Spring Stampede 2000 – April 16th, 2000 – Sebastian & Caliber

Sebastian: I couldn’t find this show on Youtube originally and I couldn’t find a torrent of it so I was going to give up but after twenty minutes wasted of my life looking for this show I finally found it. The reason it didn’t come up originally was because the asshole who put this on Youtube didn’t put a space between Spring Stampede 2000 so it was just all grouped together.

Pretty good fans here tonight as I see a sign that says Steiner is Gay. Mark Madden calls DDP D D Me.

Caliber Winfield: Man, same thing happened to me. All I could find was Steiner vs Sting. I too gave up, and decided to watch the Nitro after this PPV, but as part 1 was loading up, right there to the right was Spring Stampede 2000 part 1. Truly, you cannot imagine the joy I had knowing that I would in fact get to review this. It’s like having to look for a knee to the face, not finding it, being happy abo–BAM KNEE TO THE FACE.

Tag-Team Championship Semi-Finals:  Mamalukes w/ Disco Inferno vs Team Package w/ Elizabeth

Sebastian: I like Flair and Luger’s tag team name here, Team Package. Flair and Luger are serious here because they’re walking out in street clothes. That might matter if The Mamalukes didn’t wear street clothes in every match they’re in. So Luger comes out in his street clothes… but then takes them off to show off his muscles. Both teams get in the ring when Russo comes out. Why does Russo get such cool music? Russo comes out and makes fun of Luger’s package. Russo says its not fair that two veterans are wrestling two new guys and pulls the Harris Boys out from backstage.

This match is going to suck play by play wise because I haven’t watched WCW in like a month or two and don’t remember any of these guys names. Flair chops out of one of the Harris Boys, I think Don and hits Johnny with a backdrop suplex into a Figure Four. Flair pulls away because Ron walks up to the apron and then Vito hits Flair with a superkick. Vit hits a spin back elbow. Luger in without a tag and beats up Vito. Now the Harris Boys are in and Ron hits a big boot (if I get the two guys mixed up, well I’m just guessing on who’s who, I would Google them to differentiate them but they look the same so there isn’t a point). Don in and he stomps Flair in the corner. Flair comes back with a back elbow. Flair to the top which always works. Don misses two elbows. Flair tags in Luger but the Ref was distracted by the Harris Boys and the Mamalukes. Disco Inferno rams Luger into the post on the outside. Johnny and Don are in and they double team Flair into the corner. Security takes Disco Inferno out of the ring. Luger takes everyone out with clotheslines. Flair chops Ron to the outside and Luger throws Don ot the outside. Now its just Luger and Johnny in. Johnny comes off the top rope with a clothesline. Only a two count and Flair is getting beat up on the outside of the ring. Ron hits Johnny with a clohtesline on the apron and Luger hits the Torture Rack for the win.

3.5/5.0 Phew, that was really fast paced. It wasn’t a great technical match or anything but it was really fast paced and never dull. Great opener.

Caliber Winfield:  Flair is apparently here to fight, because he’s in his street clothes. Flair’s here to fight, Luger’s here to dance. So, Russo comes out and says it’s not fair that two rookies have to face two vets. Schiavone says what everyone is thinking for once by saying “Isn’t the whole gist the vets vs the rookies?”. I mean, Russo is a complete idiot. They’re trying to get The New Blood over, yet they have them as heels. Then you have FOUR OF THEM lose to two of the vets. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Does he also wash his car with a sand blaster? Does he cut his kid’s hair with a back of rocks? Moron. The match is decent, as Flair brings it as always. The Mamalukes are actually not that bad, to be honest.
Luger puts The Bull in the Rack for the tap-out at 6:11 – *1/2

Mike Awesome goes off about how Ernest The Cat Miller knows like twenty different types of martial arts. Bam Bam calls Mike a jabroni so Mike kicks some ass. We cut to some radio show on Chicago and the radio dude gets beat up by Jimmy Hart and a match is going to happen between them tonight. Oh joy. Even better he has an eye patch and they’re calling it the Eye for an Eye match. [Note From Caliber: I wouldn’t say Man Cow gets beat up my Jimmy Hart. Basically, Jimmy Hits him with his purse, then tickles him. At least that’s what it looks like]

Jimmy Hart vs Mancow

Holy shit, Mancow has NO muscle and no mic skills either. He goes off on some cheap ass Chicago, I love you bullshit. He attacks Jimmy Hart while his back is hurt. Y’know, my Night of Champions torrent just finished downloading and I really want to know who’s going to win between CM Punk/Cena and instead of watching that probably five star match (or CM Punk carrying Cena, whatever you want to call it) I’m watching Jimmy Hart wrestle a radio announcer who has less muscle than I do. The Ref ends up getting knocked out and the buff dude picks him for a press slam and throws him onto some dudes on the outside of the ring. Buff Dude throws Mancow back inside the ring and Hart has the match won but the Ref is still dead. Mancow hits Jimmy with a chair like a cheap bastard for the win.


Caliber Winfield:  This is exactly as you’d expect. Matches like this need only 30 seconds, if that.  Again, they talk about how WCW is lax with the No-DQ rule, yet everyone feels the need to make sure the ref is down before they do something dastardly. Does Mancow really need a chair to put down Jimmy? I could knock Jimmy Hart out by texting the word *punch* to him.
Mancow hits Jimmy with a chair for the pin at 2:48 – DUD

Sebastian: Kidman comes out for like no reason and beats up Mancow. This is supposed to be a message to Hogan but Hogan’s a big buff dude who kicks ass and Kidman beat up a skinny guy who couldn’t beat up Jimmy Hart without cheating. Oh snaps, the next match I’m in for a treat! [NFC: Yeah, what kind of message is that? I mean, God forbid I’m ever in a feud with Kidman and to send me a message he opens up a bank account]

United States Championship Quarter-Final: The Wall vs Big Sump Pump (Scott Steiner) [NFC: Sebastian, what the hell does Big Sump Pump mean?]

Steiner’s arms are beyond big, they’re like… he just got a bunch of injections of silicon into his arms or something and then worked out after that so his muscles are huge and they’re pushing the silicon up making them even bigger. Scott brings Wall into the corner and hits him with punches in bunches. Wall comes back with punches and rams Scott into the corner. More punches into the corner. Chokes Scott in the corner. Goes up for the ten punch. Scott hits a lowblow right in front of the Referee and he doesn’t do anything. Scott goes for a German but Wall gets out and hits a low blow… right in front of the Ref. Leg drop by The Wall for two. Snapmare, chokes, and then The Wall just kind of throws him. Scott hotshots Wall into the ropes. Wall reverses a whip and sends Scott into the guardrail. Wall pulls out a table. Maybe the table can carry these guys to a good match. Scott tries to suplex Wall but Wall fights out only to be poked in the eyes. Wall can’t see and chokeslams the Ref through the table. Alas, that was the last hope for the match. Another Referee comes down to the ring and disqualifies Wall. Wall gets pissed and starts chasing the Referee. I wonder if he tackled him when they got backstage.

DUD That match comprised of really slow punching.

Caliber Winfield: This match is like watching paint dry while I become the first person in history who’s kidney stones magically turned into thumbtacs. I give it one star, and that’s simply for the ‘blind-ref-choke-slam’ bit. I mean, how ridiculous is that? The only reason I find it some what believable is because the ref & Scott Steiner are body doubles.
Wall is DQ’ed after chokeslamming a ref at 3:53 – *

Ernest the Cat gets beaten up by Bam Bam Bigelow.

United States Championship Quarter-Final: Mike Awesome vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Mike’s opponent was supposed to be Ernest The Cat Miller but he got taken out by Bigelow two lines ago. Mike does a suicide to Bigelow on the outside. Bigelow whips Mike into the guardrail. Mike backdrops Bigelow over it into the fans and does another sucide dive. Back in the ring and Mike just kind of threw Bigelow. Off the top with a clothesline for two. Mike goes for a backdrop suplex but Bigelow shifts his weight and gets two. Bigelow hits Mike with a scoop slam and goes up to the top. Bigelow hits a headbutt off the top. Bigelow signals for his finisher but then The Cat comes out and hits Bigelow with a superkick. Now its time for The Cat to dance. Cat grabs his red shoes and starts dancing to music. This is the best thing ever. You people don’t understand how great Ernest The Cat Miller’s dancing is. Mike kills Ernest with a clothesline and then comes off the top with a frogsplash for the win.

3.0/5.0 Not bad, not bad at all. Pretty short but Mike was doing some heavy carrying there. There’s a Yotube comment here that says mike’s pretty underrated and I’ve got to agree. Really good match. This show has been pretty decent so far, I’m hoping it keeps up.

Caliber Winfield: Honestly, I don’t know what Sebastian sees in this match. Mike is definitely under-rated, but this match doesn’t display it. In typical WCW fashion, a guy wins a match by pinning a man who wasn’t involved in it. Perfect.
Awesome pins The Cat after a frogsplash at 4:00 – DUD

Backstage with Vinc Russo, Eric Bischoff, and Billy Kidman. They’re stressing out over Hogan. Cut to Buff The Motherfucking Stuff and Shane Douglas, as Buff totally outshines Shane on the mic here.

Tag Team Championship Quarter-Final:  Harlem Heat vs The Franchised Stuff That’s Buff

Brawl to start with everyone in. Breaks down to a regular tag match. Bagwell in and he kicks at Stevie Ray. Whip, kick, and then a neckbreaker. Ray with a tag to Big T and he hits Bagwell with a spinebuster. Big T misses a splash into the corner and Shane Douglas comes in to kicks some ass. He gives them a double headbutt. The other dude on the outside of the ring throws Bagwell into the post. Shane hits Ray with a Fishermen’s Suplex for the win.
3.0/5.0 Really, really short but what was there was decent. Not dull in the slightest.

Caliber Winfield:  They once again talk about being lax on the DQ rule, as Tony says it’s better this way. Very true, I mean, if only there were a way to control the outcomes of matches and NOT have them be a DQ all the fucking time. Again, I feel Sebastian over-rated, but perhaps he’s giving them credit because they had mercy & went short.
Shane pins Ray with the Fishermen’s Suplex at 2:41 – *

Booker T in an interview talks about how he doesn’t like the New Blood and aww badass, he’s going to wrestle Sting. This match could be pretty good. Heh, funny thing is that ten years later this same match probably happened on TNA.

United States Championship Quarter-Final: Booker vs Sting

Sting and Booker T get all up in each others face and start shoving. Booker T goes into a headlock and they do a criss cross that ends with Sting doing an armdrag. Booker with knees and some axehandles. Punch and an a whip but Sting dodges some punches and hits a scoop slam, then a couple clotheslines to send Booker T to the outside. Sting whips Booker into the guardrail. They fight over to the table and Booker hotshots Sting onto the table. Booker brings Sting back in and whips him, elbow into a two count. Chinlock and Sting fights out pretty fast but runs into a knee. Two count. Snapmare and Booker hits a kneedrop. Back to the chinlock. Egh, I’m getting tired of these things. I think this is what happens if you wrestle Stevie Ray too many times. He switches to a side headlock, Sting gets out again but Booker hits Sting with another knee and a Scissors Kick for two. Booker with a hot shot. Mark marks out for the Spinarooni. Booker goes for a kick to the head but Sting dodges and hits a DDT for two. Sting with a Stinger Splash, he goes for a second one but Booker hits him with an elbow. Tony says this one is far from over. Booker goes for a suplex and then Sting hits the Scorpion Deathdrop.

3.0/5.0 Kind of funny, Schiavone says this one is far from over and then it ends twenty seconds later. Pretty good match, it got a tad repetitive but these guys are really good at wrestling and could have a good match even if they weren’t trying.

Caliber Winfield: This match didn’t set the World on fire, but so far it’s the match of the night and didn’t make me regret the whole idea of this website, unlike so many other bouts. After the match, Booker shakes Sting’s hand, which I believe they did because Booker just didn’t fit as a heel at the time.
Sting hits the Deathdrop on Booker at 6:44 – **

Sebastian: Eric and Kidman are backstage with Mean Gene and Eric says that Hogan isn’t coming to to the show, it’s just an  interview. Billy Kidman says if Hogan does come there he’ll kick his ass.

United States Championship Quarter Final: Vampiro vs Billy Kidman w/ Torrie Wilson

Sebastian: Kidman misses a splash into the corner to start. Vampiro hits Kidman with a clothesline, whip into the other corner and hits a belly to belly suplex. Vampiro off the top with a clothesline for two. Vampiro with a chop on the ropes. Kidman goes under and hits a hurricanrana. Dropkick and ten punch. Vampiro hits a sick ass powerbomb and Kidman sells it like he’s been killed. Vampiro with a backdrop suplex and goes for a powerbomb which doesn’t work out. Kidman stomps Vampiron in the corner. Scoopslam and onto the apron, guillotine legdrop for two. Vampiro back up and he whips Kidman, Kidman comes back with a kick. Sidewalk slam by Kidman for two. Kidman chokes Vampiro into the corner. Kidman goes for a suplex but Vampiro reverses. Vampiro with a chokeslam (with one hand baby!) for two. Vampiro goes for another powerbomb which of course doesn’t work. Kidman gets two. Kidman sends Vampiro to the outside.

Kidman lazily throws Vampiro around and then back in. Vampiro with some kicks for two. Vampiro goes into an armbreaker. Kidman comes back with a spike DDT for two. And we interrupt this great match with Hulk Hogan arriving to the arena. Hogan comes out to the ring and damn it, why is Kidman in this stupid assed feud? He was a face but now he’s a heel because he’s tired of being held down? Hogan gets in the ring and throws Kidman to the outside and rams him into the steps. then rams him into the post. Hogan grabs the steps that look super lame and plastic. Kidman avoids a hit on them. Kidman just kind of stands there while Hogan takes ten years to get ready for a chokeslam onto the table to Kidman. Hogan slams Kidman through the table and Hogan’s getting a mixed reaction here. This whole segment is pretty boring. Hogan throws Kidman back in the ring and Vampiro pins Kidman for the win.

3.0/5.0 It was a really good match till Hogan came and ruined everything. What’s the pay off if they wrestle again? That would be like if Austin got to beat up the Undertaker weeks before their pay per view match, its lame and the payoff already happened so why should we care about the match itself now? Kidman, the evil bad guy who ran over Hogan just lost to Vampiro and was beaten up super badly, there’s no point in them wrestling now. You could say that Hogan and Kidman didn’t have a fair one on one match but they already fought each other on Nitro and Hogan kicked Kidman’s tush, the only reason Kidman got the upperhand was because Bischoff attacked him. It would be like if Hercules was getting ready for the big fight with Hades but in the last story he beat Hades in a fight. [NFC: I don’t remember Herc ever fighting a guy named Hades. Was this at a SummerSlam?]

Caliber Winfield: We were smackdab in the middle of the new Match of the Night when Hogan had to come for the shitty ending. Couldn’t they just have a normal ending, then Hogan comes in for the payback? Or, just doesn’t come in at all? It’s like Sebastian said, the pay-off is over, and is typical of Russo’s booking. For those that haven’t seen the awesome WWE Timeline 1997 video with Cornette, he tells a story about how a week after the HIAC match where Kane debuted, Russo wanted Taker to chokeslam Kane through a table. Thus, blowing the entire fucking wad 5 months before the match. I remember that build up from when I was younger, and it’s one of my all time favorites. Had Russo had his way, it would have ended up like everything else that fuck books, forgotten.
Hogan slams Kidman through a table, allowing Vamp to get the pin at 8:48 – **1/2

Hogan says he’s coming after Bischoff and Bischoff is praying backstage. Russo tells Eric to stay wherever they are and Russo leaves. Hogan finds Eric and is yelling at him angrily when Russo comes out with security guards who pulls guns out on Hogan. Eric just keeps on yelling, “Shoot him, shoot him!” Kind of funny. Something I’ve noticed is that the TV inside Eric and Vince’s office is super small, its like the old black and white TV I used to have that about three channels on a good day and they were really Spanish bad soap operas. Terry Funk is looking for Norman Smiley and he’s hiding in the bathroom. And we’ve got a match. [NFC: I use to watch Telemundo because the chicks on there were SMOKING hot. I mean, some of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. I’d watch it constantly with the sound off. Then I’d start getting into it, and un-mute it to find out what’s going on, then realize that unless they say “my middle name is danger” all the time, I’d have no idea what they were talking about.

Hardcore Title Match: Terry Funk vs Norman Smiley

Terry throws Norman into a fridge full of Cokes. Terry throws Norman throw a small hole that leads to the kitchen. Norman hits terry with a trashcan and knocks over the table Terry’s laying on. Norman punches Terry around and hits him with a pan. Norman throws Terry upside down into a trashcan. Norman headbutts Terry. Norman hits Terry with a Diet Coke, Terry comes back with a laptop shot and Mark says, ” I guess Terry prefers Pepsi.” Fuck yeah he does, all badasses prefer Pepsi, even Steve Austin drank Pepsi. WCW would be promoting Pepsi over Coke but WWF was too busy promoting Pepsi because WWF was way better than this.

Anyway back to the match, Norman hits Terry with a chair, in the head. Terry ends up crawling around on the ground whiule Norman tells him to get up. Kind of dark for Norman Smiley. Norman rams Terry into a bunch of stuff. Norman hits Terry with a chair shot to the head. They’re on the ramp now, before they were fighting backstage. Norman is doing some sick chair shots to Terry’s head. They go inside the ring. More chairshots by Norman and then he starts dancing. Another chairshot and then he rams Funk’s head into the chairshot. Then Normans starts raping Terry but Terry isn’t gay so he he hits Norman with a chairshot to he head. [NFC: Well, if he was gay, then it wouldn’t be rape, would it?] To the outside and Terry hits Norman with a punch. Terry pulls out a ladder but then Dustin Rhodes comes out. He hits Terry with a chairshot to the head because Terry has only taken about a thousand shots to the head in this match. Then Terry takes a piledriver to the chair because he’s super badass. Dustin comes off the top with the chair but Terry gets his boot up. Terry knockes Norman to the outside of the ring and throes the ladder on Norman, then pins him on the outside of the ring.

3.5/5.0 Perfectly acceptable hardcore wrestling, really good hardcore style match. It was fastpaced, never seemd tired, and was kind of fun to watch. I’m also happy that Terry Funk won a match for once. I’m not sure if I’m being soft or if this show is just better than usual.

Caliber Winfield: Yeah, I agree with Sebastian on this one. Perfectly acceptable. But then again, I’m use to seeing Brian Knobbs’ fat ass walk around and phone it in. Honestly, even phoning it in would be too much effort. He was more lettering it in. Written in brail. With postage due.
Funk drops a ladder on Norman for the pin at 8:02 – **1/4

United States Championship Semi-Final: Mike Awesome vs Scott Steiner

Scott with an amateur take down into a crossface. Some elbows but Mike comes back with punches. Whip and a clothesline by Scott. Elbowdrop and Scott sends Mike to the outside because its time for pushups! Mike tries to get back in but Scott punches him and then runs at him. Mike comes off with a shoulder block off the apron. Mike goes up the top and hits a clothesline for two. He rams Scott into the corner. Scott comes back with a belly to belly suplex. Scott kicks Mike into the corner. Chops by Scott. Scott whips Mike but he comes off the turnbuckle with an elbow for two. Mike goes up the top but Nash runs out and hits Mike with a crutch. Scott with the Steiner Recliner and that’s all she wrote.

3.0/5.0 Another pretty good match, Scott looked pretty good in this match too. Pretty short but considering Scott Steiner was in it its probably a good thing.

Caliber Winfield: I know Sebastian became sick a few days after writing this, so I’ll have to assume he was sick when he wrote this, with a brain melting fever. This match wasn’t much at all, and this was the start of Mike Awesome being one of the biggest wastes of talent & money in pro-wrestling history. So, in typical Russo fashion, a guy makes a big entrance, fucks over another wrestler, and instead of building properly to a big match, said fucked-over wrestler gets his revenge pretty much before he even gets screwed.
Nash hits Mike with the Big Sexy Crutch, allowing Steiner to slap on the Recliner for the submission win at 3:14 – *

Russo is backstage yelling at Dustin Rhodes saying he’s never been anything since Goldust and he fires Dustin. Yeah, I’d be really happy if I was a new wrestler who came in and Vince Russo told me he was going to make me act gay, put gold facepaint on, and hit on Razor Ramon.

United States Championship Semi-Final: Vampiro vs Sting

They fight to the outside of the ring and Vampiro rams Sting into a chair. Vampiro hits a superkick. Vampiro brings Sting inside the ring and goes up. Vampiro decides its a bad idea. Vampiro with a whip and a shoulderblock. Legdrop for two. Vampiro with a backdrop suplex for two. Vampiro goes up top but decides its a nad idea again. Rams Sting into the corner. Chops in the corner. Vampiro with a snap suplex for two. Vampiro with a scoop slam. Up to the top again and this time he actually comes off but its a bad idea as Sting kind of catches him and its just a giant botch where Vampiro ends up falling. Scorpion Deathdrop and Deathlock win the match for Sting.

3.0/5.0 Decent but short again, as you’ll notice we’re ten matches in but the matches are TV legnth. The reason of course is to conserve energy for the later matches and to advance the tournnament but the matches would be better if they had more time.

Caliber Winfield: Weren’t these two suppose to be in some sort of feud? Well, it’s settled in a throw-a-way tournament match. It might have worked had Vampiro won by cheating, or Sting winning by a fluke, but he dominated.
Vampiro taps out to a Scorpion Deathlock at 5:58 – *

DDP gets interviewed and says some stuff but all that’s important is bada bam, bada bag, bada boom! [NFC: Kimberly is with him, to which DDP says she’ll get her shot at Jarrett tonight for the guitar incident on Nitro. I’m willing to bet everything she turns on DDP. Why? Because it makes no sense,  and Russo thinks that no one would see it coming. The two perfect ingredients for a Russo SWERVE.

Suicide Six-Way Match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Candido, The Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore, Lash Leroux, and Crowbar.

Three Count come out but there’s only two people. We cut to like a nine year old and Mark Madden says she’s down for the Three Count. This makes me wonder if Mark has ever tried to hit on any nine year olds with that line. “Are you ready for the Three Count baby?” [NFC: I imagine Mark Madden’s pick-up line was “ever done it with a guy who gave himself diabetes? Better do it with me before my dick falls off!”] So they dance and sing for a little bit. My Brother walks in the room and is just flabbergasted to what I’m watching. Candido and Lash Leroux come in plus Crowbar and The Artist. And Juvy. Fuck, this would be so much easier if they had them come out with their actual entrances because then I could tell who’s in. No one’s in a tag team, its just a random tag in battle royal pin thing. Daffney goes up top and hits Crowbar with a hurricanrana on accident. Juvy kicks Daffney in the stomach, and she then ends up outside but Crowbar catches her. Lash Leroux flies onto Crowbar, The Artist jumps onto both of them, and then Juvy jumps onto them, as Shannon jumps onto the outside. David Flair comes out of nowhere and beats up someone. Artist goes for a superplex off the top but Chris Candido pushes him off but misses a frogpslah. Artist hits an Angle Slam and goes off the top but Sunny shows up and throws Artist off the top, allowing Chris to get the win.

DUD That was the most overbooked, random, spot fest shit ever. Paisley and Sunny get into a cat fight but the men pull them away for like ten seconds, then they give them low blows. Back into a cat fight but Chris stops them. I think I just lost braincells watching that last scene, nothing was coherent and it was just a bunch of fast paced garbage.

Caliber Winfield: It’s shocking how far at the end of the spectrum the Crusierweights became once Russo took over. This match was terrible, as it was an attempt at a spot-fest and fell short.
Sunny pushes The Artist off the top rope, allowing Chris to nab the pin at 5:12 – 1/2*

Jarrett talks about how he has the New Blood behind him and how he’s going to win the title tonight.

WCW Tag-Team Championship Match: Team Package vs The Stuff

The Stuff come out with Vince Russo. I’ve always wanted to see Team Package go against The Stuff. Russo goes to the commentators table and calls himself the Batman because he has a bat with him. Bagwell goes for a handhsake so Luger kicks him Buff comes out of the corner with a clothesline and a scoop slam. Buff and Lex have a dancing and flexing contest. Bagwell wins because he’s The Stuff but Luger’s jealous so he cheap shots him. Shane in and he kicks Luger in the corner. He rams Luger into the corner. Heh, Mark says that Shane is toying with The Package. Lex hits Shane with a pressslam. Flair brings Shane to the outside and chops away at him. So Shane and Bagwell, who are supposed to be the heels are wrestling fairly and supporting handshakes yet Flair and Luger, the faces are cheating? Bagwell in and he hits Flair with a backdrop. Clothesline, and a snapmare into a chinlock. Shane in with a legdropShane chokes Flair and punches him. Punches him a couple times. Tag to Bagwell. Flair comes back with chops but Bagwell knocks him down with punches.

Bagwell with punches in the corner. Shane in. They end up doing a headbutt spot. Shane whips Flair and Flair does the flip over the turnbuckle. Shane with ten punch in the corner. Another Flair Flip and Flair ends up outside the ring but Shane runs into a clothesline by Lex. Bagwell in and Lex in. Lex takes out both dudes with clotheslines. This match is weird because the crowd is treating Bagwell and Shane like faces but the match is treating Luger and Flair like the faces. Bagwell hits Lex with a low blow and Buff goes for the Blockbuster but Flair moves and he hits Shane. Flair gets two but Vince pulls out the Referee. There’s a match going on but you can’t see anything because the camera is too busy focusing on Nick Patric and Vince russo arguing. Brian Adams and Adam Clarke attack Ric Flair and Lex Luger allowing The Stuff to win the titles.

3.5/5.0 Match was pretty good if not weird because the crowd reaction was different than what they wanted. Really, Buff Bagwell should’ve been a face.

Caliber Winfield: I’m shocked. The finals for a championship almost went a whole 10 minutes. Flair of course carried Luger with his skill, as Buff carried Shane with his charisma. The arrival of |<roni>| does not mark good cheer, I’ll tell you that. The team is exactly everything wrong with Russo when he thinks he’s hitting a home run. Two guys who can’t work, put together with a name that’s suppose to make them seem hip & cool. I mean, c’mon, Kronik! That’s pot! Smoking weed & such! Have you guys ever seen Cheech & Chong! They were very cool in 1971!
KroniK attacks Team Package, allowing The Buff Franchise to score the win at 8:29 – **1/4

Steiner says his arm is bigger than both of Sting’s arms combined and he’s going to beat Sting. Sting talks about how WCW’s blood runs through his veins and that’s going to help him beat Scott Steiner I guess. [NFC: Well, thank God Sting didn’t get in some sort of accident that caused him to have a blood transfusion before the match. I don’t think he could have won if the NBA’s blood was running through his veins]

United States Championship Finals: Scott Steiner vs Sting

Lock up and Steiner hits Sting with some knees. Punches in the corner. Scott misses two clotheslines and Sting hits some dropkicks. Crossbody to the outside. Back inside the ring. Sting goes off the top with a frogsplash but Steiner puts his knees up. Scott with a press slam. Steiner with a clothesline and an elbow drop for two. This is kind of like watching Shawn Michaels vs Psycho Sid from 96 Survivor Series (I think that’s the show). Basically Shawn had to carry the crap out of Sid and Sid would taunt after every move to the point where it would just get annoying. Same thing here. Steiner with a belly to belly and then starts yelling at the fans. Scott brings Sting up to the top but Sting punches him off. Clotheslines by Sting and a Stinger Splash. He goes for a second one but the Ref got in the way. He hits a third one this time and goes for a fourth but Vampiro comes out from under the ring and pulls Sting down. For some reason Mark Madden is yelling welcome to Hell. This is fucking stupid, Vampiro isn’t Kane and he didn’t get set on fire so it doesn’t work. [NFC: Give that a few months] Sting comes back up but he’s dead. So is the Referee though. Scott wakes up the Referee and hits Sting with the Steiner Recliner for the win.

DUD That match kind of sucked because Scott was in control and when it was getting excited it ended. On a slightly positive note, I like Scott Steiner’s theme song. [NFC: Are you high?! It’s one of the worst songs ever! Steiner riiiiiide! Here’s the story of two brooothers, Rick aaand Scott! Ugh. The only thing worse is Sting’s from the early 90’s]

Caliber Winfield: Oh man, that was a chore. So, Vampiro does some bad stuff to Sting on Nitro. Sting beats the hell out of him on this PPV and get’s a decisive win in a short match. Now Vampiro wants revenge for Sting getting revenge, and this time, it’s personal! The whole ‘pulling under the ring’ deal was fine when Taker did it to Diesel 4 years prior. But now? Caliber does not approve. Plus, Scott ran most of this match
Sting passes out in the Recliner, giving Scott the US Championship at 5:33 – *

WCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Jeff Jarrett vs DDP

Page hits some punches and headlock, criss cross ends with a clothesline from Page. Jeff goes under but runs into a inverted atomic drop. Jeff goes for an armdrag but Page hits a spike DDT for two. Jeff goes to the outside and Page hits him with a crossbody. Kimberly slaps Jeff. I just saw her nude pictures by the way. [NFC: Sebastian offered up a link for said photos, but we can’t advertise porn on these pages. You can google’em though, not bad.]

So y’know, you’re welcome. Page and Jeff fight into the crowd and we get these really wide camera shots. We finally get a close up camera but they’re doing lame crowd brawling and there’s nothing you can really do there. Back inside. Page with a headbutt and a sunset flip for two. Page with a clothesline. Page goes to the top but Jeff crotches him. Jeff with a couple punches. So if Jeff Jarrett’s The Chosen One, what does that make Drew McIntyre? The Guy Who Got Beat Up By His wife doesn’t sound as cool though to be fair that does show he’s kind of cool because he never strikes his wife even show she attacked him. Anyway, Jeff hits Page with a hard whip into the corner. Jeff off the top with an axehandle. Again. Jeff starts jawing with the fans. Kick to Page, more jawing. Page comes back with an elbow. Y’know a lot of people don’t like Mark Madden but I don’t think he’s that bad of a commentator though him saying DDME over and over again is really lame.

Page with a powerbomb for two. Eric comes out to the ramp. Page clotheslines Jeff to the outside. Jeff rams Page into the rail. Jeff grabs the ringbell but misses a shot with it. He grabs a copy of Page’s book and rips it apart. See CM Punk won’t have that problem because his ego isn’t big enough to write his own book. Its only big enough to come out with three different shirts that all say Best In The World. Jeff tries to post Page, does it the first time but the second time Jeff eats the post. Jeff’s in now and he’s stomping Page. Jeff chokes Page in the corner. Page comes back with punches in bunches. Whip and he goes under and posts Jeff’s stuff. Its Cutter time baby but Jeff grabs the ropes and Charles gets hurt somehow. Jeff hits Page with the title and gets two. Jeff puts on the Figure Four. Kimberly grabs the Guitar. I’m guessing heel turn here. The Figure Four goes on for a while………………………………………………………………………………………. and he gets the ropes. Jeff goes for the Figure Four again but Page gets a roll up for two. Another roll up for two. Page runs into a boot but catches Jeff coming off the top with a urnage for two. Jeff with a sleeper. There’s this really annoying fan who keeps on yelling boring, he’s been doing it the whole damn show. [NFC: Are you sure he wasn’t yelling Goldberg? I swore it was Goldberg. Although, and this will come as a shock, according to the Oxford Online Resource, Goldberg & boring is an synonym.] Someone needs to hit him with a Bane backbreaker or something. Page fights out of the sleeper and hits a neckbreaker kind of.

Page with a Diamond Cutter and Kimberly is on the apron. She has the guitar and she’s going to hit Jarrett and instead hits Page, Jeff gets the win.

3.0/5.0 Match was okay, mostly garbage brawling but the wrestling stuff was pretty decent.

Caliber Winfield: I was expecting a decent match, and I got it. They did what they could, and thankfully they actually made the match the most important of the night. The whole night they’re talking about how the ref’s are lax on the DQ rule, yet Bischoff feels the need to distract the ref. Of course, that was one of the most absurd spots because he literally grabs the ref and keeps his attention for about 7 minutes while Kimberly takes her sweet ass time getting into the ring. Then, in one massive shock, she hits DDP. What’s her reason going to be for this? When she signed to WCW, did Ted Turner promise her World caliber matches & film roles? Is she going to tell the fans to stick it, because she’s bored with it, brother? This turn makes absolutely no sense, and I can’t wait to find out their reason. At least the match was half decent.
Jeff hits the Stroke on DDP to score the pin at 15:02 – **1/2

Final Thoughts: This show is actually pretty decent, if you want to see some horrible storylines and decent matches just to remember WCW from 2000 this would be the show to watch. There’s nothing really worth having to see here but its pretty decent so if you’re really, really, really, really bored and have nothing better to do you might want to check out this show.

Showcase Showdown: I know Sebastian is digging it, but I just can’t give it a recommendation. When you have a tournament on a PPV, you’re really running a risk. You’ve either got to have fantastic quality matches to make up for the fact there’s no real story line behind them, or have one hell of a story involving the tournament. For instance, the WWE Championship tourney that was held at the 1998 Survivor Series. The Rock was being screwed with by the Corporation, and was determined to win the title, despite Mr. McMahon. However, that had been their plan all along, as they screwed over Mankind in the finals, ala the Montreal Screwjob. It was absolutely brilliant, and one of the WWE’s greatest story lines. It catapulted both Mankind & Rock into the stratosphere, and put McMahon on the map as the ultimate bad-guy. However, nothing like this happened here. Had DDP turned on Kimberly, and Russo & Bischoff turned on Jarrett, we might have had something. Of course, that would have been unexpected, and Russo will never do something you don’t expect.

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  1. Aww guys, you’re the best fans ever. I’m serious, I’ve never seen anyone post on Scotts Blog of Doom that they’re going through withdrawals because Scott Keith didn’t review Wrestelmania 27 or something so we must be doing something right.

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