Falls Count Anywhere DVD – Disc 3


They go over that Shawn Michaels got injured and had to leave due to back problems. He came back in 2002 to do the DX thing but Trips turned on him and hit the pedigree. Which lead to a match at Summerslam.

1st Match: Shawn Michaels vs Triple H Summerslam August 25, 2002

Shawn’s entrance is the greatest song of all time and is ten times better when sung by Vince McMahon.


I really like Trips’s entrance as well but not because its stupid and its really fun to do that random spit thing. Where the Hell did Trips come up with that? Though if you want to listen to a stupid Trips entrance listen to like his third theme song, it sounds like the theme music from Zelda or something. I got the Shawn Michaels Vault DVD which was made a while back, probably around when this match happened since it ends with this match. Anyway, last time I saw this match I really liked it. I actually like most of Trips/Shawn’s matches. Some critics say otherwise but anyone other than John and I are stupid anyway so don’t listen. As for the DVD its good minus the first Disc which is kind of lame. Anyway, this match is so important Trips doesn’t do the spit take.

Shoulderblock by Trips, Shawn leapfrogs over and sends Trips to the outside. Big crossbody to Trips outside the ring. Trips comes back with a knee to the gut but Shawn reverses by throwing him into the post. What the Hell is up with Shawn’s stupid jeans and cowboy boots here? He also looks kind of out of shape, buff yeah but not really working out on the abs. At least Shawn isn’t wearing those stupid shorts he wore as a Ref. JR and King talk about how Shawn’s heart is as big as Texas, yeah as big as Alexis Texas’s ass! Shawn goes for the superkicks back in but Trips catches him in a backbreaker which is important since they’re going to play up his back injury in the match. Trips does another backbreaker and hard whips Shawn into the corner. JR talks about how a broken back never really heals.

Trips with some elbows and we have to see a replay of a crotch chop for some reason. Trips goes outside for a blue steel chair, why did chairs use to be blue but now they’re black? Trips hits him in the back with it for two. The fans are kind of dead, I think its beause Rock/Lesnar happened earlier in the match and the fans also don’t really seem to like Shawn here either. Trips hits a facebuster to pretty much silence. Trips hits the DDT on the chair! Badass! Two count. Shawn is busted open because he’s Shawn Michaels. Trips takes Shawn’s belt and whips him with it (heh). Trips wraps it around his hand and punches Shawn with it. One thing that I’m kind of happy about is that I didn’t review the second disc which means I didn’t have to sit through those F’s blurred out half the time. This is late 02 so we’re in the Get The F Out stage which was WWE’s campagain after losing the case to the World Wildlife Fund[Note from Caliber: They recently stopped blurring the scratch logo. I always found it odd that they only had to blur that one.]. I don’t mean to question anyone’s intelligence here as you probably know that but I hated it when people vaugely described things when I started reading wrestling reviews as I was twelve and didn’t know what the Hell [NFC: why do you capitalize hell when you aren’t using it in a proper way?] anyone was talking about.

Anyway Shawn comes back with punches but Trips knees his gut again and puts him on the top rope. Shawn punches Trips off and goes for the elbowdrop but Trips pushes the Ref into the ropes crotching Shawn. Trips does a backbreaker with a chair for two! Trips can’t belive it so he pins Shawn a bunch of times for two because that always works in WWE. He puts the chair down now and does a sidewalk slam onto it for a bunch of more two counts. The fans are finally getting into it with HBK chants. Trips sets Shawn up for the Pedigree on the chair but Shawn gets out and hits Trips with a lowblow. You know I don’t see anyone out there with WWF shirts, I wonder if WWE wouldn’t let you come in if you had a WWF Scratch Logo shirt because they might have to blur it. Trips picks up the chair so Shawn superkicks the chair into his face! Now Trips is bleeding and Shawn comes back with punches in bunches. Shawn with the forearm and the crowd freaking pops when he kips up. Back body drop and then Shawn hits Trips with a chair. Its kind of looked bad because it didn’t come anywhere near Trips’s face but he still sold it. Shawn ships Trips to the outside and hits him with the top of a garbage can lid.

Shawn brings him to thwe commentator table and Shawn takes the spanish comentators boot, then hits Trips with it. Shawn runs around the entire ring for some reason and then hits Trips with a bulldog onto the steps! Shawn pulls out the ladder and the fans go crazy. Shwn hits Trips with a ladder and then rams it into his tummy while he’s on the ground. Shawn sets it up into the corner and catapults Trips into it. Back in the ring for two. Shawn tries to come back in so Trips baseball slides Shawn. Back in and Shawn coems back with a superplec off the top for two. Shawn reverses a whip into a roll up for two but runs into a high knee for two. Trips gets the steps and goes to hit Trips with them but Shawn hits a drop toe hold, then clotheslines Trips to the outside. Shawn isn’t even bleeding anymore and Trips is just covered in blood. Shawn sets up a table on the outside. Shawn hits Trips with a fire extingusher which sets up Trips on the table. He then jumps off the top rope onto Trips through a table. Shawn gets the ladder in as Trips crawls inside and conviently falls right in position for the next spot. Shawn comes off the top rope and hits Trips with an elbowdrop. Shawn gets ready for the Superkicks but Trips catches and goes for the Pedigree only for Shawn to reverse into a roll up for the win.

4.0/5.0 That match was badass, it started with a dead crowd that couldn’t care less and got them invested in Shawn Michaels. This match had both guys doing crazy spots and it was just really good. The only gripe I have with the match is that it felt too one sided at times. At the start Trips was in control, then Shawn was at the end. It also kind of felt like Trips was just laying there waiting for Shawn to do spots to him at times.

[NFC: I give the match *****. It’s an absolute classic, I believe. It’s also one of those matches where I’m about 3/4th of the way through it, and I’m thinking “OK, you’ve got 5 stars, you can stop now. Oh shit, now a ladder?!”. Brutal match, and exactly what every person who returns to something hopes to pull off]

After the match Trips hits Shawn with a sledgehammer a couple times. JR goes absolutely crazy on commentary talking about how Trips is going to burn forever in Hell and that he is pure evil. Shawn gets carried out in an EMT, this lead to Shawn winning at Elimination Chamber, finally winning the long deserved title after coming back from a horrible injury, basking in his glory as the new Heavyweight Champion… only to lose the title the next month to Trips. He wrestled Trips like ten thousand more times, then when someone new came in, Benoit, he superkicked him and signed Benoit’s Wrestlemania contract which somehow made him a contender for the title at Wrestlemania even though the contract had nothing to do with him. Shawn never won the title again. [NFC: even though they begged him to take it at times, he didn’t want it]

2nd Match: Kevin Nash w/ Shawn Michaels vs Triple H(C)w/ Ric Flair for the WHC Street Fight Insurrextion June 7, 2003

Kevin Nash’s theme song is just horrible here. I guess we needed two matches involving Trips and Shawn. Excuse me I have go reenact Trips’s entrance.

I just got water all over everything in my room. Anyway, they mention the Clique. God, this match is probably going to suck. I mean its Kevin Nash. There’s also a lot of pyro smoke in this match because the ventilation system is screwed up. It must be really hard to wrestle in smoke, I imagine its like when you heat up something for too long in your microwave and there’s smoke all over the place. Ugh.

Nash punches trips to the outside. He slams him on the apron. Flair attacks Nash but then Shawn attacks Flair. Shawn sends Flair into the post. Nash and Trips are in the ring with more punches. Kevin Nash really does suck. Flair tries to attack Nash but he takes them both out with a double clothesline. We spend more camera time on Shawn/Flair and honestly its better and faster paced than Nash/Trips. Nash slowly punches Trips around on the outside. Rfs come down to the ring to break up Flair and Shawn allowing Flair to hit Shawn with a low blow. Trips hits Nitro with more punches. Sign says, “I miss Nitro.” Well I sure don’t. Though I would rather sit through Buff Bagwell than this. Nash backdrops Trips on the stage and hits him with a chair. They fight over the announcers table which is near the stage which they did a lot from 2002-2005. More lazy punching from Nash. Trips runs into a boot from Nash. Elbow drop for two. Trips comes back with a leg chop.

Then he kicks away at the leg and another leg chop. Nash hard whips Trips to the outside. He whips Trips into the steps because Nash knows too many moves to use any of them and is just doing whips, punches, and kicks. This match is officially a slobberknocker according to JR which is a really hard title to earn, he only called every match from 2002-2006 a slobberknocker. Nash tries to bring Trips back in but he drops his neck on the ropes. Trips has the steps but I mean, Nash get’s injured doing powerbombs, he’s not going to do a steps spot. He reverses with a drop toe hold and then hits Trips with the steps. Trips is busted open and Nash does like ten super boring punches and then just stands there doing nothing. Another Irish Whip into a sidewalk slam which is like two out of Kevin Nash’s ten moves. The Ref gets ko’d in the corner as Nash goes for a clothesline but Trips dodges and he hits the Ref. Kevin Nash goes for the powerbomb but Trips hits a lowblow.

Flair runs in with a chair but Nash hits Flair in the head and holy shit, Flair is bleeding worse than Trips is and he’s not even in the damn match! Trips hits Nash with the chair but the Ref is still dead. Another Ref in but its only two. Trips takes him out because its WWE damn it! Trips and Flair team up on Nash so now I’m just waiting for Michaels to come back out. Here’s Michaels and he beats up Flair again. He punches Trips around and throws him to the outside.Shawn hits Flair with a superkick on the outside of the ring. That Michaels/Flair stuff was a thousand times better than this actual match. Trips with a sledgehammer, Shawn back in, he goes for a Superkick bu Trips reverses into a pedigree only for Nash to hit a powerbomb. Phew, I didn’t even get a chance to breathe, this thing is overbooked as fuck! Trips is dead and another Ref comes in but Flair kos him. How is Flair not dead from that Superkick but Shawn is from the Pedigree?Nash sets up Flair for the powerbomb but Trips hits Nash with the sledgehammer for the win.

3.0/5.0 This was like one of those hugely overbooked Smackodwn vs Raw 2011 matches where ten people run out to the ring with full finishers and attack their rivals. Actually, one of the funnier things that happened to me on that game was Primo attacking Undertaker at Wrestlemania after he won a match and then the game didn’t book Primo again for like five months. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Nash totally sucked ass and Trips should’ve been offense longer because Nash has no moves what so ever. Nash was slow, plodding, and boring. Like I mentioned that Flair/Michaels stuff was way better. To be fair I can totally see why WWE would put this match on the disc as it is pretty hardcore near the end. Though, they pretty much play it off like a normal match untill the end minus the chair stuff at the start. Trips has had better but for some reason from 02-03 he was trying to pull a Ric Flair and get good matches out of bad people like Scott Steiner and Nash but it just didn’t work, in my opinion anyway. John loves the Nash/Trips feud and I haven’t seen any other matches out of it.

[NFC: haha, I don’t remember saying I loved their feud. I love the HIAC match, and this one is ***1/4. I feel like they went out there, and put on a pretty good brawl. I mean, this is 2003 HHH we’re talking about, he was DEATH.]

Mick Foley dances around like Ric Flair and says women can go at it just as hard as men, especially when you take away the rules. Heh. Mick brings up when Melina hit him in the nuts on Raw. I imagine its better on your genitals than if you had actually had sex with her.

3rd Match: Mickie James vs Melina(C) for the Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere Raw March 5, 2007

If we’re doing this by year no good hardcore matches happened between 2003-2006. Mickie James is really hot. Melina runs away to the backstage and throws a trashcan at Mickie. Mickie tries to pin her on the table. They run into the Diva’s locker room and, well I don’t actually think this is their locker room because there’s two hicks there and it doesn’t even look like one. It looks more like a dressing room. Victoria and Torrie end up fighting each other and Candice’s towel comes off but the tits are blurred. If you want to see Candice, to anyone who cares, she has lesbian (and straight but I don’t know why anyone would ever watch straight porn ever) online. The camera goes black and they fight back to the ring. Mickie with a nice Fisherman’s Suplex for two. Melina kind of runs up the ropes and they fight a little bit. Mickie goes for a rana off the top but Melina holds on! That was pretty cool! Melina wins.

DUD There were two cool moves in the entire match and they were both due to Mickie who was carrying the whole thing. Also it was really short.

[NFC: I agree with Mr. Howard on this. ]

Ashley is the guest announcer who Melina mouths off with. Ashley isn’t hot at all, she’s too damn skinny and has those stupid lip piercings that chicks get for no damn reason. Its not, it looks fucking stupid!

4th Match: Triple H vs Umaga Street Fight Cyber Sunday October 28, 2007

I was a super mark here and voted for the Street Fight like ten thousand times because you used to be able to vote indefinitely because Trips mentioned in a WWE article that he wanted a Street Fight and damn it, my role model Triple H who beat up guys smaller than him for no reason, plus made dick jokes had to win! I think there’s officially enough Triple H matches in this Disc to dub this Triple H and Friends. Jerry Lawler tells JR about a Memphis Street Fight he had and JR says, “It was before my time but I heard about it as a kid.” Haha.

So Trips does his whole entrance but doesn’t want to wait for Umaga’s. Well that’s kind of selfish. Umaga headbutts Trips on the keyboard stage thing. Trips comes back with a kick and goes for a Pedigree but Umaga reverses into a Samoan drop only for Trips to get out. Umaga brings Trips into the stage thingy and Trips spears Umaga through the wall thingy. Trips rams Umaga into the barricade and fights into the fans. So at Wrestlemania this year I had to look at fucking plam trees but these people go to fucking Cyber Sunday ,a ppv that doesn’t even exist anymore, and they get Trips fighting into the crowd? They fight into the ring and Umaga misses a splash and hits the corner. Trips odes some punches and is trying to bring Umaga down. It looks kind of awkward so Trips is all like fuck this and goes down to the ring for his favorite weapon! Yeah that’s right, you know the one! Yeah, the trashcan! He hits Umaga with it for two.

Trips runs into a Samon Drop. Umaga with a headbutt to Trips. Headbutts into the corner from Umaga to Trips’s sterudum. Umga kicks Trips in the back.Umaga brings Trips to the outside and whips him into the steps. Back in and Umaga hits the legdrop! Its all over, no one kicks out of that! And what!? Triple H kicks out at two!? By Gwad what the Hell is Trips running on? This match is sick damn it! Just stop it right now! Trips is dying out there, he’s being killed damn it!

Sorry, I’ll try to call the match without any bias. Umaga does a bearhug allowing the fans to rally Trips. Umaga throws Trips and punches Trips in the corner. And its time for the Ass Splash baby! Wow, Trips actually takes that bump! Trips is so badass! Basically, what it is is Umaga sets Trips up in the corner and runs from the other side of the ring, and slams his butt into Trips’s face. It… doesn’t sound that threatening but it looks pretty sick. Umaga brings a chair in so Trips lowblows him. Then he DDT’s Umaga on the chair for two. Umaga slams Trips into the corner but Trips puts up his boot. Trips runs into a black hole slam. JR calls it a sidewalk slam even though two matches ago Kevin Nash did an actual sidewalk slam and he called that a sidewalk slam as well. Umaga strips all the tables and then tries to bash in Trips’ brain with the chair on the post but Trips dodges under. Umaga slams Trips’s head onto the table a couple times.

Umaga sets Trips up on one of the tables, then runs from the other two tables and hits Trips with a splash onto the last one. The Refs are arguing with Umaga for some reason even though its a street fight and you can break a person through a table in a normal match. Trips goes inside the ring and Umaga goes off the top with a headbutt but Trips dodges it. He goes under the ring for the Sledgehammer this time! Yeaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaby! He goes to hit Umaga with it but he hits Trips with his thumb. Umaga goes for the Soman Spike (a thumb to the throat) but Trips dodges under, hits Umaga with a sledge, and then bam, Pedigree!

3.5/5.0 The fans were in and out of it and it felt awkward at times. It was pretty cool though and that ending was rad! I think the reason it was awkward was because I imagine Trips and Umaga were preparing more for a cage match then a Street Fight since it seemed like the obvious choice. Huh, I’m in a hour, twenty eight in and we’ve only done four matches. Its pretty cool that these matches minus the chick one have all been pretty long.

[NFC: I love this match. People crashing through walls during a fight should happen a lot more often. ****1/4]

5th Match: Umaga vs John Cena Street Fight June 16, 2008 Draft Show

Cena hits Umaga with punches but Umaga blocks with a shoulderblock. The commentators mention that this is the draft show. Cena tries to pick up Umaga but that’s a no go. Cena ends up on the apron and does that flying onto the barricade spot. And commercial break. I actually watched at this time and it was like nothing but commercials for Burger King and Burn Notice, so not any different than now.

We’re back and Umaga hits Cena with a Samoan Drop on the ramp! Umaga sets Cena up on the outside sitting down on the post but misses an ass splash. Cena rams Umaga into the barricade and the ring. Cena grabs the mic and hits Umaga with it. Up to the top as he goes for the legdrop (yes, Cena actually used to have more moves than just his signature ones) but Umaga catches him with a tilt the world slam. I think the reason Cean doesn’t do the legdrop anymore is because he injured his neck and was out for a while because of it in his match against Batista at Summerslam 2008. There’s this sign that says Umaga ate Tommy Dreamer and it reminds me of this conspiracy theory my Brother has. He doesn’t really watch wrestling or like it but he saw me watching it and noticed that when Big Daddy V was around Big Show wasn’t around and vice versa. His idea is that Big Daddy V ate the Big Show and became fatter, but then Big Show escaped and Big Daddy V died.

Umaga runs into a boot in the corner but comes back with a clothesline. Umaga sets up the table and then picks up a chair. He slides the chair in but Cena gets it, hits Cena wit ha chair, and then hits him with a bulldog. Legdrop off the top. Its FU time bitches! He can’t keep Umaga up though and Umaga drops on Cena’s head.Cena rolls to the outside. Replay of that sick splash to Cena’s head. Umaga whips Cena into the steps which we’ve seen in every match except for the diva’s match I belive. In the 2011 Smackdown vs Raw game its kind of funny, instead of just running into the steps you hit them and suddelny go flying up in the air. Back in the ring and Umaga tries to hit Cena with the steps but Cena hits Umaga with the FU this time (he ate spinach this time and the Ref didn’t see it) for the win. Um, okay but what was the point of setting up the table?

3.5/5.0 Its pretty much a normal Cena match, John wants to know why people don’t like Cena. Well he didn’t watch Raw from 2007-now like I have and had to sit through Cena’s same goddamn match on Raw every week. Every match was like this, Cena’s better on PPV but seriosouly, and I was a Cena mark at this time to.

[NFC: Not too much to say, to be honest. An average match, really. **1/2]

Mick Foley says that wearing dress slacks is as bad as tapping.

6th Match: DX vs Legacy Breaking Point September 13, 2009 Submission Counts Anywhere Match

Oh God, anything but this match. First off the build up was so fucking bad, it was them saying that Legacy we’re butts because they had to stay PG. I’m not joking, there’s a ten minute segment were Trips and Shawn try to say the word ass without actually saying the word ass. The program is PG but not as tuned down as it was when it first became PG. I mean Smackdown in 2000 had a PG rating and that Jericho calling Stephanie a slut every week. Or rather a dirty, disgusting, trash bag, roadkill, bottom feeding, slut. I wonder if Chris Jericho ever did Stephanie. They’re in Montreal so DX gets You Screwed Bret chants. Trips says its all Shawn;s fault for Montreal. Shawn probably doesn’t feel bad about screwing Bret as much as he might be distracted by it because the crowd might not get into the match for that reason. Jerry Lawler says Cody Rhodes and Ted are the future of WWE. Yeah, Ted is probably on Superstars and I haven’t seen Cody on Smackdown in weeks.

Trips and Shawn go after Legacy right away. Shawn tales Cody out of he ring with a flying elbow. Trips takes out Ted with a facebuster. To the outside and Shawn hits Cody with a chop. Trips slams Ted’s knee onto the table. This match is really hard to do play by play for because the camera keeps on cutting to the other two people before anything actually happens. I’ve heard that too much cutting of the camera is bad for Gamma Brain Waves but you’re not here to learn about Gamma Brain Waves. Anyway they fight into the crowd and do a bunch of punching. Jeez, this match is putting me to sleep and I just woke up about four hours ago. I just want to watch Alexis Texas is Buttwoman. [NFC: I’m partial to G is for Gianna, myself]

Shawn fights Ted in the crowd. Trips throws Cody into stuff backstage. Ted somehow makes it to the backstage arna and DX takes the kids out. They both put on the Figure Four. Ted rakes the eyes of Shawn and then Cody boots Trips. The fans chant olay right next to the wrestlers. Shit, do you know how hard it would be to think in that noise? Cody chokes Shawn in the stands. Something I’m noticing is that no one in the crowd is even close to being half as buff as Trips.

Ted does the whip into the steps spot. This seriously could be like a Triple H lost Disc part of his DVD. He’s only had one release of himself minus the ten thousand DX DVD’s. Shawn tries to do the skin the cat spot to Ted where he throws him to the outside. Cody does a really cool swank submission were he stretches out Shawn’s back. Trips stops that with an axehandle off the apron. Trips back in and he’s all like suck it, then a kick to Ted. Trips picks up Ted and cut to Shawn fighting Cody near the backside of the arena. They do some lame crowd brawling because we need more of that. I actually thought the match was going to get good there for a second too. Cody and Shawn do a bunch of punches and Cody throws him off the thingy onto some padded thingy. Trips goes to make sure Shawn’s alright. Then trips takes out both of Legacy.

Trips tries to pedigree Cody out on the stage but Ted stops it. Ted puts Trips in the pedigree position but he backdrops Ted. Trips punches Cody to the backstage. Trips rams Cody into the boxes. Ted comes back and kind of lazily jumps on Trips which somehow ko’s him for a little bit. Ted holds Trips as Cody does more punches and kicks. More kicks and grunting. The fans are cheering from the thing which means Shawn is getting up probably. Trips gets put in the sleeper but fights out and hits Ted with a spinebuster. Trips does the shittiest crossface I’ve ever seen to Cody which somehow knocks him out. Ted hits Trips with a fucking cooler ko’ing him! A cooler! Cody grabs a chair and hits Trips with it. Ted walks out of the backstage thing and trips over some some of the trash on the floor.

Legacy goes back to Shawn Michaels and hits him with a scoopslam on the stage. They punch around Shawn and bring him inside the ring. They do more punches… finally Shawn comes back with a boot in the corner but runs into another scoop slam. Ted goes for an elbow but misses and Shawn sends Ted to the outside. Cody does a nice ass flip into an Ankle Lock! Shawn reaches the rope but its No DQ. Shawn flips out of the Ankle lock and sends Ted to the outside and then a superkick to Cody. Trips is finally starting to stir backstage. Shawn and Cody are dead inside the ring. Shawn gets up and hits the Figure Four. Ted breaks that up though. Cody misses a spear in the corner. Ted picks up Shawn for piledriver position but Shawn kicks Cody who was going for a spike piledriver off the top, off and flips out of the hold. Shawn goes for the Superkick but Cody posts him. Cody gets the Figure Four on the pst. Ted puts Shawn in the Sleeper. Trips is hurt so he’s going to the ring super slowly. And Shawn can’t handle the pain so he taps.

3.0/5.0 I feel like I’m giving this too high a rating, I’ve reviewed this match before and didn’t like it at all. I was going into the same territory when this match started. Then I took a break from the review, read some comics and watched Hellsing. I came back and well, the rest of the match just seemed decent. Its overly long really but they needed to do that set up with the submission at the end. The punching stuff was really lame, most of the match comprised of freaking punches which is why I really don’t like this match. Again though, near the end it got better and I’d say its decent.

[NFC: Honestly, I thought they did a damn fine job with this match. It was a little long, like Sebastian said, but they made up for it with the intensity. ***3/4]

7th Match: Rey Mysterio vs Batista Street Fight Smackdown December 11, 2009

The build up to this was the stupidest and greatest thing ever. Batista got mad because Rey won a Fatal Four Way or something stupid like that so Batista yelled, “I thought you were my friend!” And then beat the crap out of a guy that weighs like 1/4 of his weight. Well to be fair Rey is kind of fat so maybe 1/3. Also, what the Hell is up with Rey’s stupid pink mask? [NFC: Well, at least the mask didn’t say “Don’t laugh. This is your girlfriend’s mask]

Rey hits Batista with punches but Dave (I’m not spelling Batista each time) hits him with a clothesline. Dave with a hard whip into the corner. The commentators talk about Undertaker’s scared of Dave, yeah he only beat him three times in a row. Rey starts to mount a comeback but runs into an elbow. Batista with a kick to the back and a scoop slam. The fans are kind of dead here. Booo, where’s my CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio Extreme Rules match? Dave goes to the outside but gets basebeall um, slided, slid? [NFC: I think it’d be something like “Dave goes to the outside but Rey hits him with a baseball slide”] Rey runs in and out of the ring and hits another baseball kick. Cut to commercial, just pretend there’s an AD for Vampire Diaries.

We’re back and Dave is stretching out Rey on the post. Dave hits Rey with cords. Dave does a press slam to Rey onto the table. Dave does the Cobra Clutch and Rey’ selling is really funny here, he’s like silently trying to yell. Like if a guy is on the drug they fiv you before doing surgery or whatever and he’s just incoherently telling you something (or mentioning the fact that he has a second cell phone and Skylar leaves Walter White because of it). Rey omes back with a rana and a Six-One-Nine for two. Well that pretty much means Dave is going to win. I mean he’s the number one contender, he kicke out of the finisher, and he’s freaking Batista! Rey hits Dave with a chair a bunch of times but Dave kicks Rey and does a spinebuster on the mat even though the chairs right there! Maybe Rey didn’t want to take the bump. Dave hits Rey with one chairshot and wins.

2.0/5.0 I guess it was okay, it was like a Cena match, Rey got beat up the whole time, came back, hit his finisher, but then Rey lost. The fans were kind of out of it too. It was also way too short.

[NFC: I never understood why they even bothered putting Rey in the ring with opponents so much bigger. The match was always the same. Either way, same or not, sometimes you got some good stuff. ***]

8th Match:Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes Smackdown November 4, 2011 Falls Count Anywhere

That fucking Legacy/DX match made me really sleepy. This better be the match were Randy DDT’s Cody on the outside. Oh badass, here Cody has the mask and thinks he’s super ugly but is giving paper bags to the fans because they’re also ugly. He has his baggers out too, this was so cool. Cody Rhodes is so cool he can make people think paper bags are cool!

Lock up and Cody goes to a headlock. They do a criss cross sequence which ends with Randy Orton taking control with a headlock. Cody whips out but runs into a DDT. I think this match would be better if the baggers attacked Randy and tried to bag him. Cody rolls to the outside. Randy stares at the bagger allowing Cody to do THE MOVE which is a whip into the steps. Randy comes back with kicks. Cody brings Randy down with punches and a stomp to the face. Nice kneedrop to Randy on the outside. Randy wrings Cody’s neck on the ropes. Then he slams Cody into the steps. Randy throws Cody into the barricade and clotheslines him into the fans. Randy does a bunch of uppercuts and slams Cody into everything. That’s how you shoudl do crowd brawling, not bad punches, just slam the other person into everything.

Orton brings Cody out of the fans. Cody throws the bagger into Randy so Randy hits him with a backdrop. Cody runs to the other side of the ring and throws another bagger into Randy who gets an RKO. AD, imagine a commercial for Smackdown even though you’re already watching Smackdown. Happens on SyFy channel so freaking much.

Back from the break, Cody’s in control and tries to suplex Randy off the stage but Orton reverses onto the steel grate leaving some sick marks on Cody’s back. Randy brings Cody into the barricade and punches him there. Randy punches Cody to the ring somehow not hurting his hand on that mask. He sets Cody up for the superplex and hits it for two. Cody back up with a dropkick for two. Cody throws Randy to the outside but Randy reverses and throws Cody over the barricade. Cody springs up and hits Randy with the mask. Another Ad.

Cody punches Randy around, back inside with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Cody with an armbar. Randy fights back with punches in bunches and goes for a powerslam but Cody goes under and hits an uppercut for two! Badass! Everyone should do that to reverse. Cody brings Randy into the corner and hits him with punches, then chokes Randy. Orton reverses a whip but runs into a boot. I have to say the commentators are doing a pretty good job building up Cody here talking about how he’s went through some kind of change and how he’s a lot more intense now. Cody with a Figure Four. Cody takes off his mask and hits Randy with it again. He goes for it again but Randy dodges under and kicks Cody, then takes the mask. Randy’s “going to the place.” Clotheslines, powerslam, and humping the mat. RKO but Cody reverses and hits a badass kick off the second rope for two. I love that move so much. Cody’s getting ready for Cross Rhodes but Randy reverses with a backdrop. Randy goes for the DDT but Cody wiggles out. Outside and Randy sets Cody up on the outside FOR A DDT ON THE OUTSIDE MOTHAFUAKCA! YEAH BITCH! Badass! Back in and Randy hits an RKO for the win!

3.5/5.0 That match was pretty badass, Cody’s offense was kind of bland when he was in control though and the working on the leg didn’t lead to anywhere. Still this match is super cool and there was a DDT on the outside of the ring! I mean holy shit! That move put Ricky Steamboat in the fucking hospital!

[NFC: Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Cody doesn’t wear kneepads? It looks like he’s just wrestling in his BVDs. No good. But the match is great. It wasn’t the Randy Orton show, and was in fact very even, and damn brutal. Great outing. ****]

Randy comes back to put a paper bag on Cody’s head. I don’t see why he should be embarrassed about that, he already has a mask on and thinks that he’s ugly.

Mick talks about how versatile the Falls Count Anywhere matches are and why they’re good. Have a nice day. He then says he’s going to tidy up and slightly moves a trashcan, then leaves. Then comes back to throws his slacks in the garbage.

Final Thoughts: Well this third disc has a lot of good matches minus the Legacy/DX match which is pretty long and boring. Everything else is either really short or pretty good. As for the DVD itself its kind of tricky. First disc blew except for the Sting/Mick Foley match which is on the Mick Foley DVD. Second Disc was decent. Third Disc was pretty good. So nothing you have to go out of the way for but I’d still say its pretty good. Oh, and have a nice day!

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