The Man Movie Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Your boy Caliber has published his first book, The Man Movie Encyclopedia Vol.1.  I busted my ass for this book, and I think it’s a damn fine product. It currently has a 5 star rating on amazon, and I’m building up a slew of reviews from known names. A name you might recognize, Scott Keith has said;

“The Man Movie Encyclopedia is so manly that Chuck Norris shaves with it.  It was the original choice to play King Leonidas in 300 but it was too busy killing terrorists at the time. You can fail a UFC drug test due to having too much testosterone just from reading this book.  Although to be fair I might have made up some of those awesome facts.”  – Scott Keith.

If you want a preview, simply head to my site, or you can check out the preview available on amazon. You can buy it from there, or you can simply email me at and I’ll send you the invoice, and you tell me which format you’d like the book in.