WCW In 2000 merch?

Hey guys, I’ve been considering drumming up some WCW In 2000 merch, but would only do it if there’s a market for it, obviously.

Wouldn’t be much other than stickers, t-shirts, and possibly some e-book compilations.

I’ve drummed up a few prototypes for the stickers, so lemme know if you guys dig this stuff and I’ll look into production. It’d be quality stuff, not that cheap cafepress bullshit.


I’m working on some t-shirt mock-ups as we speak


Caliber’s facebook

Hey guys.

I thought I’d post my facebook here, so you guys can become super buddies with me. It’ll also make it easier for me to find out what you’d like to hear from us, other than WCW from 2000. Which by the way, a new Nitro will be up in a day or two. October is a very, very busy month for me.

I plan on doing a Halloween Havoc review, as I’ve never seen one. Any requests for a Havoc?