motherfucking Reno goes for something but AWOL reverses into a backdrop suplex sending Reno through both tables! Holy shit that spot looked good! This match is suprising the fuck out of me. For some reason AWOL doesn’t go for the pin and brings Reno to the back stage, probably to tie in the video game or possibly because this is pimped as old school hardcore match and they’re trying to do a little tribute to the trashy 90s hardcore matches.
Reno grabs a fire extinguisher and sends his hot white foam in AWOL’s face. AWOL’s like fuck yo shit and slams Reno’s leg on the table, and then bashes his head with a plastic computer. Then AWOL slams Reno into this shutter. Man, this match is kicking a lot of ass. AWOL sees Finlay and punches him for some reason, I feel that could become important later in the match so I’m going to mention it here. AWOL brings Reno back to the stage near the ring, and just plasters Reno with a stiff ass garbage can shot! AWOL with a press slam to Reno on the guard rail. AWOL sets up a table…. and then does this super awkward, obvious stopping thing for no reason and then Reno hits AWOL with a chair, and hits his finisher for the win. Huh, that finish was a bit anticlimactic.
4.0/5.0 Really, really fun garbage match. These guys were stiff as fuck with each other and it just added to the brutality. I thought Reno was a bit boring but AWOL was great, and these guys told a really fun, trashy story with this match. Not a technical classic by any means, and I know its kinda weird to give four stars to a garbage match but because its in its own kind of genre you have to rate it differently. Fun from top to bottom, and a gem no one talks about. I’d say this is better than some of the overrated trashy matches like Foley/Snow and Benoit/Sullivan.
The commentators talk about Goldberg’s injury. Mark Madden’s smarmy, loveable ass says, “Good news, the post Goldberg hit it in use tonight.” I don’t really like this injury angle because Goldberg is obviously going to go over Kronik, and it makes them look less tough by making them lose to an injured guy, in a two on one handicapped match, then if they just lost to a giant fucking monster who never loses unless there’s a tazer involved.

miaperfecteventCALIBER: The Perfect Event dominate for most of the match, but the MIA keep getting flashes of an upset with a series of heavy double-team moves. Near the end, the PE fuck up just enough to allow Loco to hit a tornado DDT and pin Stasiak. Shit, this PPV is on fire. A solid match that once again showcased the growing talent that was finally finding it’s place in this hell hole.
Stasiak eats a Tornado DDT as well as a pin at 9:23 | **1/2

SEBASTIAN: Chavo and Cajun hit double dropkicks. Chavo in the ring with Shawn, chops and a whip into a clothesline. Chavo is kicking some ass, brings Shawn into the corner and hits some European Uppercuts. Shawn comes back with a kick to the stomach and Chuck comes in. Chavo with a drop toe hold into some really crisp arm drags, into an arm bar. Chavo tags in Cajun in with a guillotine leg drop for two. The fans are getting bored here chanting Goldberg. The wrestling has actually been pretty good, I think the problem is these guys aren’t well-defined characters so the fans are standing on their hands.[Note From Caliber: How the hell do you stand on your hands?] Chavo in but Chuck catches him and hot shots into the ropes. Shawn in, but there’s a miscommunication as both guys jaw with each other so Chavo and Cajun hit dropkicks.
Chavo eats a flapjack from Shawn. They keep on pimping the Backstage Assault game, so I look up some reviews. Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about the Critical Reception.
“The game received mostly negative criticism bashing it for poor graphics, sluggish controls and being based around a bad gimmick. GameSpot reviewer Jeff Gerstmann gave the PlayStation version a rating of 5.1 and the Nintendo 64 version a 5.0 (both Mediocre) stating: “EA’s Backstage Assault is a novel idea, but in the end, it doesn’t have enough variation to make it worthwhile.” IGN’s Cory D. Lewis gave both versions a 4.0 rating (“Bad”) commenting “It fails to impress in nearly every way, and certainly doesn’t deliver a presentation worthy of the WCW license”.”
Man, I really want to play that shit now. [NFC: No, you don’t. The ENTIRE game was backstage] Palumbo in and he catches Chavo in a crossbody attempt, and hits him with a fallaway slam. New York Style Hot Dogs are pretty fucking good. Anyway, Palumbo catches Chavo with a belly to belly for two and a tag to Shawny. Shawn eats a big boot but catches Chavo with a press slam… that Chavo reverses into a falling facebuster! Wow, that was cool as shit! Cajun in and he’s on fire but eats a clothesline from Shawn S. Tag to Palumbo, were they botch a big boot spot and Cajun ends up falling into Palumbo’s dick. Palumbo into a sleeper hold. Argh, I hate this spot. Cajun’s kinda buff. Cajun fights out but Palumbo catches him again, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. And my videos starting to lag again just to make this sleeper longer. Cajun fights out and hits a cool DDT off the ropes. Chavo in and he takes out both big guys, and hits a really rad looking DDT to Shawn. Chavo and Cajun have both big guys in the corner but the big guys come back because they’re big motherfuckers. Shawn ends up accidentally superkicking Palumbo which Chavo hits a DDT off the ropes for win.
3.0/5.0 Kinda fun without much of a story. There wasn’t a build up to the tag or anything but it was fast paced and they never through the selling and story out the window, so a fun fast paced match. Funner than the first match because it didn’t devolve into a spot fest and told a little more of a story.

mixedtagCALIBER: Konnan is out of commission, so it’s Tygress against both Shane & Torrie. Tygress’ wrestling ability is so God-awful that it feels like some kinda passive-aggressive attack on me. Konnan eventually shows up, and soon he and Tygress hit Shane Douglas with a double-X-Factor for the pin. Tygress is so bad at wrestling, she didn’t even look comfortable or natural trying to break up a pin.
Douglas eats a pin at 8:38 | *

SEBASTIAN: Tygress hits Shane with a low blow and Torrie goes for a Bronco Buster when Shane gets up and Torrie and him team up on her. Konnan runs out to join in the match, and hits Shane and Torrie with double clotheslines. Man, Tygress is really unhot. Torrie’s pretty generic but the Wonder Woman outfit makes her hotter. Konnan is fucking up Shane Douglas and Tygress gets in and jumps on his arm. Konnan back in and he chokes Shane’s neck, and then tags in Tygress again. Tygress with an arm bar and they double team Shane in the corner.
Tygress with an arm bar and bits Shane’s arm. Why wouldn’t he just punch her in the face? As soon as I type that he punches her in the face. Rad. Madden stands up for Shane saying that Tygress was biting Shane’s fucking arm and deserved to be punched in the face. Fuck yeah she did, if a bitch is biting me I’m going to drop her. Torrie gets tagged in but runs into a boot… and you can really see Torrie’s ass in that Wonder Woman outfit. Its kinda rad. Anyway, Torrie kinda no sells Tygress’s finisher and tags in Shane who puts Tygress in a Steiner Recliner. Shane kicks Tygress in the back and taunts to the crowd like a total badass. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved total douchebag characters who are evil for the sake of being evil. I really don’t understand why I’m attracted to them but for some reason I’m the only guy who likes the douchebag in movies who’s showy, and always caring about himself. Like, Spiderman would’ve been way cooler if he didn’t give a shit that his uncle died.
Anyway, Konan gets tagged in and Tygress beats up Torrie and goes for the Bronco Buster…. when Lil Naitch puts his face on Torrie to get Tygress’s vagina I guess. Fucking ridiclous, Lil’ Naitch really deserves to be booked with more class. Some other shit happens and Konnan hits a facebuster on Shane for the win.
3.0/5.0 Fucking bullshit that Shane Douglas didn’t win but a pretty good mixed tag match. They worked everything into the match really well, they covered for Torrie’s limited wrestling ability by only having her in the ring for a limited amount of time and had the big boys do most of the work. Douglas was so great in this one that he made Tygress look fucking credible against him, the vagina to Lil Naitch though was in bad taste and absolutely out of character. No reason for that spot, and Tygress isn’t even hot. Eh. Anyway, one of the better mixed tag team matches I’ve seen.

David Flair is with two doctors to do DNA evidence. And the best part is just to make sure they’re doctors they always wear big white coats and have notebooks with them. I mean, why the fuck do you need a labcoat to examine DNA?

DNAmatchCALIBER: The rules are the same as a First Blood match. Once Flair gets a hold of blood, he’s going to have his two friends in labcoats examine it and find out once & for-all if Buff Daddy, is the daddy. Shouldn’t something be on a pole? Buff is destroying Flair from the get go, with Flair getting in little to no offense. Although it does include all of Ric’s spots, from the turnbuckle flip/clothesline, to the toss-from-the-top-rope, and famous Flair-flop. Buff then makes the match by ripping off Flair’s shirt, getting behind him, and having Flair pose away his flabby body. At this point, Flair manages to get a bit of offense on the outside, but Buff quickly corrects this with a chair-shot that busts open Flair, and follows it with the Blockbuster for the win.
Flair is opened up at 5:37 | ** Nothing great, but Buff was completely over-the-top and made the match

Afterward, Luger comes out to congratulate Buff, but then attacks him and slams his head into ring-post, allowing Flair to get his blood sample.

We get an interview from Steiner where he believes his genetics are above par.

┬áSEBASTIAN: I’ve heard Bagwell is a total douche backstage and a ridiculous prima donna but dammit, he’s entertaining as all shit so I don’t care how much of a dick he was backstage. The title of this match is really making me want to make Matt Morgan jokes. Bagwell tells David Flair he has a small dick. Y’know, David would’ve beat up Bagwell, taken his blood with a syringe, and ran away. I mean holy shit.
Oh man, this match is going to be really unbelievable, Bagwell is super fucking buff and David Flair has less muscle than me. Any offense David Flair gets, unless it involves a weapon, is going to look like shit. Bagwell fucks up David to start and hits a running neckbreaker. Bagwell takes time to yawn because he’s kicking so much ass. David goes for a rollup but Bagwell not only doesn’t get rolled up but takes time to flex! How rad is that? David does a Flair tribute spot going up top but getting caught with a press slam and then just to keep the tribute going Bagwell does the ten punch, and by ten punch I mean eight punch which is a possible reference to Sting as Sting would only do eight punches instead of ten for some reason, and then David does a Flair Flop! Rad. Bagwell takes off David’s shirt and makes him flex, showing off his crazy three-inch pythons. David gets tired of being made fun of and punches Bagwell in the tummy, and takes this thing to the outside.
David rams Bagwell on the steps and scoop slams Bagwell on the floor, and holy shit my Internet just started working. THANK YOU JESUS! No more fucking lag! Anyway, David takes out the padding and goes for a piledriver which of course leads to him eating a backdrop on the outside. David whips Bagwell into the rail and goes for a chair shot which Bagwell dodges. Bagwell goes inside and crotches David on the ropes. Bagwell has the chair and whacks David with it, sending him to the outside. Bagwell dances and flexes because he’s Buff fucking Bagwell! Buff goes up as David goes back inside the ring and hits David with a Blockbuster, and David’s opened up from the chairshot that the Referee just saw and the match is over.
2.5/5.0 Decent hardcore match, David never really got to look like a threat and it was surprisingly short. Liked the Flair tribute spots.

Lex Luger comes out, fucks up Bagwell, and David takes his blood and leaves. That blood was used to make the perfect DNA, Matt Morgan. David walks backstage yelling I GOT IT and gives it to the lab guys who walk away as Goldberg shows up. Cut to Steiner who’s bragging about he beat Goldberg and that Booker doesn’t stand a chance. Holy shit that match is going to kick so much ass! I can’t wait!

kickboxingmatchCALIBER: I want to have hope for a fake kickboxing match, but it’s hard. This will be done in 3, 2 minute rounds.Cat gets 2 knockdowns in a row, first with a pretty nice kick to the grill, followed by a leg-sweep. In the second round, Cat works over Sanders before knocking him down with this dance/splits punch. His team almost throws in the towel, but Sanders survives until the 3rd round. Once the bell rings, The Cat starts to work over Sanders until someone distracts the ref, and Shane Douglas punches him in the head with a chain. He makes the count, and then I’m not sure what happens. The round is over, but it’s still going, and then The Cat is counted out. Could have been a lot worse, but still nothing that belonged on PPV.
Mike Sanders wins after The Cat is counted out. Whole thing was about 6 minutes | *

SEBASTIAN: Sanders says he’s going to be dead in Miller’s ass. Heh heh. Ernest says he’s going to kick his ass, awww shit. This kickboxing is going to kick some ass… okay probably not. Booo, why do I have to sit through this shit to get to my Steiner/Booker match? For some reason each round is only two minutes which is fucking retarderd for obvious reasons. Ernest hits some good looking jabs and a nice kick to the face. Sanders is dazed and confused. I don’t think Sanders is going to stand much of a chance in this one as Ernest fucks up Sanders with some more body shots and another kick. Fuck, I hate one sided fights. They’re so boring. End of round one, because this is retarded boxing and each round is only two minutes instead of the usual five because this shits made for people with ADD I guess. Ring girls okay, hairs really fucking short. Short hair was popular for the longest time in the late 90s, early 00’s and I never really thought it was that hot.
Miller with more kicks and punches and I AM SO BORED WITH THIS ONE SIDED SHIT! I could be watching lesbian porn and instead I’m doing this? What am I doing with my life? I’m seventeen, I don’t have a job, and the highlight of my nights are watching Steven Seagal movies. I’m going to end up working at an Ice Cream place for the rest of my life and living with my Mom. Eh, now that I read that back to myself that sounds pretty rad actually, wonder if I’d get free ice cream. I need to bang a really hot chick, I probably could fuck this really skinny whore chick but like, I don’t want to. She’s skinny and a whore, y’know? And I hear you really remember your first time so I don’t want to have to flashback to that shit. Ugh.
Holy shit something interesting happened in the match! Ernest Miller was kicking ass and then Shane Douglas hit Ernest with a chain. Ernest takes out Sanders and goes after Shane who gets his ass kicked. Man, Shane is such a badass but I wish he would be able to win some fucking times.
DUD Lame ass kick boxing exhibition that was the equivalent to an overdrawn wrestling squash match.

Goldberg says he wants to wrestle but the doctor’s all like, naw. And Kronik’s all about breaking necks, and cashing checks. Fuck yeah. Either way they get paid, and if Goldberg can’t wrestler tonight he loses by default and is out of WCW for good. I kinda like the angle but I do wish that Goldberg wasn’t injured because you know he’s going to win and it makes Kronik look like pussies for not being able to defeat an injured guy. Holy fuck, this show is waaaaay too long, at almost three hours without commercials. Bleh.I do this all in one sitting too. You know I think I found out why Caliber doesn’t like Kronik, they have hair and he doesn’t. It’s a jealously thing, its okay Caliber. Maybe one day, if you really, really try, you could get hair too. You could really shitty Mike Awesome 70s hair. [NFC: Yeah, go ahead. You can completely fuck-off, I don’t mind. Hell, you can fuck-off twice if you’d like, I fully support that decision] Talking about Mike Awesome….

awesomevampiroCALIBER: Before the match, Vampiro asks Awesome to put his WHC title-shot on the line, he complies. Awesome takes charge from the get go, chasing Vampiro into the crowd where a fan tries his luck, and Awesome makes sure it’s all bad. Back in the ring, they battle with chairs, resulting in Vampiro getting the momentum, and eventually giving Awesome a belly to belly suplex off the top rope. Mike gets his mojo back, and proceeds to give Vamp a sit-down Awesome-bomb on the outside. He kicks out, so Awesome ups the stakes and powerbombs Vamp off the top rope for the pin. A decent hardcore match, and despite his stupid gimmick, Awesome is still kicking ass. Shockingly, Vampiro is capable of having decent matches when not trying win the 600 Match Series with Sting.
Awesome gives Vampiro an Awesome-Bomb off the top rope at 9:49 | **3/4

SEBASTIAN: Ooh, this match could be good. Vampiro goads Awesome into giving his title shot tomorrow on Nitro to Vampiro if Vampiro wins. Vampiro goes to the outside to think so Awesome hits him with a really nice plancha. Vampiro hits a whip but Awesome backdrops Vampiro, and Vampiro over sells it BIG TIME flopping all over the place. He must have picked up whatever drugs Shawn was on in the 90s. They fight to the fans and its funny because in most shows they don’t have enough room to move but because its WCW in 2000 there’s not that many fans there so they have a lot of room to move around. Anyway, they still do shitty crowd brawling and then go back to the ring area and Vampiro comes off the table with an axehandle. Vampiro throws Awesome in the ring, and throws him a chair, and grabs his own and they have a chair fight. Awesome gets his chair swatted and eats a Van Daminator type move that didn’t look that contrived for two! Really slow chops by Vampiro in the corner to Awesome that Awesome no sells and whips Vampiro but runs into a big boot… and for some reason the match pace has fallen down to a crawl. Both guys have become sluggish for almost no reason.
Awesome goes up top but Vampiro slowly punches him, and then does this rad belly to belly off the top for two! Y’know, Vampiro’s wearing leather pants but Awesome’s the one who’s supposed to be stuck in the 70s. Vampiro goes for a rana off the top and they botch a powerbomb reversal and Awesome gets two. Oh man, this match is getting really sloppy and slow. Awesome pulls out a table and puts it in the ring. Awesome throws a table at Vampiro in fucking slow motion. Awesome somehow get hurts, and even the commentators know this match sucks. Madden has mentioned a couple of times how slow the guys are, and now is saying the match couldn’t live up to the really big hype it had. Yeah, I’m sure this match had so much hype going in. Another botch but this one isn’t the wrestlers fault as Vampiro can’t find a weapon he needs outside the ring… they kind of slowly walk around and then Awesome powerbombs Vampiro on the floor. Man, this match blows. They’re just aimlessly walking around doing moves to each other with absolutely no believability. Awesome goes up top and Vampiro magically recovers from the fucking powerbomb on the floor, and Awesome catches Vampiro and powerbombs him off the top!
2.0/5.0 Hot start, boring crowd brawling, botches in bunches, slow and sluggish bullshit, rad ending. Near the end though both guys just didn’t know what to do and were just walking around slowly doing moves to each other and it was horribly boring, and really slow. It really felt like they were wrestling in slow motion. That powerbomb off the top was really rad though. There’s an old saying, “If you can have a good exit the people will forget about the boring assed middle,” or something like that. It’s why WWF could get away with having an hour of shit, and then a good main event, and be considered good in events like Mind Games.

ustitleCALIBER: Boner is able to hold his own for a while, but obviously the fact he constantly has to face a fresh opponent starts to wear him down, allowing Duggan & Storm to take turns clobbering the hell out of him. Eventually Storm & Duggan have a mis-step, allowing Boner to get the momentum back. Try as Team Canada might, they can’t get it back. Duggan eventually tries to use the 2×4, but misses greatly, allowing Boner to hit The No Laughing Matter. Actually, he pretty much missed it, but his hair nailed Duggan so hard that he was able to nab the three count. This was actually a pretty decent match with a solid story to it. Boner had been trying to get the US Title & Major Gunns back from Team Canada, and just couldn’t do it. Finally, he takes on both Storm and Duggan and is able to barely pull it out.
Boner hits the NLM for the pin at 10:07 | **1/4

They show a promo where they go over the past few weeks of Jarrett & Sting, saying that Sting is trying to get retribution for Jarrett’s mockery. Oh, you mean like when he beat the hell out of Jarrett the very night he mocked him, and even forced him to tap out to the Deathlock? Like that?

SEBASTIAN: Lance fucking Storm comes out with Hacksaw Canadian Duggan and Major Gunns! Fuck yeah, Lance Storm! Oh my God, this is taking place from Las Vegas! Storm says he’s going to beat up Rection, so is he going to be in Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas?
If General Rection wins I’m going to be pissed. Referee and Duggan are fighting over the two by four, and Madden is all, “There’s an old Canadian rule, if you’re a handicapped match your partner can use a two by four.” I love Madden. Rection with punches in bunches and he clotheslines Duggan to the outside. Storm in but he eats a backdrop and Storm is selling like crazy for Rection here, just jumping up and down and making Rection look really gun. Storm with a test of strength and he pokes Rection in the eyes and just to reference Sting some more tonight Rection sells Storm’s chops. Rection then goes up for the ten punch but gets stopped at eight with an inverted dick drop (I, for the life of me, can not recall the name of that move for some reason right now).[NFC: The Atomic Drop?] Storm and Hacksaw team up on Rection, and Storm sends Rection to the outside. A couple punches and sends him back in. Madden’s getting kinda perverted on commentary as he won’t stop talking about Gunns, and is yelling at her to bend over and shit. I love Madden but when he gets all pervy its pretty gross as he gets pretty extreme with it.
Hacksaw with a DDT and Storm in for two on Rection. Rection with punches to Storm but Storm hits a jawbreaker and superkick. Storm taunts and gets two off it. Hacksaw in and his offense is so slow and boring compared to Storm who’s the fucking best. Hacksaw with a super slow scoop slam. It took him like twenty seconds to do that. Then they do a super slow double clothesline spot. Ugh, fuck Hacksaw. Why was Storm forced to work with him? Hacksaw’s style was so outdated by 2000, and he was super slow and out of his prime at this point. Storm comes in and just to piss me off does a sleeper. Rection with a backdrop suplex that Storm sells really well. Storm really is a pretty underrated seller, he could make a great babyface.
Storm tags in Duggan but Rection is getting fired up and starts kicking everyone’s ass. He has a pin on Storm and Duggan tries to break it up but ends up kicking Storm. Lance and the Referee bump, and both go out. Now its just Rection and Hacksaw, and oh man, my peeps are feeling funky on this one. Duggan hits a stiff looking piledriver and has the match won but the Referee counts late so he only gets two. Elix Skipper runs down but Major Gunns takes him out with flag. Storm tries to use Duggan’s two by four but Gunns is being a cunt and fucks with Storm. Rection uses the two by four and misses a moonsault by a mile to win.
2.5/5.0 Storm C-A-R-R-I-E-D here big time. His selling was fast paced and great, and whenever he was in the match it was fun as fuck. Storm deserves better opponents, and classier angles. Not a couple of weeks ago he was wrestling the World Heavyweight Champion, now he’s back to losing to General Rection on two on one handicapped matches. Absolute bullshit, and I hope this feuds done and buried, and Storm can get something way better.

doublejstingCALIBER: Sting takes out Jarrett with the quickness, when suddenly there’s another Sting up on the ramp, dressed like him from the original 89 Halloween Havoc. Sting takes care of him with a Scorpion Death Drop on the ramp, giving Double J time to recover. He comes back and they brawl into the crowd. While there, we get another Sting. Tony says this one is the version that won the World Title in 1990. Tony is apparently the World’s greatest Sting historian. Well, the current Stinger takes out the 90 one with another Death Drop on the stage. Back in the ring, now we get Wolfpac Sting, who I always thought looked pretty cool. despite looking like a stunt-double from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.. Same deal as before. Jarrett rushes to the ramp to grab the baseball bat, and wails on Sting. Back in the ring, Jarrett works over Stinger for a while until it’s comeback time, and the match starts to resemble something you’d wish they’d simply done from the get go. As Jarrett is put in the DeathLock, 1997 Sting pops up from the bottom of the ring and drags him downward, only for the real Sting to emerge and throw the fake out. He tries to get Double J in the DeathDrop, but the lights go out, and a Sting comes from the rafters. He gets the worst of it, as Sting gives him a DeathDrop through the fucking announcer table. Brutal. Then we get ANOTHER Sting who nails the real one with a guitar shot, which he shakes off, only for Double J to hit him with another guitar and finally get the pin. What the fuck did I just watch? If they could have just wrestled, they would have probably had a really great match. I don’t understand why they feel the need to always do all this weird business with Sting, and then make him look like he’s 10x more unstoppable than 1988 Hulk Hogan, but that’s certainly been the trend for the year 2000. The match wasn’t a complete waste, and I guess it was at least interesting.
Jarrett pins Sting after a guitar shot at 14:38 | **

SEBASTIAN: Didn’t really pay attention ’till right now but Sting’s theme song is pretty rad. [Note From Caliber: It’s Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy”] Jeff’s on the outside of the ring for Sting’s entrance but Sting’s really pissed off for some reason and starts fucking up Jarrett on the outside with punches. Press slam on the guard rail, ugh, I’m so tired of that spot. Sting throws Jarrett inside and punches him and hits the shittiest Stinger Splash I’ve ever seen. Sting goes for it again but Jarrett dodges it again and hits an inverted atomic drop (that’s the move I couldn’t think of earlier)…. when 80’s Sting comes out. Now Sting goes on the ramp and beats up late 80’s Sting… ugh, this is hurting my head to type. Sting takes out Sting and then Jarrett starts fucking up Sting but Sting comes back with a whip into the rail. Sting and Jarrett fight to the crowd. And then mid 90’s Sting comes out in pink! Fuck yeah! 2000’s Sting takes out Jarrett with a suplex, when 90’s Sting starts talking shit to 00’s Stings, and they fight to the ring. 00’s fucks up 90’s and throws 90’s to the outside. 00 hits 90s in the ears…. the 2000s hits the 90s with some Gorrilaz but the 90s comes back with Eazy E. The 2000’s reverses with three Spiderman movies but the 90s is all, “Bitch, I got the first Blade!”
Agh, if that shit happens again I’m calling Sting Sting and the other Sting Imposter. So Wolfpac fucking Sting… and I kinda like the red facepaint, and colors. I know the angles stupid but the colors are really nice and its a very cool aesthetic. Anyway, Sting takes out imposter but Jarrett’s tired of Sting not giving him enough attention and loving, so he fucks up Sting with a baseball bat (oh yeah, oh yeah, beat up the brat). Jarrett suplexes Sting on the stage and walks him down the ramp. Throws him on the rails on both sides, ugh, this match is kinda dull. I always thought the Sting 90s brawls that were rated four plus stars or whatever were pretty overrated.
Jarrett fucks Sting up with a chair some more, inside the ring, botched elbow. Gets two. I’m really bored. This match needs more imposter Stings, at least then I wasn’t bored. Sting is getting NO OFFENSE IN and one-sided matches are so fucking boring. Jarrett with a sleeper just to bore me that much more. Y’know, I’m missing out on Rollins Sunday Radio show for this. Madden mentions the Black Scorpion, heh heh. Sting obviously fights out of the cheesy, outdated sleeper but eats a backdrop suplex and both guys are out. I can understand Sting being hurt but Jarrett’s barely taken any offense in this match. Both guys up and Sting wins a brawl with the power of no selling. Stings getting pumped! Punches and Jarrett sells really well. Sting with a whip but Jarrett reverses and goes for a dropkick but Sting hold on and puts on the Scorpion death drop…. when 2000’s Imposter Sting comes out and drags Sting out from a hole in the ring! Holy fuck. Sting beats him up, and Jarrett gets made to look like a bitch as Sting beats up Jarrett as an almost kind of, slipped his mind kind of thing, and he can just beat him up whenever he feels like it.
THEN ANOTHER FUCKING STING COMES FROM THE RAFTERS BUT THIS GUY DOESN’T EVEN LOOK ANYTHING LIKE STING! Sting Deathdrops imposter through the table. Man, they really wasted the table spot on that? You could’ve dispatched that guy like you did the twenty other fake Stings. Another Sting comes out and takes out Sting with a guitar that Sting no sells but Jarrett has another guitar that takes Sting out to end my pain.
DUD The multiple Stings thing was kinda fun from a unintentional comedy point of view, it reminds me of the Guns N’ Roses music video for Don’t Cry were a bunch of stupid shit happens and you don’t really know what’s going on but you’re supposed to take it seriously anyway. The match itself was really boring brawling bullshit, and the five hundred Stings thing was funny but the joke went on too long and got old big time. There was a promo video before the match pimping Stings vs Sting at the next ppv, how is Sting supposed to have a credible threat against guys he can dispatch with a couple punches?

wcwtitleCALIBER: They brought back Buffer for this. Yeah, that’s $10,000 they didn’t have. Also, they do the big production for what’s suppose to a prestigious title, yet its 2nd banana to a handicap match that I guarantee will go less than 6 minutes? They do a great job of making Scott look out of his mind by having him beat up a guy backstage because his match isn’t going on last, then pop off at just about everyone he sees. You question Booker’s ability to beat him. Scott is putting him down with single forearm shots, showcasing his power. He takes him outside, nails him with a chair, dumps him over the rail, brings him back and powerslams him through the fresh announce table. Back in the ring, Steiner works over Booker with stiff clotheslines, top rope Samoan Drops, and suplexes. Steiner is so Steiner, when he’s irish whipped into the guard rail, he bounces back. He nails Booker with his lead pipe, then beats up a couple of refs while putting Booker in the Recliner in between. A third ref finally comes in to call the match, and Scott beats him as well as about 10 other men with the lead pipe. This was a really great match for Steiner. He didn’t botch like his life depended on it, and instead looked like an absolute monster. He really should have won the title here, and then Booker can play the Rocky III role. I’m looking forward to the development of this angle, hopefully it’ll be one of the few they get right. But then again it’ll probably end tomorrow night on Nitro when Booker T defeats Steiner in 5 seconds and reveals that he’s actually Scott Steiner. And then blood will fall from the ceiling. Which will then reveal itself to be Scott Steiner.
The match ends in a DQ when Steiner becomes mad. People do not like him when he becomes mad. 13:26 | ***

SEBASTIAN: Fuck yeah, this shits gonna be fat! I really don’t want Scott to win though, that would kinda blow, and considering that he did just beat Goldberg…. fuck. Steiner’s not coming out during his entrance…. and chokes out some guy because he’s not going on in the main event. Um, Scott’s kinda right. He should be on the main event, it’s for the fucking title, Goldberg beating two guys I like really shouldn’t be placed over the fucking World Heavyweight Championship match. Then again, placing Trips vs Jericho above Hogan/Flex wasn’t the best idea.
Staredown to start and Scott’s talking shit! This is gonna be awsum! Referee tries to check Scott but Scott’s such a badass he shoves him. Booker pumps up the crowd, holy shit! Scott brings Booker into the corner and Referee has to break it up. Scott goes for a punch but Booker dodges under. Lock up and Booker goes to a hammerlock but Scott powers out! Scott punches Booker down and kicks him in the face. Scott brings Booker into the corner and boots him. Scott with a whip but Booker gets an elbow. Punches by Booker and a crossbody for two. Scott goes to the outside allowing Booker to realize he can hang with Steiner. Scott jaws with the fans because he’s pissed that he’s losing to someone with one/third the muscle of him. Scott in and he boots Booker down, and kicks him right in the stomach. Booker does some great selling of it.
Scott with some sick looking punches. Scott with a shoulderblock. Whip and Booker leapfrops over Scott and hits a harlem kick for two. Booker brings Scott into the corner and hits a ten punch. Booker gets distracted by the hoe on the outside of the ring and Scott sends Booker to the outside with a clothesline. Scott hits Booker with a chair and they go into the crowd. Scott rams Booker into one of the chairs, and then throws him back over the rail. That was… kinda a waste of time. Scott rams Booker into the steps. Scott breaks the count. Scott sends Booker through a table by the commentators. Scott starts talking shit to the other guy from Harlem Heat who’s been on commentary all night. Scott takes Booker back inside and hits an elbow for two. Scott intimidates the Referee because he only got two. Scott does a back breaker submission that Booker powers out of and hits a neckbreaker. Booker does the knee into the Scissors Kick but runs into a clothesline! Damn, nice reversal. That’s the first time I’ve seen that reversed in WCW 2000.
Scott brings Booker to the top and hits a Samoan Drop off the top, and then does some push ups. Scott with some kicks and brings Booker into the corner. Chops by Steiner that Booker sells really well. Booker comes back in the other corner and rams Steiner’s head into the corner but Steiner hits a low blow. Steiner with a belly to belly for two. Steiner runs into a big boot and then Booker leapfrogs over Steiner and Steiner falls to the outside. Booker sends Steiner into the rail but Steiner comes running back and takes out Booker with a clothesline. Back inside the ring and Steiner’s working on Booker. Steiner with a whip but Booker rolls over and rolls up Steiner for two. Nice reverse kick to Steiner! Booker goes up but gets caught with punches in bunches. Booker sends Steiner off but the fucking whore crotches Booker. Bitch. Steiner goes for a belly to belly off the top but Booker fights off and comes off the top rope with a missile drop kick for two! Whip by Booker, knee and scissors kick time! The Fucking Whore gives Scott a lead pipe and Booker goes for a kick but Scott nails him with the pipe. Lil Naitch bitches at him about it so Steiner knocks him out and sets him up in the Tree of Woe. Steiner puts on the Steiner Recliner, another Referee comes down and Steiner fucks up another Referee. And then puts Booker in the recliner. Another Referee comes down and calls the whole thing a scmozz.
4.0/5.0 Really good small vs big guy match that should’ve ended with Booker winning fair and square, and none of this schmozz bullshit. I had a lot of hype leading up to this match and I’m pretty pissed off it ended with this shit. Basically the match worked because Steiner was so dominant with his offense so it was a big deal when Booker got one or two moves in, and you wanted him to win so badly. Really great match as these guys work together so fucking well, but that booking bullshit and Steiner’s ego were involved. Poor Booker. I do like that Booker was winning and beating Steiner until Steiner had to cheat with the lead pipe.

stupidmainCALIBER: They come out and do the “he ain’t here” deal, and of course he’s here. I still can’t figure out what the deal with the cops is. Holy shit, it’s not even one member of Kronik at a time? He’s literally going to beat both of them at the same time? What the hell is the point of this? Is this how you ensure and protect a tag-team you’re trying to make monsters? You have them unable to defeat a single man? It’d be like Dusty Rhodes defeating The Road Warriors single-handedly back in the 80s.Hell, the mere thought of that is laughable, just as this should have been. They can have Goldberg beat Godzilla with just his dick, it’s not going to make up for 2 years worth of people like Hogan & Nash cutting him off at the legs and making him just another WCW loser.
Goldberg pins both members within a minute of each other at 3:35 | *

SEBASTIAN: There are only eight minutes left in the show so yeah, this match is going to fucking suck. Fucking A’. Kronik says that Goldberg’s not clear to wrestle and thus they win. The Referee holds up their hands and cut backstage to the doctors clearing Goldberg. OH BOY! So we’re still in entrances and the fucking show has less than five minutes left giving about four minutes to the main event. SQUASH! Fuck whoever was booking! I wanna blame Russo but I think he was taking a break due to Coma, and there’s not as much interference and stupidness so you know it’s not him.
Kronik beat down Goldberg to start and Goldberg sells, and looks vulnerable! Cool. They take Goldberg to the outside, and we have three minutes left in the show. Beat down on Goldberg continues. Throw him back in. Double whip, double clothesline to Goldberg. Huh, these guys are getting a lot of offense in. Kronik gets a table Clarke tries to suplex Goldberg through the table, but Goldberg spears Clarke through it and pins Clarke for the win. Wow, those fans who wanted to see Goldberg wrestle must be pissed. Adams comes in and slams Goldberg for two. Goldberg does a leapfrop and spears Adams, and then gets ready for his Jackhammer bullshit and gets the win. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME
DUD Thanks for squashing two of my favorite guys on the show in a four-minute match.

Final Thoughts:

CALIBER: Easily, without a single doubt, the best PPV that the year 2000 has had to offer so far. There were no matches in the negative realm, and no duds either. You had a damn good main event and opener, along with quite a few solid under/mid card matches. For the most part all the matches ended clean, clear and concise, and the angles made sense! I know you guys prefer it when we suffer, but it wasn’t gonna happen here. Not even close.

SEBASTIAN:The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this show is the match quality. The matches are very good, this good be WCW’s best show of the year, you have some fun hidden gems in here and most of it is very enjoyable. However clocking at three hours the show drags a lot, and while its fun to watch, other than the Lance Storm and Shane Douglas matches, the rest of the characters aren’t all that interesting so it can be a bit of chore to watch their matches. Secondly, I think the main problem with this show, is while technically very good, its doesn’t make me want to watch the following up Nitro. What do I have to look forward to? Shane Douglas getting beat up some more? Lance Storm going on to some new feud were he gets to lose to someone worse than Cajun? Booker T’s match with Steiner was great but needed a resolution, I don’t want to see them wrestle again at all because I’m too afraid the same thing could happen or that Scott could win due to cheating and bullshit. And there’s no one new to feud with Booker, other than Awesome and they’re blowing that match off on Nitro the next night. And it’s ridiculously obvious that Steiner’s either going to interfere, or that Booker’s going to win. Booker is the Chris Jericho of WCW Champions, he never gets to look strong or win matches cleanly. And at least with Jericho in 2002 you could say it was because he was a heel but Booker’s the fucking face. And because of WCW’s backwards, Heel is Face policy other than Goldberg they’re so used to heels winning all the time faces never get to win, its like watching the most depressing story over and over again of evil beating good. And as for the main event, Kronik, my favorite tag team on this show, got beat up by a guy who had a fucking concussion! In four minutes! Oh boy, I can’t wait to watch Goldberg beat people up some more, and bury everyone I like! The difference between 1998 Goldberg and 2000 Goldberg is in 98′ people wanted to see him progress, and go up against everyone else. Two years later he already has, and he never, ever loses. So it’s not fun, or unpredictable when he wrestles someone anymore. And it’s not a big thing when he beats someone like in 98’s when he beat Hogan, it’s completely normal. As for Kronik I don’t think they could get any bigger and have no one to program with right now. So yeah, not really looking forward to the next Nitro.

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