Hey, buckshots.

If you head to my other website,, you’ll see two episodes of my show, The Caliber Winfield Super Terrific Happy Hour. One of the up coming episodes will be an all wrestling special, where obviously all I’ll talk about is wrestling.

So, you guys have any questions you want me to answer during it? Or anything in particular you’d like me to talk about? Lemme know. My guest will be John Cena, but don’t blame me if you can’t see him…


8 thoughts on “Questions?

  1. I agree with PiK… you guys take too long with the WCW 2000 reviews.

    Im sorry if im sounding whiny or ingrateful, i just sorta want more WCW 2000

    • I apologize, guys, I really do.

      But you gotta remember, I maintain 2 websites. I write for others, plus I do a show once a week. Sebastian goes to school full time.

      I try to get this stuff updated once a week, and I’m the first to admit there are times when I’d much rather watch an action movie for my other website than a WCW 2000 entry.

      But you guys are the fans, and I shouldn’t let you down. I apologize, and pledge to update at least once a week.

  2. once a week sounds great. we appreciate the time you guys take to actually watch and review horrible episodes from WCW 2000. i love the humor that you guys give it. keep up the great work guys!

    • No problem, we live to serve.

      You only interested in WCW 2000 stuff? Because Sebastian & I have a HUGE catalog of wrestling related stuff. I’ve been doing wrestling writing for my other website, for 3 years now. I also did a ton of reviews & articles for Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom. Sebastian has been doing DVD reviews for years too. So, if you and the other guys want stuff, you got it.

  3. Pretty much just WCW 2000. Im sure everyone else goes to most of the other websites anyway so this site offers something unique. Thats why I came here :D.

  4. i’ve checked out your site you guys got some good stuff but WCW 2000 takes the cake. I never thought anyone would ever review this crap over 10 years later. i found out about you guys at scotts blog of doom.

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